Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Janmashtmi festival at Agarwal House

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Bari Amma and Puneesh stood upstair. Down in the hall, Ved insists on Bhoomi to be Krishna this time. Sahil comes to take Ved’s promise that he won’t be mischievous again. Sadika says there was a Janmashtmi festival in her school. Sahil says even they can celebrate Janmashtmi festival if Ved and Sadika wish. Puneesh asks Bari Amma to let the festival happen, he got the trick to get rid of Aarya.
During the festival, Aarya confirms if Ved and Sadika have completed their dance practice. She asks Sadika where she got the new dress. Gauri says she gifted it, must have given similar if she had a daughter. Vaidika thanks Gauri for the dress she made for Sadika. Sadika thanks Gauri by hugging her. Deepak comes to take Gauri outside.
Bari Amma and Puneesh watch Aarya decorate the idol

swing. Puneesh says Aarya is unaware what will happen to her, as a bomb has been connected to this very swing. He gets a message from Nisha about not forgetting her gift.
Sadika and Ved perform a tableau. Everyone enjoy the performance. Bari Amma thinks where Puneesh has gone, what if his plan is failed again.
Puneesh comes to Bari Amma’s room and looks around for the necklace. Puneesh receives the call from Nisha that she has reached his house.
Ved and Sadika finalize their tableau. Nani asks the kids about further planning. Ved says they will now call anyone from the audience and they will dance. Sadika comes to Vaidika while Ved insists on Sahil to come forward. Both were reluctant. Maya sends the song to DJ as Vaidika and Sahil come to stage. ‘Kisna hai’. Bhoomi was upset of the setting. Bari Amma curtly thinks she must do anything and make Vaidika leave this house, Sahil might again fall in love with him. She wonders where Puneesh has gone.
Nisha was happy to get the necklace. She soon realizes it was fake and throws it away. Puneesh explains that the time was limited, he promises to get him two necklace next time and real ones. Nisha warns to break his home if he breaks the promise next time. Prachi comes outside looking for Puneesh and notices sweat beads over his face. Puneesh says it was only suffocating inside, so he decided to get some fresh air.
As the people took blessings, Aarya also stood in the line. Bari Amma whispers to Puneesh if his plan is fool proof. Puneesh says the swing has been connected through wires. As soon as Aarya touch it, his man will turn a switch off and there will be a blast. There was sparkling in the wire. Aarya was about to touch the flowers wrapped on the wire when Sahil sends Ved with her. Bari Amma and Puneesh were worried for Ved. Vaidika notices the sparkling and comes running to save Aarya. Sahil finds Vaidika about to get the electric shock and runs to save her. The fell on the floor while a flower basket fell over both. Bari Amma runs to Ved. Vaidika’s dress was tucked in Sahil’s watch as she finally sits up. Ved apologizes Vaidika for making her fall, then thanks as she saved his life. Vaidika explains that there seems a short circuit in the wiring. Sahil asks to move the programme forward.
Sushant notices Aarya was tensed and leaves the hall crying. He comes to complement her mother who put her life at stake and saved her. Aarya was upset that she saved her in front of a crowd, but left her alone while she needed her and was young. Prachi notices them speaking to each other. She warns Sushant that he must never be seen with this girl again.
The next morning, Bari Amma comes to Bhoomi’s room and asks what is she doing? How she can let Vaidika dance with Sahil. Bhoomi says Sahil promised that he will never part her from Ved. Bari Amma asks if Vaidika made such promises. She will snatch Ved from her the day she realizes he is her son. They hear a scream.
Vaidika runs to the hall where Sadika had fallen unconscious. Ved was apologetic as they were playing and he left her hand. Sahil comes there. Ved requests him to save his friend. Bari Amma tries to intervene but Sahil doesn’t let her speak and carries Sadika upstairs. Bhoomi watch Vaidika follow him.
The doctor says they must arrange for blood as soon as possible. Vaidika was ready to donate her, but the doctor says her blood group doesn’t match with hers. Sahil says he is B+. The doctor says a child gets blood group from any one of parents, she is O+. Deepak thinks he is O+ but how must he tell everyone about it. Vaidika was confused that how can Sadika’s blood group not match Sahil’s. The doctor receives a call that O+ blood group has been arranged.

PRECAP: There is a terrorist attack in kid’s school who are held hostage there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    This generous person Sahil Agarwal is deserving of great happiness. He takes care of all the close persons is making a disinterested help.

  2. Leisa s morris

    How come vedika is surprised sahils blood doesnt match sadika wen she already knows dat sadika is not her daughter so therefore she isnt sahil’s

  3. Leisa s morris

    Oh one more ting how come vedika isnt findin it strange dat ved is same age with her daughter so how come hes bhoomi and sahils son together. If dats d case hes supposed to b atleast 4. Hmmm wonder wen d kids bday comes if she will ask questions and after finding out dat gauri supposedly lost her bqby on dat day but believes her child to b alive will she put two and two together. Was it only sahil and bhoomi dat bari amma told bout vedika leavin ved at birth(i didnt c dat episode nor rrmember if others were told in d written update.) Ive never heard aarya mention him as her brother nor did sheu chastised her mpther for leavin ved just herself and she also believes dat sadika is her sister. So I guess its safe to say dat noone else well except punish dat ved is vedila child

  4. did not vaidika already know that sadika not her dauther so how can she be confused about sahil blood not match?

