Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bari Amma fake memory loss after recovery from paralysis

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At night, Vaidika instruct the servant to prepare the Kaara. She was trying Aarya’s number and wonders whom she is talking to. Sahil brings the phone to Vaidika and makes her speak to Vaidika. Vaidika tells Aarya she will speak to her later. Sahil says he is always true to his promises, he called Aarya as his sweet angel and will always prove to be her father. But Vaidika is a liar, she is marrying Yash and here she is preparing a Kaara for his Bari Amma. She must remember actions speak louder than words. Vaidika corrects this is only due to humanitarian feelings. Vaidika shows her engagement ring to Sahil saying this shows she has nothing in his heart for Sahil. He holds Vaidika closer, Vaidika tells him to go to Bari Amma. Sahil says she is fine, as Deepak is there with her. He prepares a cold

coffee for Vaidika like she prepared earlier. Vaidika doesn’t take it. Sahil reminds one shouldn’t ever waste food. Vaidika gulps the coffee in a single go. Sahil asks if it was so good. Vaidika says sugar was less in it. Sahil promises to make better tomorrow. He says he is happy they are under a single roof, but not as close as they want. He wipes the coffee from over her lip with his thumb.
In the room, Nidhi was speaking to her mother that Bari Amma was getting better. Its time they might soon be sent to jail. Deepak silently snatches the phone off her hand and suggests her mother to better take her daughter on a long vacation before they are forced out of this house. Nidhi shouts at Deepak to get out of the room. Deepak tells Nidhi to rethink how she tried to press the pipe of Bari Amma’s ventilator. The house awaits the confrontation of Yash and Bari Amma, but he is waiting for the confrontation of Nidhi and Bari Amma.
Yash comes to Vaidika and says he has no complaints with Vaidika, somewhere he also wanted so. But he doesn’t feel good whenever something good happens to Bari Amma. Vaidika is a better person than him. Vaidika says it’s not always easy, she stands with Yash as Bari Amma did unjust to him and his mother. She realizes Bari Amma must be planning a strategy to defeat him and fight the situation since the day they came here. And she can go to any extent to give them a defeat.
Later, everyone was ready for celebration while Sahil helps Bari Amma walk down the stairs on her own feet. Anjana makes the aarti. Bari Amma calls Nidhi closer. Sahil stands away from Bari Amma when Nidhi comes there. Bari Amma asks Nidhi to touch her feet and blesses her. She asks about Puneesh. Shruti was worried what if Bari Amma knows about it, Sahil abruptly lies that he went to Lucknow for some important task. Deepak asks if Bari Amma doesn’t remember what happened here in the last few days. Bari Amma asks if he made some losses in business. They remind Bari Amma about Nidhi being pregnant. Sahil hides his face, while Bari Amma stand up and congratulate Nidhi and Sahil. She blesses them both. The family thinks Bari Amma has lost her memory but were happy she is coming to being normal.
Yash comes in clapping and says he is impressed by her trick. If she is also forgotten about him as well? If she has also forgotten about her husband’s earlier wife? Bari Amma was shocked to see Vaidika and questions if she didn’t spare her son yet? Yash tells her to finish this drama, his name is Yash Leela Agarwal. He came here to take his right and destroy him. Sahil tells him to stop it and not give her any stress. Yash wasn’t ready, he was determined to speak up the truth. Yash tells Bari Amma to accept the reality of Leela, she must accept she married a man five years younger than herself and married to his mother. She made his mother leave this house with her two children. Bari Amma denies recognizing the man. Sahil pushes Yash out of the house and locks the door, he minds Vaidika that this man shouldn’t enter the house again. Bari Amma’s condition worsened. Nani wasn’t ready to accept she was unwell.

The doctor instructs Sahil to let Bari Amma rest and not to give her any major shocks. After everyone has left the room and the door was locked, Bari Amma removes the oxygen mask and gets out of the bed. She locks the door of her room from inside and thinks about Nidhi’s ill actions, then Vaidika’s entry into the house as Yash’s fiancé.
Bari Amma says she can only win this fight by making her weakness as her power. Today, she has recognized the true face of every person but no one knows her reality. She will throw Nidhi out of the house in a single day. The most difficult task is Yash Kumar who has taken over her house and has also brought Vaidika with him. She can’t let Sahil and Vaidika live under a same roof for long, she was determined to make Yash and Vaidika leave the house disgraced.

PRECAP: Prachi argues with Yash. Bari Amma only silently hears but Yash says he is the owner of 51% shares of this business and can even send them all out of this house. Sahil asks his lawyer in a car about a way. The lawyer says they came to know Yash has even bought the shares named after Bari Amma, there is no way and only Sahil must handle the matter now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. BA, Nidhi and Puneesh should be living in the same hole…they are snakes in the day and rats at night. This old wretch knows how to fake really well, if she had accepted Vedika without anyone’s knowledge and pretended to hate her but use her hatred to slay Nidhi, I’d have forgiven her but as it is now, for her bad mind, every punishment Yash gives to her should hurt her badly..except SAHIL….he must not be touched…btw friends, that mini movie weekend gone, has made me understand this love story even better……thanks to the awesome creative team of AKAJS….they [email protected]

    1. Mona146

      BA deserves yash ill treatment not vedika’s care.

  2. Sadika Kitchen scene was brilliant. Sahil too cute???. I don’t like Vedika,s outfits and her heavy jewellery.

    BA is back and still nasty. Nidhi thinks she got away with her tricks. BA is not going to spare her. Precap look good.

  3. Right guys.. now I too support Yash.. BA has cheated Yash of his rights as the legal heir of the Agarwal’s. His anger is completely justified now.. He has suffered bcz of this lady’s deceit.
    At the kitchen, when Sahil wiped off the coffee from vedhika’s lips and kisses his own finger, my heart skipped a beat..?? so very lovey dovey..??
    Mebbe in the future, Sahil will know that Yash is right and accept him as his bro and stand by what’s right.. He’ll stand tall that way..

  4. By the way, BA was talking in such loud voice behind closed doors, no one will hear her is it? And also the door is locked from inside ??
    Only if BA now comes to know that it’s Karen’s kid and not that of Sahil, she’ll not wait to send that b*t*h Nidhi out.. lizard is anyways in the bad books..
    Mebbe BA will start recognising Deepak a little more..?

  5. Muniya

    Nice episode again…
    Sadika scene was fabulous…I really Love it when Sahil grabs Vedika’s arm when she passes him?????
    Wish Nidhi’s secret get revealed soon.

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