Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil demands divorce from Bhoomi

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Sahil saves Vaidika from the approaching car and takes the family home.
Later in Agarwal house, Sahil asks Bhoomi to sign the divorce papers. He is rightful of this, and can’t anymore live with Bhoomi. He doesn’t want Vaidika to suffer anymore. Bhoomi demands Sahil to name his property after her. Sahil says he has already named his property after Ved and his child to be. Bhoomi says she will also be a guardian of the property until Ved gets adult. She only wants security to be able to stay in this house. Sahil calls her disgusting, and selfish but was anyway ready to give him security. He says Vaidika will have equal rights over the property, he will name half of property after Vaidika as well. Puneesh recalls how he prepared Bhoomi for the demand. Bhoomi tells Sahil to get the papers,

she will sign them and divorce as well. Sahil turns to leave. Bari Amma tries to stop Sahil and requests him to forgive her. Sahil says whatever Bhoomi did was a mistake and could be forgiven, but what she did was a sin. She can no more regain her position in his heart.
Bhoomi calls Ved and says she got a lot of gifts for Ved’s Diwali, but he is away. Ved runs to come to Bhoomi. Vaidika and Aarya try to stop him, Vaidika slips on the door and sends Aarya to stop Ved. At Agarwal house, Aarya speaks to Bhoomi that she must stop doing what she has been up to. Vaidika could have been hurt. Bhoomi was stubborn and tells Aarya to stay in her limits.
Puneesh comes to Aarya and holds her hand. He reminds Aarya of the MMS when she was a child, and blackmails her offering his help. Aarya jerks Puneesh’s hand away and warns not to touch her again else she will ruin his reputation in the social media.
At home, Sahil doesn’t let Vaidika get off the bed. Vaidika wanted to speak to Ved, he seems upset by this change and reacts abruptly. Sahil warns her to stay in bed, else he will hold her in arms and take rounds of the streets; the elders of her neighborhood will then taunt her. Vaidika wasn’t ready for this. Sahil says he spoke to Bhoomi, everything will soon be fine. He can’t let anything happen to Vaidika, his life is nothing without her. They enjoy food together.
It was morning, Vaidika does aarti for Aarya and wish her birthday. Aarya then gives medicines to Vaidika. Nani comes there in excitement that there are new neighbors as Panday’s house was sold. They go outside to meet the lady. Nani introduces herself to the lady. The lady says her husband is out station. Vaidika offers some breakfast and tea. Nani says they must go to her home and help her prepare food there instead. The lady reacts furiously and shouts at Nani to stop right here.
Sahil hands the property papers to Bhoomi, half divided between her and Vaidika. He says he fulfilled his promise, now Bhoomi must sign the divorce papers. Bhoomi questions if this was all so easy for Sahil? Sahil says it was easy because he wants to spend his life with Vaidika. He got his happiness with Vaidika. He understands Bhoomi’s insecurities and demands; then wish him luck and leaves.

PRECAP: The lady in neighbors bring some storm into Vaidika and Sahil’s family.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I’m glad they were able to stop ved from bhoomi poisoning his mind even though he’s more apprehensive than sadika who went easily with gauri they need to pacify him more because i doubt bhoomi will give up so easy….and another villain realllyyyy smh…come on end one story properly first get rid of puneesh then add whoever after

  2. Seriously another villain? As for bhoomi she has no mind of her own first controlled by BA then cartooned lizard puneesh argh… Writing his name alone makes me feel disgusted. Sahil is as usual loving and caring.

  3. My only wish for this lovely serial is that the writers should now crush in stampede male horse faced puneesh n the lustful n hungry for sahill physically female horse faced blo*dy bastard bhoomi toomi. No self respect at all. If a man whom i love would hv REJECTED ME the way saHil has been rejecting this horse faced bhoomi I wouldnt in my life looked at that person. How can someone be so SELFISH like this greedy woman. I think puneesh again wants young girls. Who better than the VERY HOT n QUEEN OF EXPOSURE blo*dy bhoomi. Both will satisfy each other physically very well. Both are SAILINGN IN THE SAME HOT BOAT. What say friends. Forget about these 2 MONKEYS now. How lovey dovey our sadika were behaving in the bedroom shot. Oh dear how could Vedika resist Sahil for so many yrs. The way this man loves her. Out of the world. Friends dont u find their CHEMISTRY GREAT. Hope this serial never ends. How I miss SADIKA on SATs n SUNs. They hv become a part of our life now. LOVE U SADIKA. Hope no more villains in their life now. Even if they r there these two DARLINGS should fight them together n CONQUER. Now we dont know who is another blo*dy woman occupying that DOG PANDEYs house. I think she must hv been sent by the horse faced puneesh or the PIMP BA. Somebody should kill these 3 characters in real life also. I also didnt like when sahil is telling the PIMP that bhoomi can be pardoned since she only committed a mistake. At times he is very fickle minded. That lustful n bastard woman had hidden the pen drive in which the PIMP had confessed that she killed his mother. Isnt this a big crime committed by the horse faced woman and he is telling it is just a mistake she has committed. Is he forgiving her BECAUSE SHE IS YOUNG N HOT GIRL AND CRAZY ABOUT HIM. Had vedika committed this crime i dont think sahil would hv ever forgived her. How he keeps on harping that vedika hid veds identity fm him for the last 5 yrs. Some of his actions concerning blo*dy bhoomi makes me hate him. I wonder at times friends whether he has started developing a Soft Corner for the HOTTY BHOOMI b*t*h. Hope by the time the serial ends one day or the other they should not bump OFF vdikas character n show that sahil n this HOTTY blo*dy woman hvcome together.

