Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil and Vaidika come to live together

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Sahil takes Ved in his arms. Bhoomi continues pleading Sahil not to take Ved. Prachi questions if Sahil has gone crazy, it was a mistake. Vaidika also stops Sahil from leaving home on the day of Diwali. Bhoomi fell on the floor begging Sahil and holds his legs. Sahil drags Vaidika outside the house. Puneesh was happy about the development. Bhoomi breaks the vase in the hall out of rage.
Bari Amma stood in the room alone, thinking about Sahil who had broken every relation with her. There in the hall, Puneesh was cheerful that Sahil had left home and Deepak has been sent to jail. Now only he is left in Agarwal house to control everything with his wife and Bari Amma.
Sahil and Vaidika walk to Vaidika’s old house hand in hand. Aarya hugs them and says she is in still a disbelief that

they are here as a family. Sahil asks them not to fight anymore, he is fed up fighting now. Sahil brings a name plate from his bag and says what was impossible earlier will now be possible – ‘Vaidika, Sahil aur Unki Dunya’ (Vaidika, Sahil and their world). Vaidika tries to stop Sahil as people might gossip. Sahil says it’s time to fight for themselves now. Aarya and Nani go inside. Sahil tries to pick Vaidika in his arms, she resists as neighbors were there around. He then forwards his hand. They walk hand in hand with each other.
Puneesh comes to Bhoomi determined to ruin Vaidika’s life and get Sahil and Ved back.
The next morning, Puneesh was furious and shouts at a servant who leaves. The lawyer was with Puneesh and tells him that Sahil got his work from another lawyer and got the property named after his kids earlier. They can no more get the property named after Puneesh. Puneesh was frustrated and decides to finish each one of the family now.
There, Vaidika and Sahil stood in front of their temple corner. Vaidika was relieved as the older burdens had shed off her shoulders. She now wish that her family stay calm and peaceful in this house. Bhoomi also gets some patients amongst the disconcerting situations. Ved comes out of his room then and was upset. Sahil tries to cheer him up by crackers and gifts. Ved was upset and insists upon going home to mama. Sahil holds Ved in his arms and says he lives in this house now. Ved says he loves his mamma as well. Vaidika brings sweet for Ved. He doesn’t take it saying he is angry with her as well. Vaidika makes Ved up that he must not be angry with the sweet. And this year this sweet is special, she and Sahil made it together. Ved asks why Vaidika doesn’t let him eat chocolates then. Vaidika apologies and says she asked the doctor and he is allowed one chocolate a day. Ved was excited and runs to blow the crackers.
Sahil holds Vaidika’s dress for some romance. He assures Vaidika that this chapter of their life will not be ruined by anyone else, in his lives to come he will live and die only for Vaidika.

PRECAP: Bhoomi cries as Sahil sent her a divorce. There, Sahil fills Vaidika hairline with sindoor. Someone replaces the crackers with bomb in Vaidika’s yard. Sahil notices it was explosive while Vaidika was burning the cracker.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Another super duper episode… 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍….best Divali gift on soapland..

  2. Nina

    OMG, how many times he had left this house with the frustration, now he came back in triumph. Sahil made me cry and smile through my tears. We passed through a lot last months together with our heroes now we can take breath.

  3. I think is puneet or prachi

    1. What about them? Do you think they will be exposed?!?

  4. Yes Naz another beautiful episode. Nice to see Sahil being cheeky and smiling again. Seem like lots of Sadika moments coming out way. 😍😍

  5. Muniya

    Beautiful and amazing episode… Loved it like anything 😘😘😍😍😍😍😍 . Tensed precap though😫

  6. Friends…when Bhoomi was pleading for Sahil not to take Ved, I got so angry, if she had a good mind and heart, she would have been reaping the benefits of her good deeds but sadly this is what happens to people when they are selfish and self centered, they lose out, it’s all about what Bhoomi wants! For once Nani surpassed my expectations, she opted for poverty this time and threw all her support behind her daughter. I love the walk towards the house, very cute scene. So…friends, we have to add “flirt ” to Sahil”..i don’t know if anyone else felt it but I could feel the romantic moments through my screen when Sahil was in Vedika’s company, from the kitchen making ladoo, to Vedika cajoling Ved to eat the ladoo because it was made by both her and Sahil, from lighting the flame in the diya to Sahil coming so close to her reminding Vedika that they are husband and wife… I was so 😍😍😍😍😍😍..how can this actor be so good in scenes like this is beyond my thinking, Karan is simply amazing!! I know we are in for a helluva ride with them living together now… Of course we know that Bhoomi and Puneesh are cooking up a plan but I’m hoping that it backfires..and I hope Bhoomi pays dearly for what she’s going to do do.. An evil minded person will always think evil thoughts, that’s Bhoomi for you…. I didn’t want to mention Puneesh but this is just to say that I’m happy as a lark that Sahil named the property in his children’s names and I hope the business as well..maybe Aarya will inherit too..

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