Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil gets the house papers back to Vaidika

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Maya smiles as she watches Vaidika concerned for Sahil, but Sahil only stared at her. Maya comes to greet Vaidika and takes her along. Vaidika complains with Maya that he didn’t inform her before leaving. Sahil hears the concern and smiles that he is in love. He speaks to himself that he loves everything about Vaidika, her smile, anger and her hair. He decides to first teach someone a lesson.
At Agarwal house, Deepak come behind Gauri while Gauri held the beddings. Deepak complains that Pandit had told them to mate under open sky on this day, and she was slept at that time. He sends her downstairs with beddings and thinks he won’t leave Bari Amma’s daughter until his heir is borne. His son has to be the first heir of this house.
Gautham and Nani were watching an old

album of Anurag and Vaidika. Gautham discusses with Nani about his sufferings. He shares with her about an accident one year ago. He, his wife and son were returning late at night, a few drunken guys hit their car. He came to consciousness after two days and found out that it was very late now, they had both died. Nani was upset and wonders what she must say to soothe Gautham.
Gautham says he understands what Vaidika must be going through after Anurag, they are living similar lives. The only difference is that Vaidika has a family, but he is all alone. He says he feels angry over young guys for the same unthoughtful mannerism. He forbids her to tell this all to Vaidika.
Bari Amma finds Gauri crying and asks if she is crying again? If she has forgotten to keep herself happy. Gauri tries to explain but Bari Amma says Deepak is her husband, and he needs a son from her; whom else must he ask for a son then? She says Gauri must keep Deepak happy at any cost and make this marriage successful; as she (Bari Amma) selected this proposal for her. Gauri asks if she would do the same with Sahil as well. Bari Amma decisively says every child of the house will marry the proposal she selects for them.
Sahil sat with Raya Sharma and presents him the keys of a brand new car. Mr. and Mrs. Sharma were happy to see the car and were thankful to Mr. Mathur. Sahil asks them to return the papers of house in return. Mr. and Mrs. Sharma denies returning any papers, as it’s given to their child as dowry. Sahil asks if they will keep the car as well. They say they will, it’s also dowry. Sahil now calls the police inside and gives them the recording of accepting dowry. The police takes Mr. and Mrs. Sharma.
Sahil returns the papers to Vaidika who asks what he has done. Sahil boasts about behaving smart this time. Sunil and wife come there and blames Vaidika for breaking Nishi’s wedding. Vaidika says she was clueless, they tell Vaidika that Nishi’s parents were arrested by police for accepting dowry. Sahil says accepting dowry is a crime, they had to see the jail. Sunil curses the day Anurag brought Vaidika after marrying. Sahil gets Sunil’s collar this time, but Vaidika slaps him. She shouts at Sahil for always interfering and ruining the matters of her house. She doesn’t hold the house but this family dear. Sunil tells Vaidika to ask Sahil leave the house right away. Sahil says he will leave by himself, but Vaidika is sensible and teaches children at school about what’s right and what’s not. He behaves childishly, and has got all his sensibility from Vaidika. They all watch him leave, Vaidika was crying.

PRECAP: Karan suggest Sahil to forget Vaidika and love someone of his age. Sahil warns him not to say this again. Sahil dances with Vaidika in a restaurant. Later, he says he knew Vaidika would come and kneels in front of her saying “I love you”.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Angelk1

    The sharma are selfish, I hope Vaidika comes to see that. And dadi and deepak my god, their so selfish. Deepak is just greedy and dadi is just plain evil. What sahil did was extremely smart, but of course vaidika lecture him. But I think she cares for sahil and starts to have feelings. She’s just stubborn, I think Maya will be the one to make her say yes to his proposal.

  2. Oh dear! I knew this would happen.. Gautam’s wife and child had to be dead, that’s why he’s preparing to be Vedika’s knight in shining armor!! He’s damn single now….he’s going to be trouble. As for Deepak, he’s talking to his wife as if she’s s cattle and should be bred . Just reading it was hilarious,so sorry for Gauri. This Bari Amma, she’s so out of touch with her daughter’s plight, it’s sad. I have to admit that I’m surprised writers have BA fighting for Sahil’s place in the family’s business instead of desiring to have it all to herself…. that’s so wonderful of her, I don’t hate her that much now but time will tell….in the precap, I think Sahil is dreaming….

  3. Muniya

    Really nice one…
    It was quite clear about Gautam…as he has come with an intention to make Vaidika’s life happy…he has lost everyone in his life…taht’s why he didn’t answer to Vaidika’s mother when she asked him about his wife…when he arrived.
    But this lady..Bari Amma…such a heartless women who doesn’t even understand her own daughter.
    And also…really like Sahil and Karan’s frndship…Karan is really true frnd…helps him in everything.
    Although Vaidika slaps Sahil but later, she’ll surely think about his words which are correct….Precap is also amazing.
    Story is progressing fast.

  4. Wow… Nice episode. I think Gautham is lying and he is going to cause trouble between Vedika and Sahil. Yes story is progressing very fast and Sahil is amazing.

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