  4. What the f**k..seriously writers why another villian. Make it now vaidika and sahil arya ved nani moves on like gone overseas. Bhoomi and puneesh goes mental looney bin. Not necessary for another villian. Going in circles..here. isnt the story about sahil n vedika..how they progress with this age difference. Positive stories not negative all the time. Grow up. At least everyone know what BA and bhoomi did didnt drag for 4-10yrs. (Any takers what you guys reckon) there are enough series with this story line have some positives….

  5. I am convince that Punesh got something with that woman moving into Panday’s house.. to creat more problems for Sadika. This lechrous creature has now got his eyes on Arya. Bhoomi is sick in the head. No self respect at all.
    Apart from Sadika moments.. episode was not all that…

  6. Muniya

    Good epi… But writers… don’t they hv chill… Another villain is on the way 😏

  7. Oh no..another b*t*h has landed up..this serial is just like our life..one thing gets over and another follows..even problems..
    That scene where Sahil feeds vedhika on bed and then finally she cuddles up to him and he just holds her, kissing her softly, was the most beautiful scene..Even my heart missed its beats.. so loving, so very what..i dont have words..guys say smthg..

  8. Sadika scene was superb only😃😍
    An another villain ?😕😯in between Sadika
    So I’m angry really…

  9. Is that gonna be that stupid pandey’s wife?? Another villain in the show..

  10. Hello Friends, here fresh news from A A J S..
    Now in the upcoming epi we all are watching soon that Sahil,( karan jotwani )double role..and he will son of villain aunty.😉

  11. Yes Gayatri it is correct. KJ will be playing double role. He will be playing a THUG n will be shown as the son of that lady who is also a THUG n who has come to stay in Pandeys house. Friends i think i ll quit watching this serial since i think the writers migjt pair this second KJ who is a THUG with the lustful, greedy, hungry 4 sahil physically n female horse face blo*dy bastard bhoomi toomi . I ll not like to see KJ even if he is the second hero with that doggy bhoomi. If that happens then friends i quit watching this serial. Either.they bump OFF hotty bhoomi doggys character or they can bring some other actor to satisfy her physical needs but not KJ with her. I am loosing interest in this serial now. I cannot bear KJ With bhoomi. So much i hate that bastard actress’s face, voice n even acting.

  12. Whatever it is now …. there should not be any misunderstanding between vedika n sahil. If somehow happens than sahil should always support vedika. Whoever it is…. both look so cute together wow! I am loving it….

  13. Friends u ll see new twist in our serial. KJ ll be seen playing a double role. Second KJ is a THUG who ll be shown staying with his fake mother in pandeys house. Some time back i read that this THUG KJ on bhoomis instructions ll kidnap the original KJ n hide him n then he wil start staying in vedikas house.
    And will behave wierdly with vedika. Vedika will not know that he is fake.sahil. This fake sahil ll not be lovey dovey like the.original sahil. Everone was sympathising with the b*t*h Bhoomi. See how she has changed colours slowly n steadily. I think towards the end of the serial writers ll show that she has improved n she might get the fake SAHIL to satisfy her physical needs. I am loosing interest now in the serial.

  14. Exactly what am worried about, replacing sahil wit d thug, what raji wrote was what i was afraid of, dis is nt gud!

  15. No double role of kj please. writer be sensible we dnt want this type of crazy moves in AAJS. Let them enjoy now vedika n sahil . Puneesh can bring trouble let them face it. But no double roles it will be boring. I wont watch then
    To make the story intetesting lets ved only becomes youth n that role can be played by kj but than sahil character should come to an end. Whatever ….

