Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika treats Bari Amma through shock treatment

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Vaidika calls Yash not to eat the food and runs towards him but he was busy on call.
Nani finds her sarees being used for cleaning of floor and questions the servant who asked him to do this. The servant silently points towards Bari Amma. Nani deters that she would use all of Bari Amma’s dresses as floor cleaner now. She soon realizes that such a helpless lady can’t plan all this, she understands Bari Amma isn’t as ill as she shows herself to be and says she will now make Bari Amma to speak and confess everything in front of Yash. They hear Prachi deny mixing any poison in Yash’s food. Nani goes there. Vaidika says someone tried to mix poison in Yash’s food and it could be anyone else’s food as well. Yash says he knows who did this, its Sahil who is jealous of him for marrying

Vaidika. They have an argument but Vaidika says she is sure Sahil can’t do this. She says they will find whoever did this crime and punish the person.
Prachi comes to meet Puneesh in a car and angrily asks why he called her. Puneesh cries and asks her forgiveness. He blames Vaidika for trapping him. Prachi asks if what he did to Shruti was also because of Vaidika. Puneesh says Shruti forced herself to him through various tactics, he also made mistakes and is apologetic. He hugs Prachi who melts silently for him. Puneesh says Vaidika presented everything in a way that he was proven wrong and parted from his family. He takes a revolver and tells Prachi to kill him. Prachi leaves the car. Puneesh calls from behind and laughs that if you shout a lie, it’s proven true.
At Agarwal house, Sahil speaks to Shruti that he must have been with her, but she must now promise him she will always ask him for help in any problem in her life. Shruti was crying and promises Sahil before leaving. Sahil stops Yash and Vaidika in the corridor and asks Yash if he didn’t die of the poison he had fed. His fiancé even sided him. He tells Yash that soon their drama would end. Vaidika clarifies to Sahil that every time he thought she loved him, he was wrong. She was just nice to him as a land lady. Nani says she knows who gave the poison to Yash and takes them to the person. They come to Bari Amma’s room. Sahil was in a disbelief. Nani blames Bari Amma, she says Bari Amma made the servants turn her dresses into floor cleaners and could have asked someone to mix poison to Yash’s food as well. Vaidika asks Bari Amma if it’s really a drama. Sahil tries to interfere but Vaidika doesn’t listen, she asks Bari Amma why is she doing all this? She is posing being helpless and must be planning against them all in her mind. She knows well to get the truth now and drags her wheel chair out of the room in spite of Sahil’s resistance. She calls everyone from the home and stops Bari Amma’s wheel chair at the verge of stair case. She tells Bari Amma to confess to her family she is only posing being paralyzed. The family tries to stop Vaidika but Vaidika deters to push the wheel chair off the stairs if Bari Amma doesn’t speak. Bari Amma moves her hair, pushes the wheels of the chair behind. She struggles to stand up the chair and slap Vaidika on her face. Everyone from the family was happy to see this. She fell on the wheel chair again, Sahil holds her. They give a few sips of water into her mouth. Deepak thanks God, and whispers to Nidhi that she is gone. Prachi curses Vaidika but Sahil understands Vaidika’s trick of getting a reaction from Bari Amma. He couldn’t use the shock treatment he read from the book. He convinces Bari Amma that if Vaidika wanted to hurt her she wouldn’t have gathered the family. Vaidika says she had seen the movement in Bari Amma’s hands and feet; as per her aggressive behavior shock treatments should work.
Later, Sahil thanks Vaidika. He says Vaidika is being a daughter in law of the family. She first unveiled that Puneesh and now helped Bari Amma recover. She is only afraid to walk with him, one can’t find such love stories in books. He can turn their love story true if she shows a little courage only. Yash then comes to Vaidika to thank her, he says if Bimla Agarwal recovers the countdown to destruction of this family has begun.
In the evening, the gamily sat in the room besides Bari Amma on bed. Sahil says the doctor claims Bari Amma is perfectly fine. She needs some rest, then soon she will be able to scold everyone again. He claims Vaidika did miracle. Nidhi was worried that Bari Amma know each of her intention and if she opens her mouth Sahil will kick her out in no time empty handed. She must plan something against Bari Amma tonight. Prachi calls Nidhi inside, she has served Bari Amma a lot. Nidhi offers to stay with Bari Amma in the night, they all appear to be tired. Deepak decisively says no; this isn’t good for her child and winks at her. Sahil says he will stay with Bari Amma. Deepak says until Bari Amma is fine Sahil has to take care of everything, he will stay tonight to take care of Bari Amma. Nidhi turns around to look at Bari Amma and thinks she must play her last cards before she opens her mouth.

PRECAP: Bari Amma walks downstairs with Sahil. Yash comes in clapping and asks if she is playing memory loss game only not to tell everyone the truth. Bari Amma doesn’t recognize Yash. Sahil pushes Yash out of the house not to give Bari Amma any stress. Bari Amma’s condition worsens.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Muniya

    Nice episode…

  2. What’s BA really gonna do? Or is she gonna fake memory loss to catch that b*t*h Nidhi red-handed? She too needs to gather solid proof against her to make the family members believe her.. everywhere a proof is needed..no one nowadays believe word of mouth..?
    I think in the last moment, vedhika will support only Sahil and try to get Yash his rightful place in the family..

  3. ???????…..I can’t bear to watch Nidhi’s face..such a wretch…and yes Dolly, I think Vedika will get Yash his rightful place in the family…remember that he has a sister too, so we will see her in future episodes to come….with Puneesh, he’s really such an ugly lizard and I’m not joking, when he was laughing and begging an crying in front of Vedika and Sahil…I was alarmed, he does look evil..

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