Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika insulted at Sahil’s birthday party

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Sahil’s birthday party was ready at Agarwal house. Bari Amma comes downstairs and asks if Sahil isn’t still here. She was curt that Sahil even made her wait on his birthday. Sahil enters from behind Nidhi and greets his friends and family. He asks Karan about beer engagement silently then comes to Bari Amma and Deepak. Sahil looks around for Anjana and holds her in his arms while Anjana brings sweet for him and blesses him. Sahil looks around waiting for someone. Vaidika reaches the door with Nani and Aarya. Aarya was fascinated by the house. Sahil comes to welcome them inside. Aarya presents him with the gift. Sahil takes Vaidika to introduce her to his mother. Anjana thinks about Bari Amma’s warning that poison of Vaidika is filling Sahil’s life. They greet each other. Nani and Aarya

were counting balloons in the hall when Bari Amma comes and tells them to enjoy Agarwal’s hospitality.
Sahil introduces Vaidika to Deepak and other family members. Deepak recognizes her from fake jewelry incident at the shop. Sahil announces that it’s the birthday of his dear friend along with him as well and sings a song for both of them. Nidhi’s parents were curt that Vaidika has reached here behind Sahil. Bari Amma thanks Vaidika to convince Sahil come home. Sahil says he had to come anyway. Anjana complains that Sahil didn’t even listen to her. Nani was boastful that her daughter is a teacher. Nani and Aarya ask Sahil to show them his house. Bari Amma signals Deepak approvingly. Nidhi announces that Sahil will sing his favorite song on the birthday party. Sahil sings.
Later, Vaidika was walking with Aarya when Nidhi’s mother deliberately hits her. She says they met two days ago as well, and apologizes for what her husband said to her. Some ladies also ask Vaidika about her age and taunts that she doesn’t look aged at all. Vaidika says she is 42. The ladies complement her looks and say its Sahil’s 24th birthday; Anjana must be a few years older than Vaidika.
Deepak brings Sahil to his friend’s group. Sahil looks around for Vaidika and doesn’t pose for the selfie.
Bari Amma sends Gauri to get a cake for Vaidika as well. Gauri goes without her wish. A waiter brings the cake. The ladies joke about the number of candles and taunts that Vaidika is used to living with young boys and must feel bored with them. Mrs. Tripathi says Sahil is living with her these days. They question if Vaidika isn’t afraid of society and has kept Sahil at home. They ladies mock Vaidika for being young as she lives around young guys. Vaidika turns to leave, but Bari Amma stops her for food. Vaidika wipes her tears. The ladies were still laughing. Vaidika says many of them doesn’t know her, she doesn’t need to present a clarification but since the matter was raised should she question them? She and Sahil are landlord and tenant; how must she behave with him? If she should misbehave with him, not to speak to him or stay in veil? If they can’t be friends? How can they decide what relation they must have? She is well aware that a relation can’t be made filthy if it’s pure. Gauri questions Anjana why she didn’t stop them all? Anjana asks Gauri how she can stop them, she hasn’t spoken in front of Bari Amma. She can’t change people’s consent over Vaidika. Gauri asks if Anjana is also afraid of an affair between Sahil and Vaidika. Anjana was worried about Bari Amma’s warnings.

PRECAP: Deepak tells Sahil that no one could have stayed after much insult here. Sahil asks who insulted her. Deepak smirks while replying that Bari Amma was also there. In the room, Bari Amma tells Anjana that Vaidika left Sahil here and won’t keep him at her house anymore. Sahil stops Vaidika while passing by the street. Vaidika forbids him to fight for her, or try and meet her again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Muniya

    KJ was looking so cute while singing…his lipsing was so perfect…also it’s his fav song.
    Vaidika gave fitting reply to those ladies…well done.
    And also…Gauri is good…as she didn’t like the ladies insulting Vaidika.

  2. I know that u must respect ur elders but if u r being insulted, u should be silent, u should itself n if not people with step on u

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