  16. No ways..there can be only one Sahil and we love only him.. no double acts ..noooooooo.. we can see another Sahil in place of our loving one..it’s juz not practical..

  17. Naz girl what do you think of that wretch Bhoomi my gosh who is she to lay conditions down for Vedica; she is in no position to do that the first thing she should ask herself is does Sahil want to SLEEP with her NO then why is she making a deal with Vedica that she will let her sleep with Sahil if she Vedica allow her to consumate her marriage No 1 it is five years she married to Sahil and he never once even breathe on her neck much less to get between the legs so why she done just go and cool herself in a Bathtub of Ice and leave Vedica and Sahil to do all the Romancing LOL. Bhoomi claims to care for Vedu sooooo much yet she laying down conditions man she should have jumped at the opportunity to do anything to save Vedus life even if it is allowing Vedica and Sahil to reunite that is what you call LOVE when you make a big Sacrifice but NO she Bhoomi means she has to have the CAKE AND EAT IT TOO LOL boy i cannot wait to see Sahil and Vedica under the Sheets and i hope Bhoomi is outside the door taking in all the moaning and groaning yes man that is fitting let play with herself if necessary but please just leave the two LOVE BIRDS alone in their love nest.

    1. Sapphire, from the moment Bhoomi opened her trap and asked for property, she suck down to the white lines on the road, she couldn’t get lower than that. The thing is, Sahil promised her he’d take care of her, what the heck she thought that meant!! He certainly didn’t mean take care of her s*xual desires for sure…so now by asking for the man property, she made herself look like a real greedy a*sh*le. Of course she’s entitled to her security but to use it as a condition is… No no no……..and BA looked like a helpless rat when Bhoomi demanded that ,doesn’t once she wasn’t thinking about her beautiful necklaces, fancy outfits and her wealth, all she wanted was her darling Sahil and Ved… Mark my words, one day she’ll hold Vedika’s hand and bring her into that lonely mansion.. The thing is Sapphire, all this damn time she’s harping on the fact that she’s fighting for her son Ved..son my foot!….fighting for Ved plus Sahil, but the moment she asked for property, Ved and Sahil went through the window!! So, what is it this wretch really want?? Seriously, I think her past intended husband should come into the picture and give her some hell….for being a runaway bride!! BTW.. Did you get time to check out Desitvflix?? I’m up to date with the episodes plus I also watch it on zeetv… It does require a little navigation but I’m sure you’ll figure it out…

  18. Naz, pooja n Leslie waiting for yr comments re KJsvdouble roll. Pls pass yr comments fast.

  19. I’m so late with my comments friends, heavy duty weekend I had…but nevertheless I have to make time for my absolute most favorite serial and of course my dear friends who outshone me with their assessments… First of all, let it finally sink in that Bhoomi is the ultimate greedy witch….she finally asked for all Sahil’s properties and confirmed for us that in addition to wanting Sahil’s body, she wants his wealth too… After asking for it and Sahil being disgusted with her, she should have hidden her face in a potty…knowing him, he would have given her everything she wanted but to put that as a condition for signing divorce papers, she’s just like her teacher BA who took everything from Yash’s father and made Yash destitute… All Sahil’s wealth doesn’t doesn’t guarantee herself a place in his bed for sure, all it does is further alienate him….see, money and wealth can’t give anyone happiness!!

  20. On to slimy bastard, reptilian, snake Puneesh who has now become a pedophile for touching Aarya in the most distasteful way, seriously, Prachi clearly doesn’t give him anything because he’s preying on young girls now, to make him feel young. Aarya supposed to slap him so hard that his head turned 180%…i was so pissed off, mostly because he’s so sickening weird looking … Yuck!! I wished Aarya could tell her mother about Puneesh… Friends, I think that Puneesh’s nephew if he comes back, could do some damage to Aarya, aided and abetted by his anaconda uncle…but right now as Puneesh is looking for some action and Bhoomi is clearly in need of releasing some pent up tension, I’d say that they should have an affair, Bhoomi should drink some more alcohol and end up in Puneesh’s bed and have a froilicking time…and Prachi should come and catch them red-handed… One good thing is that Sahil and his family don’t live in the mansion anymore, I’m happy to see them living in normal settings and even though the house isn’t as grand as Agarwal’s mansion, they are very happy together….well, Sahil is half owner of the modest house anyway and his most pleasant memories were made right there so living there is nothing strange for him..

