Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puneesh-Nidhi plan to kill Yash

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Before Sahil could pull the trigger Vaidika reached the venue and moved Sahil’s hand up. The bullet was shot in the air. Puneesh fell back to the wall. She convinces Sahil that no one will be able to save Puneesh when his sin is proven in court. Sahil says he would buy everyone from the legal system. The revolver fell off, Puneesh holds the revolver and points it towards them now. He warns them to stay away and flee from there.
At Agarwal house, Deepak was worried and tells the family that Sahil may cause a harm to family. Prachi tells Deepak to speak well, after all Puneesh is his husband. Gauri was trying Sahil’s number but it went powered off. Sahil and Vaidika return home together. Deepak asks what happened. Sahil says he would have killed Puneesh, he was only luckily saved. Prachi

questions if he wasn’t ashamed, after all he is her husband. Sahil says he will find him anyway and get him punished.
There, Puneesh was thankful to Nidhi for giving him shelter into this house. If she continue abiding by him, he will keep her secret. Nidhi warns that if someone ever finds this child isn’t Sahil’s, she will get his hands handcuffed. Sahil shakes Nidhi’s hand and touches them inappropriately, Nidhi jerks them. Puneesh tells Nidhi to treat Vaidika before Sahil, they need to snatch her arm and remove Yash from the way. He has a plan about how to do it.
Nani was getting her manicure and head massage in the room. Prachi and Anjana come in the room. Anjana says she called them here for Bari Amma’s massage as doctor’s prescribed. Prachi orders the massage girls to go to Bari Amma, but Nani insults her for her ego and says since her son in law has a 51% share on everything, they will massage her first.
Vaidika asks Yash why he looks so worried. She is aware about his intention to come into this house, she is sorry to demand him to wait until Bari Amma gets better. He isn’t someone who would attack someone who isn’t capable of self-defense. Yash says he agreed and will wait for it, but if Vaidika is with him in his mission. She is helping and sorting problems of this family and its members, she is helping his enemies; she must decide whose side she is on. Sahil comes there and says he was already suspicious about some reason behind this engagement drama. He salute Yash for helping Vaidika in getting justice for Aarya. He just asked Vaidika whose side she was, she was, is and will always be on Sahil’s side. He asks Vaidika to end this drama and tries to pull off her engagement ring. Vaidika says the engagement isn’t a drama, Yash is really her husband. Sahil says they must get married then. Sahil calls his friend, a Pandit for the Mohrat. He makes a video call to the Pandit. The Pandit suggests a good date after fifteen days. Sahil asks Vaidika if they must confirm the marriage. Vaidika was silent. Sahil says Vaidika can’t do this, and tells the Pandit to cancel any wedding but Vaidika says wedding would take place after fifteen days.
There, Nani comes to Bari Amma’s room dancing. She congratulates Bari Amma about Yash and Vaidika’s marriage. She asks Bari Amma what she should wear in the wedding and opens her wardrobe, selecting a dress from Bari Amma’s collection. She also takes some jewelry from Bari Amma’s. Bari Amma thinks if Vaidika really marry Yash, Indranagar’s filth will become a part of Agarwal family. She can’t let Vaidika live in the house else Sahil’s craziness will continue to rise.
At night, Sahil comes across Yash in the corridor. He warns Yash to leave the house, he won’t let him snatch Vaidika from him. Yash says Sahil and his family is safe till now only because of Vaidika, he won’t leave him or his Bari Amma easily. When Yash has left, Sahil was determined not to let Yash marry Vaidika.
Nidhi mix a medicine in Yash’s dinner and thinks Yash would die after eating it. She thinks no one can win over Puneesh in being a bastard. The medicine bottle rolls over the floor while Nidhi runs to a hiding. Yash comes to the dinner table. Vaidika comes to the dining room. Nidhi thinks Vaidika would now see Yash die in front of her eyes. The medicine bottle roll to Vaidika’s feet. There, Yash gets a call while he was about to begin the call. Nidhi wished to see Yash die and Vaidika go to jail as she served the food. Vaidika holds the bottle and was shocked to read ‘Poison’ on it. Yash had just taken a bite that chocked into his neck. She hurries towards Yash who fell off the chair, floss came out of his mouth.

PRECAP: Vaidika says she would find the person who tried to poison her fiancé. Nani blames Bari Amma who must have paid some servant to get Yash’s food poisoned. Vaidika forces Bari Amma to tell the truth to family that she is fine and is only doing a drama of being paralyzed else she will push her off the stairs. She had moved her wheel chair at the verge of stair case. Bari Amma stands up and slaps Vaidika before Sahil helps her back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. That Nidhi is such a b*t*ch… She and Puneesh A right pair. I hate them.???

    Episode was ok. Nani makes me laugh. Sometime she is a little bit cruel with her words.but it’s entertaining. Precap look good. Hope Vedika does not blame Sahil about the poisoning of Yash.

  2. Conveniently they’ll drop the gun near that lizard so that he can escape..ufff..
    The baby secret will remain a secret only when that b*t*h Nidhi knows about it..but now that lizard is also involved and Deepak already has doubts on her.. so definitely the secret wud be out soon..
    Killing Yash was a very big move.. poor soul.. vedhika will save him too obviously..
    BA even in this condition is vengeful of vedhika.. but she’ll try to get ok soon with her help.. I think mebbe vedhika wanted d other family members to realise that BA is capable of movement (rmbr slapping that lizard)
    That stupid Prachi too definitely deserves a hard slap..

  3. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    That Nidhi is such a critical minded girl….and that Puneesh…hope Sahil would hv kill him.
    Precap is good…

  4. Even in this unfortunate state in which BA is in, her vengeful mind is so ungrateful. I’ve always said that I don’t know whether I should hate Deepak or not…he’s the devil’s advocate and I’m counting on him to crack the case of the Nidhi’s baby mistaken conception and hand it over to BA, just to show her how wrong she is in judging the characters of women….as usual, I just love Nani..who’s the exact opposite to her serious and stoic daughter…. friends, this isn’t funny, there’s a jewelry store in my country named…Deepak and sons jewelry!!! What a coincidence..??

  5. …and ohh yes, Nidhi and Puneesh make a perfect couple ….

  6. I think that Yash will do a 180 degree turn, now that Nidhi and Puneesh is a plotting a plan to take him down and his wrath will bring down Nidhi…after all, he has so much dirt on her. She has balls, to tangle with Yash even though she’s made a bad deal with him..she feels she is young and strong and would get away with her devious deeds…I await her ruination.

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