  5. Very nice epi…
    Loved it…
    Precap is dangerous though…. ‘SADIKA’ will make it togerher😘😘😍😍

  6. Well…. I LOL…. So predictable… As soon as I saw Sadika on the floor with the blood loss thing, I just knew I’d be seeing blood test requests in the next few minutes and no surprise, it just happened that way. I shouldn’t complain na, because I’m glad this paternity issue won’t be dragged on till thy kingdom come, serials do have a penchant for dragging, swaying and postponing the inevitable and since AKAJS prefers to dish it out for us quickly, it’s better this than that… Anyways… Leisa….. I have those same questions mulling around my brain. Vedika’s reaction to the blood not matching wasn’t convincing enough, I could have done that scene better.. I also want to know how come Sahil isn’t interested or intrigued with Maya’s child as he knows that he was her sperm donor, even Gauri and Vedika haven’t talked about Gauri’s baby who died. Leisa….yes, only Bhoomi and Sahil knows that Ved is Vedika’s son…but doesn’t Vedika wonder at the abbreviated name of Bhoomi’s and Sahil’s son?? Neither Aarya nor Nani knows that he’s Vedika’s son too, however, you see the upcoming terrorist track, well I think something big is going to happen, something to do with Ved, Vedika and Sahil… I think there’s going to be some unexpected and unwanted bonding taking place. As it is now, I’m not going to complain about the serial moving quickly, with someone like me who has a somewhat short attention span and who gets bored quickly, AKAJS is moving along just fine.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Not only ved naz but wat about sadika y hasnt anyone wondered how she got her name seeing dat sahil and vedika put together is sadika. Dat will bring alot of questions to anyones mind especially sahil after all y wud vedika name another mans child with their joint names

  7. Nice Episode.. I have also been wondering why Vedika does not wonder about Ved’s age. May be there will soon be some sort of birthday celebration and the will do the maths. I have Feeling Deepak will also rush to save Sadika from terrorist attack and might come clean. It is clearly that his guilt is eating him.

    This is the 1st serial that I have seen moving so quickly and yes Naz I am complaining either as I get bore and impatient..,

    1. Pooja, it’s taking Vedika long to figure out how come Ved is same age like Sadika’s ,that ought to ring bells for her, even Sahil feels threatened by Vedika when she’s around Ved, because he doesn’t want to lose him as he’s become attached, even though he believes Yash is his father so BA is fooling her darling Sahil as well. BA has much to pay for one day.. You know who is tickling me since few episodes? Puneesh!!! He’s so smitten with the youthful Nisha, he could do anything for her. There are men like him in this world when they become older, they seek out younger women, nothing is as stimulating for an older man to have a young woman in his life but when it’s vice versa, society complains, double standards huh… I can hardly wait to see what Prachi will do when her loving and slithering husband secret is exposed…ps, are you an Aries by chance? I never believed in it before till a few years ago, I think my birth sign reveals how my personality really is and I just never saw it before but it’s the truth…the older I got, I learnt how to manage my characteristics and I’m doing fine. Eye roll……

  8. I dont know why this bhoomi is feeling insecure now.. She pretty well knows that sahil will never, ever love her like he loves Vedhika.. She got into this relationship with open eyes.. Had it not been for that wicked witch BA, vedhika would have accepted Sahil’s love ignoring the whole world.. Whatever be it, the kid is a bond of the love btwn vedhika and sahil.. love is just theirs.. a third person will always remain a third person in this relationship.. Moreover vedhika had taken care of sadhika as her own daughter out of love for sahil thinking it to be his child.. Because of the society, she had stayed away from love.. She very much needs Sahil’s love , attention and care.. I wsih they had normal moments of love where vedhika too can express her love for him..
    What do u say Naz,pooja, muniya.. My mind doesnt want pure logic everytime..

    1. I say…. You are right, sometimes I don’t care for logic, I do throw it out the window a lot of times, all I want is to see this couple together. Sahil moments with Vedika makes me wish a lot… As soon as he’s up close to her, I swoon… I could never get enough. Now, I do feel for Bhoomi BUT as we all know, she got into this marriage with eyes wide open and not expecting anything from Sahil because he told her he can’t love her but she’s human…according to the script…so feelings did develop in these 5 years but she should have thought that one day they were bound to meet Vedika again and nothing stays hidden forever. Dolly, at the end of the day, Sahil and Vedika are meant to be together, remember the pundit said so too..

  9. Agree with you Dolly and Naz. I am beginning have second thoughts Bhoomi. BA is brainwashing her and she is so weak that I can see her turning negative. I did not like the way she spoke to Vedika when she was telling her about Ved behaviour. She might run away with Ved.

    Btw..Naz I am a Gemini. Still looking for my twin sister 😀

    1. Lol… .your twin is on my side, my sister is Gemini

  10. Pooja u got us all..smiles…

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