  21. Raji… This one is for you… Do not think of leaving Sahil, he needs our support. I should let you know that this serial has seeped into my subconscious because I’ve dreamt Sahil and Vedika on Saturday morning and I know that you are going to laugh at that… Anyways, the news as you and our other friends here have said that we would be seeing KJ in another role…. I do think that this is our chance to see KJ in another avatar and how he can slip into another role is left to be seen and liked. We all know him the way we do but I’d like to think that he would enjoy being a bit different for his friends.. However, I’m not liking that Sahil could be kidnapped and swapped with a look alike, I really have drawn borders around Sadika and I do not want anyone coming close to them, they belong together…period!! When Sahil was feeding her on the bed and they were looking at each other 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…OMG, what deep dark penetrating eyes Sahil has and coming so close to Vedika just melts my heart into a puddle. Do you remember when he used to live in her house and he used to pin her to walls and romance her? 😍😍😍😍😍😍….im longing for some more of that although I like what we are getting now but some more is better… Well, soon we would be seeing Aarya’s birthday celebration and I saw on YouTube that during the antakshari scene, Vedika would confess her love for Sahil… OMG, I can’t wait to see that episode… Maybe it could be like how Suman in Maine Pyar Kiya said it to Prem, that cheeky ” I love you ” line.. Raji, I don’t know what is going to happen with a look alike Sahil.. This is a bit scary for me…but please, do not give up on Sadika, no matter what happens, I would still be here for them, so should you… I love this couple endlessly, after Jodha Akbar, Raja and Rani in ETRETR, Prem and Tejeswini in Aisee Dewange, I absolutely 😍 😍😍😍😍😍 Sahil and Vedika… They make my heart beat faster than normal..

  22. I hope the writers rip that Script. No no…there cannot be another KJ. I cannot bear anyone else near Vedika. Sadika together can fight against all odds. Also I would like to see Sahil taking care of Vedika during her pregnancy. No double for KJ PLEASEEEEE🙏🏽🙏🏽

    I saw a clip on you tube that the blo*dy Bhoomi
    Ask Sahil to get into the car stating that she is not going to sigh the divorce papers and she drove off in a huff. She said something about if Sahil cannot be hers she is not going to let him be anyone’s else. I am beginning whether this is where she kidnapped him!!!. She is brainless and obsessed. Yes Shapphire she need to cool down in in an ice bathtub. She is in too much heat. Her actions clearly show that she is not interested or cared about Ved. She just want Sahil.

  23. Friends just now i saw a small clip in u tube. Hotty short n kathakali blo*dy bhoomi is taking sahil in her car n telling him that if he cannot become hers she ll not allow him to become anyone elses. blo*dy bastard hotty woman. She thinks sahii is her personal propery. The way that doggy bhoomi drives the car very rashly n it seems the car meets with an accident. But vedika is shown following bhoomis car n it looks like she ll save sahil. I am really tensed for our sweetheart boy. Pls you all check this clip in u tube

  24. Friends pls pls read google news. There is bad news. It seems sahil will die in the car accident which is driven by lustful horse faced bhoomi. And then his look alike that is KJ will enter. I dont know where this serial is heading.

    1. I don’t like this news at all… Sahil’s death will not be accepted by fans of AKAJS.. Maybe it will be shown where he dies but you know these zeetv serials, the dead always come back to life and at the moment, this serial has done most scenarios in a logical way unlike the others and if this death happens, I’d be very unhappy that AKAJS towed the regular line of zeetv.. After all, Sahil is almost the most perfect man on zeetv serials..taking him out of it would send this serial downhill for sure..

  25. Raji… If Sahil really dies, then maybe Ved would grow up and KJ would be doing the role as his son, and that’ll mean they’d have get another lead for him?? If Ved is in the same and exact role as Sahil is now, I could make some adjustments but that’s me just thinking out aloud.. This serial started 15th January this year and it does feel like a lifetime had passed with its fast paced story..so you never know what could really happen. Thinking out loud here too.. After Vedika’s gives birth, I wonder if they’ll leap the years and with Vedika ruling everything there including Sahil’s business… Ohh gosh, I shouldn’t be thinking about that ..let me leave it there, I’m getting depressed just thinking of these scenarios…because I dearly love Sahil, truly love this character..

  26. Yes Naz even i would be very dejected. I cant think any other lead opposite sahil other than our simple n elegant vedika. When ll that blo*dy bhoomi die. I dont know about u all but to me her face has already started looking like a horse. Just because she wants sahil so desperately physically that b*t*h has already forgotten about Ved. Didnt I write in the begining that ved is just an excuse her hot body wants sahil more than anything else in the world. In the beginning i DIfnt realize she was such a HOTTIE b*t*h

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