Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil stops Yash-Vaidika marriage

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Puneesh brings the family and offers them to stay here though this house is a little small. He has called his men from Lucknow to arrange something else. Bari Amma speaks to the family that she decided to forgive Puneesh. Shruti’s life is improving, why not improvise Prachi’s life as well. Sahil comes there, he was furious over them for coming here. He wanted to go to Vaidika’s house, Bari Amma says Vaidika again insulted them. She was of the view that she even forgave Sahil to love Vaidika. Sahil insists that Puneesh is a criminal, he ruined the life of Shruti and Prachi both. Puneesh apologizes saying he is their elder son in law. Prachi defends Puneesh saying if Shruti can forgive Karan and they can forgive Shruti, they she must also give another chance to Puneesh. Puneesh holds Prachi’s

hand and assures he will stay with her forever. Sahil wasn’t ready to stay at Puneesh’s place and preferred sleeping on foot path instead.
Vaidika was in the temple praying around a tree before marrying Yash. She thinks she couldn’t realize when and how her life took this turn. The Pandit ji asks everyone to pray for their husbands as they fast for Var Savitri. She hears Sahil speak from behind that her husband awaits her decision. She day dreams about Sahil sitting beside her, then rejects such thought. Soon her Chunri fly off her head and fell over a man. Vaidika turns around to take it, then shocked to find Sahil in the temple. He was excited that Vaidika accepted her wedding proposal and is fasting for him. Vaidika requests Sahil to promise her, no matter what happens but he must control his anger and not to take any step that ruins his life. Sahil says he can’t understand what she is saying and asks if she agrees to his wedding proposal? Vaidika leaves. Sahil considers himself stupid, she won’t accept his proposal in front of everyone. He speaks to the ladies around that Vaidika would accept his proposal now.
At Agarwal house, Nani was selecting dresses for Vaidika. Yash stops her in the corridor presenting a dress to Vaidika. He says he promised to return Agarwal’s their house and property share, he trusted her and sent the papers to them already. Vaidika says she also trusts him. Yash asks her to get ready soon, he can’t wait to see her as his bride. Vaidika walks across the corridor and cries, Sahil’s words echo in her mind.
Bari Amma was shocked to read the return of 49% and thinks Yash must be afraid and give up. Gauri finds Vaidika and Yash’s wedding invitation enclosed in the bag.
Vaidika was ready as bride and says Sahil must be shocked to find out she accepted marrying Yash, this was the only chance she could get him what he has lost. But today, she is here with her family only because of him. It’s a minor sacrifice she can make to get him his property, business and money back. He must apologize her for the pain he will feel, she will always pray for him to live happy.
Sahil reads the wedding card and tells Gauri it’s not possible, Vaidika can never marry Yash.
Vaidika walks downstairs with Nani ready as a bride to marry Yash.
Sahil madly runs across the street.
Suomya brings the flower Varmala on stage to assist wedding. Nani hurries Vaidika to complete the wedding ritual. All of a sudden it was dark everywhere. The lights were on and Vaidika was shocked to see it was Sahil who wore the Varmala. Yash comes from behind Vaidika. Sahil reminds Vaidika how she got him married to Nidhi falsely, he did all this to revenge her. He questions Yash how even thought Vaidika would marry him. Vaidika will only marry him. He insists on Vaidika that they love each other and are incomplete without one another. Vaidika slaps Sahil. He was ready to bear any number of such slaps but can’t let Yash force her to marry him. He holds her hands and asks why she is doing so? Yash shouts at him that this is enough now, he tells Sahil to leave and calls his guards who come and hold Sahil back while Yash beats him. Anjana was left pleading Yash and asks how much Sahil needs to pay for loving her. Vaidika holds Yash’s hand to stop him. She says she wants to speak to Sahil.

PRECAP: In the room, Vaidika’s hairline was filled with blood from Sahil’s arm. He smirks. He tries to convince Vaidika that they can fight the whole world if together. Vaidika sits on mandap with Yash. Sahil was shattered and faints after being drunk in his room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. After reading the spoilers, I was feeling very sad even to watch the serial today..??
    Why are they spoiling the story line.? This is Sadhika’s story..y r they forgetting this??
    Suddenly one day they’ll say that Yash and vedhika dint get married and it’s just to show off to Sahil..
    Vedhika is Sahil’s bride as of today’s episode as he’s applied the sindoor first.. will Yash be sensible enuf and forget getting married to vedhika???

  2. ????….why does Sahil have to go through so much… Why why why… Writers, have a heart na!!! And oh lorrrrrrrddddd… I can’t stand puneesh, my head hurts seeing that lizard…

  3. Nina

    I wait that the authors won’t extract Sahil off the plot for some episodes if he will soon slip into coma. How the plenty obstacles there are on a way of Sahil to happiness, but he is purposefully moving own way.

  4. It’s so sad that this love story had taken this twist ???. Sahil acting brilliant as usual. Today I felt a little hate for Vaidika. Why can’t she admit that she loved Sahil. Like Ashik said together they can fight the world. As for Yash he disgust me….

  5. I really hate it when that dumb vedhika has to slap Sahil every now and then for no proper reason.. that’s not the way to stop him.. I wish he slaps her hard once and bring back to her senses.. atleast she can tell him that she loves him and not Yash and she’s doing it for his family.. atleast he will not misunderstand her and try to help her out someway..
    What are v gonna do guys ??

  6. I saw in a video that Vedika & Yash’s marriage is over& vedika asks Sahil to move on. WTF!! I mean why do shows take such tacky twist n turns! Yes they didn’t want Sahil to marry Vedika but why did they make her marry uncle Yash or should I say chirkut Yash? This is ridiculous!! Sahil’ s in coma & shameless Vedika is beside her. She is a blo*dy dumb daft 42 yr old lady who just dumped a gem like Sahil !! Go to hell Vedika & just remember u don’t deserve Sahil. I want ur life to be destroyed by Yash. It’s just a show & i may b overreacting but still this is garbage.

  7. U r rgt binit. That’s how v all feel now.. Yash is not an uncle fa vedhika though.. he’s of her age group.. Yash is right in his own way.. he wants to destroy the Agarwal’s and loves vedhika too now.. he’s got his revenge aptly.. but we are all worried about our chweeto Sahil.. so obviously v react like this..

  8. Muniya

    Why they spoiled such a nice love story???….Why Sahil has to suffer this kuch??
    And why Vedika has to slap Sahil everytime he speaks the truth??…
    Sahil was looking absolutely handsome in today’s epi…that was best thing…and another is Aarya smiling to see Sahil reach the mandap.
    And the hardest epi is coming tonight…just can’t think about it to happen.
    I really wish…Sahil was bad enough to marry Vedika against her wish…good people always suffer.

  9. Wasn’t that smile cute and mischievous after vedhika put the garland around Sahil’s neck? It was such an awwww ??? .. cutie pie Sahil..???

  10. Ladies… This precap is heartbreaking and I really totally hate Yash. And OMG.. Sahil looked so handsome in this episode, I know he’s handsome but it was extra in this episode. Now I’m beginning to dislike Vedika…and I just don’t like what’s happening now… Sahil in a coma? I don’t know how we’ll be able to bear this !!! I’m sad sad sad

  11. I share all your views and I am beginning to hate Vedika too. She definitely does not deserve Sahil. She is dumb. If I were in her places I would feel honoured and blessed.

    Tonight episode is going to be heartbreaking. ??

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