Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika exiled from Kanpur

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The judge tells Vaidika to fight her own case if she doesn’t have the lawyer. The prosecution lawyer says they have no proofs. Prosecution holds such witness to prove her crime. Mr. Khan was called in the witness box, then a student who blamed Vaidika, another fake partner in the crime. Maya stands up denying the truth in all this. Nani blames Bari Amma to have bought all the witness against Vaidika. Puneet was now called in the witness box. Puneet accuses Vaidika’s character and business. She even attempted to sell the papers of their school. Maya tries to defend but the judge doesn’t allow her to. Puneet leaves the witness box. Prosecution now presents three other witness including Vaidika’s neighbors. Bari Amma was now called into the witness box who blames Vaidika for even trapping

her young son. The prosecution demands the judge to exiled her from Kanpur city. The judge announces his decision of exileding Vaidika Mathur; she is ordered to leave Kanpur within next 24 hours and isn’t allowed to return. Vaidika walks back home with her family in a lost state of mind. Someone throw a tomato over her face as she enters the house.
Sahil wakes up from a nightmare. He was worried about Vaidika. Sahil was sure there is a problem in Kanpur and with Vaidika. He promises to be back to her soon, and will send Karan here. A nurse brings Sahil’s phone which was now working. Nidhi was worried what if Sahil knows about Vaidika.
At home, Nani cursed Karan. Vaidika cries saying nothing can be undone now. Aarya was sure her mother can’t do so. Vaidika says this happens to lone ladies, but she doesn’t care for what the world thinks about her only when her daughter trusts her. Maya thinks about speaking to her husband to use some sourse. Sahil calls Maya’s number. Sahil speaks to Vaidika if everything is fine. Vaidika says its fine, and promises to call him if she needs him. Sahil could sense from her sound that nothing was right. She was afraid of another game by his Bari Amma. Sahil tells Vaidika that she is really strong from inside, like the old trees who are deep rooted and aren’t moved by any storm. Vaidika says she is listening. Sahil tells Vaidika he is always with her. Vaidika thanks him. Sahil cuts the call. Sahil turns to face the temple and gives Vaidika’s protection to God. Nani thinks about teaching good lesson to someone and leaves home.
At Agarwal house Bari Amma appreciates Puneet and tells Deepak to learn something from him. Deepak was curt over it, and decides to soon unveil Puneet. Karan comes home. Bari Amma tells Anjana that she only explained Karan once not to help Vaidika and he agreed at once. She and Puneet hands a little gift to him. Karan gets a call from Maya again. Everyone goes to have some sweets. Deepak appreciates Karan’s loyalty, he deliberately didn’t come to fight Vaidika’s case. Sahil must be really happy about it. He clarifies Sahil won’t ever forgive her as Karan has proven to be milk fed snake in his life. He says friendship demanded that either he had saved Vaidika or brought Sahil here at any cost. Karan returns the gift to Deepak and says he will surely prove himself to be a good friend. Deepak says he is an enemy, and has to weaken the roots of this house.
Puneet takes a leave from Bari Amma. Deepak asks why he is going, it seems he likes hotel room a lot and offers to join him there. Bari Amma questions him about the jewelry from the workshop. Anjana comes there and feared if they have done any unjust to Vaidika. Bari Amma asks if she should wait for Sahil to marry Vaidika and leave.
Karan calls Sahil and asks him to hurry back to Kanpur. He is sending his cousin Sachin to accompany Nidhi in the hospital. Sahil was worried that there must be something really wrong.
Nani enters Agarwal house with a paint bucket inspite of security’s resistance. She was determined to paint the house black and even blacken her face. Bari Amma says she told Vaidika to leave the city, but they are much egoistic. Nani says Bari Amma was afraid because Sahil is behind Vaidika. What will she do when he will come behind Vaidika and leave Kanpur? Bari Amma was speechless at this.
Sahil hears the news of Vaidika on radio. He asks the security men discussing the matter about the name of the lady but couldn’t get the signals. He checks his phone and was shocked to read the news about Vaidika. He decides to be there in a while and get her out of this trouble.
Vaidika comes out of her room and tells Aarya and Maya that she will fight. Puneet doesn’t hold any personal enmity with her, she will speak to him. Aarya and Maya were happy about Vaidika.
Sahil hurriedly drives to Kanpur.
Vaidika requests the police security that its something very important, she will return as soon as the work is finished. She thinks she can solve her own problems, she faced all the problems in life before Sahil.
Puneet and Shrishti were in the room. A waiter was serving the food and had just left. Vaidika comes to the room and was allowed thinking of as a waiter. She was shocked to see Shruti and Puneet in bed together.

PRECAP: The police takes Vaidika while a crowd of girls had gathered. They try to blacken Vaidika’s face, but Sahil comes and save Vaidika.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. It is good to see that karan realizes his mistake not to favour vaidika.

  3. Muniya

    When wil they show the precap??..
    Overall nice episode.

  4. It’s so nice when Sahil is serious n he talks in a serious tone.. makes him look more matured and responsible.. story is slowly developing..

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