Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash forces Vaidika to marry him

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Sahil asks Bari Amma why she is blaming Vaidika for Yash’s mistake. Vaidika watches Gauri hold a bucket filled with water and forbids her, Deepak and Sahil might do this. Deepak questions if she thinks they have such bad days that a son in law would do house chores. Sahil forbids Vaidika do any good to his family, they don’t deserve it. Sahil leaves the house annoyed. Gauri thanks Vaidika before she leaves.
Bari Amma tells Prachi to fill the water bucket for her in the washroom. Prachi asks she? Bari Amma scolds that Prachi didn’t bring a maid with herself from her in laws. Prachi leave irked, but they all hear her scream and hurries.
Vaidika enters the house speaking on phone. She asks Gauri on phone what happened to Prachi. She suggests Prachi to go to the doctor. Yash stood

there. Vaidika convince Yash to unlock their bank accounts, he must not do what Bari Amma did to them years ago. The family is suffering, Prachi is injured and needs to visit a doctor. Yash agrees to help the Agarwal but on a condition. He promise he would make Sahil an owner of 49% shares again but only when Vaidika marries him. Vaidika withdraws her hands from Yash’s. She says their engagement was only a deal then how can Yash ask her to marry. Yash says Vaidika broke the rules of deal, they came here to hurt Bari Amma so much that she accepted her own mistakes. But Vaidika began to live like a daughter in law of the house, she cares way more for Agarwals. Vaidika wasn’t ready to talk about it. Yash holds her hand from behind and asks why she didn’t say a no to Sahil. Why she cares so much for his family?
Vaidika says Yash doesn’t feel fine to her right now. He first forced Agarwals to leave the house and now wants to marry her. Yash clutches her arm and asks her to reply why she couldn’t say no to Sahil, why she felt bad for Agarwals, for whom is she so tensed, why she sent the message for Sahil only when Panday kidnapped her; Sahil, Sahil, Sahil! He is fed up of it. Vaidika questions who is he to ask all this from her? Yash clutches her arms tightly and says he has fallen in love with her. Vaidika was hurt. Yash leaves her at once and apologizes her, he didn’t want to tell her about his love like this. He says she is her fiancé, she trusts him and they respect each other; they are compatible by age and thinking, he is wealthy enough and has brought up Suomya for years. He can give Aarya the love of a father. Its been long her husband died, why can’t she decide to move on in life. He promises to prove himself be a good life partner. Vaidika agrees everything he said, but her reply to his proposal is a no. They can’t ever be spouses. Yash stops her way, holds her by both arms and asks why can’t she marry him? Vaidika says because she…. Yash says she would never be able to do what she can’t even speak about, people won’t have any problem with their marriage as they are engaged already. Vaidika was still not convinced. Yash physically harasses Vaidika saying this is his evil face that she needs to see now. She has no other way out. If Vaidika rejects his proposal, he would make Agarwals suffer badly. Vaidika tries to resist.
The doctor bandaged Prachi. Sahil finds the idol in the temple falling and saves it.
Yash calls Priya to book a hall in the best hotel, he is marrying in 48 hours. He clarifies to Vaidika he only wants a good aunt for Suomya and holds a right to think for her like Vaidika cares for Aarya.
Bari Amma tries to sell her gold bangles. The jeweler wasn’t ready to give her any worth, and says everyone in the market has always been disgraced by Bari Amma and won’t agree to help. Puneesh comes from behind placing a hand over the bangles. He requests Bari Amma to forgive him, he is a bad person but Bari Amma has forgiven Shruti as well.
Sahil was in the temple and prays to God for Vaidika’s safety until he is away from her. Vaidika arrives at the temple from behind. Sahil could sense her presence there. Vaidika prayed in front of a tree and prays for some way out, she thinks Sahil always helps her out of every trouble but today he himself is troubles. Sahil also prayed there and thinks it seems Vaidika is around. Pandit ji brings aarti, Vaidika and Sahil moves towards him together and spot each other. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is fine, he can sense she is in some trouble. Vaidika says she is fine, she asks about everyone at home. Sahil says they are fine. He tells Vaidika his friend had invested in Leela Jewelers, they want some help from him and in return name the shares back at their name. Vaidika asks Sahil to hurry then.

PRECAP: Vaidika accepts Sahil’s love, they were about to marry. Bari Amma was determined to turn this into a dream. The lights of mandap goes off, Vaidika has to step back from Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nina

    Yash took off his mask of man searching the fairness. Now it turns out, and he wishes to the revenge. He is just the crude malice.

  2. Nice episode.. the connection between Sadika is amazing and the scene at the temple was so touching. ??. It won’t be long before Vedika admired her love for Sahil.

    They lizard is back???. What is he going to do now??? As for Yash I always knew he was a bully. BA and Prachi there is no limit to their ungratefulness.

  3. Muniya

    Nice episode…bcz of amazing Sadika scene.
    Yash is showing his true color…and that Puneesh is also back in the game.
    Precap is killing me…

  4. Juz as we thought guys.. Yash forcing vedhika to marry him.. in a way good.. vedhika was on the verge of accepting her love for Sahil ??
    And the way Sahil looks..hmmm..killer..????I myself get so lovestruck ??
    Is Sahil gonna reach the mandap in the nick of time and put sindoor and mangalsutra on vedhika????

    1. Me too Dolly …i blush when I see Sahil looking at Vedika, I feel like he’s looking at me???..and you see how Yash has shown his true colors??? I’d like to see Sahil slug it out with Yash, after all, he has to fight for the woman he ?????…and Dolly, Sahil looks handsome in everything he wears..?????????

  5. Ya Naz he’s a total killer..in what he wears, in the way he speaks, in the way he lovingly looks at her, his mischievous smile, all of it..???

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