Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika agrees to marry Yash

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Agarwal’s were thrown out of Vaidika’s house. Their lawyer says the house is named after Agarwal Jewelers. Bari Amma wonders who spied to Yash who this house is named after. Deepak thinks it wasn’t a spy, he recalls accepting money from Yash and disclosing to him that Sahil took a loan from the company while buying half of Vaidika’s house; technically the house belongs to Agarwal Jewelers and Yash now. They were tensed, Gauri says their cards have also been frozen. Prachi wonders what’s Sahil is up to.
Yash smirks watching Sahil go with the inspector. He says Vaidika Mathur will marry him in next 48 hours, Suomya will get her Mami and he will get her.
At Agarwal house, Vaidika comes finding Yash. She says they are innocent, why he is teasing them for her to say a yes to marry.

Yash says he is a businessmen and only works for benefit. He hates Bari Amma and will surely make her suffer. But if she wants the family safe, she must agree to marry him. What if Gauri’s baby loses his life or Anjana gets injured. Vaidika cries for Agarwal’s suffering, and agrees to marry Yash. She conditions her acceptance. Vaidika says even Yash has turned to be stone hearted like Bari Amma. Yash says he isn’t stone hearted, life made him practical. He is sure she can be a good wife and Mami to Suomya, he will in return protect her family. He says they are stubborn and don’t leave things easily when determined, it seems it’s in their blood and that’s the reason Sahil is still behind her. Vaidika says there is a huge difference between him and Sahil, Sahil thinks by heart and cares for others. She conditions, firstly Yash will not harm Sahil. Secondly he won’t harm the family and thirdly he shouldn’t tell anyone about their deal. Yash asks her to promise she will give her full in this marriage. He hugs Vaidika tightly demanding he wants Sahil’s Vaidika. Vaidika had tightly shut her eyes. Yash says she must remember this is the reality of her life. He makes a call withdrawing the complaint.
Sahil calls Vaidika worried about her. Vaidika tells him to take care of his family and not to take any step right now that puts him in trouble. After the call, Yash says Sahil listens to her, she must clarify to him that she is now Yash’s wife.
In the room, Vaidika cries badly. A reflection appears asking if she did everything for Sahil? That family always hated her, then why sacrifice herself for him? Vaidika replies that she shouldn’t make them suffer if they hate her. She is doing it for Sahil as well, it’s not age to face such troubles. He might get some loving wife for himself. Its better she marries Yash for everyone’s happiness. Her reflection asks what about Vaidika’s happiness. Vaidika replies in her age, she first needs to think about her mother and daughter. Yash isn’t a bad person and will keep them quite happy.
Sahil stands near a stall when it was raining. ‘Lagg ja gale se phir yeh haseen raat ho na ho’ plays in the background. Sahil watch a couple dance in rain. He day dreams about dancing with Vaidika in rain. They stood in the midst of a stream of water. He wish Vaidika agrees to marry him, their love story will have a similar end. He gets a call from Gauri and was tensed. He asks her to text him the address and hurries at once.
Nani was happy and takes blessings of Yash and Vaidika for their marriage tomorrow. Yash says the wedding is in evening, but would she allow Vaidika to fast for him tomorrow. Nani says Vaidika would surely fast for her husband to be. Nani cheerfully leaves with Yash demanding a new dress and jewelry from him. Aarya comes to Vaidika and says no one can keep her happier than Sahil, why is she marrying Yash then. Vaidika says she is doing it for Sahil and requests her not to tell anyone until she has married Yash. She assures Yash will keep them really happy.

PRECAP: Vaidika accepts Sahil’s love, they were about to marry. Bari Amma was determined to turn this into a dream. The lights of mandap goes off, Vaidika has to step back from Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Guys do u think vedhika-yash marriage will take place? That’s not this story will end.. it’s our Sadhika’s story..
    That rain dance…hmmm…?? what to say…
    Y shd it be a dream? Wish it had been real.. (I wish that had been me.. Naz r u listening ?)
    I wish that vedhika tells Sahil juz once that she loves him too.. He will change her life juz like that..

    1. Dolly, I now found the time to view the episode and my goodness what a beautiful dance in the rain…????..even though it was not a long dance, by Zeetv standard, it was enough. I’ve stopped watching the link with the English subtitles, it’s either of the other two, since I read on the update, I don’t need to see the English subtitles video, after all, I saw where the important scenes were deleted in the link I’ve been using before….Zeetv not ez at all… and Dolly, I heard you…all of us here will have to share…so back up…ohhhhh yesssss….youth is a blessing and privilege. Now, im sure something will happen, Yash can’t marry Vedika, otherwise that’ll defeat the purpose of the serial….love it??????

  2. Wow… that scene in the rain make my heart races. Both were really hot. Beautiful Sadika moment. ????.

    Deepak so evil and greedy!!!. Dolly I don’t think the marraiage will take place…otherwise the the whole concept of the serial would have been pointless. Sahil will somehow find fout and save the day.

  3. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    Sadika scene was most adorable…with one of the best songs ever…and also best picturisation?????
    Vedika definitely loves Sahil…i love it everytime she defines Sahil’s goodness to Yash…he is best for her❤️️❤️️
    Deepak is such a greedy…suffering bcz of that.
    Really wish Vedika doesn’t break Sahil’s heart this time…Aarya is good.
    To hell with Nani, Yash??

  4. Nina

    The scene where they danced in the rain became a decorating this episode. The actors conjure a magical world our dreams using usual ingredients of shadow, light, moves.

  5. Guys what’s this spoilers about?? Vedhika marrying Yash and Sahil slipping into coma? What nonsense?? And that lizard trying to kill our chweeto.. grrrrrr.. ???

    1. Muniya

      Yes Dolly…just saw it right now…and its killing?????
      Why everything is bad with our darling Sahil????
      I don’t know how will I tolerate those scenes?

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