Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash takes over Agarwal’s house

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Vaidika asks Aarya what’s so special. Sahil says she is special. Before Vaidika could speak, he plays a slideshow about Vaidika. He tells Vaidika she is special, everyone’s life change when she is around. His family might not agree but she made his family’s life better, from saving Gauri’s pregnancy to sitting in pooja for his mother, she treated Bari Amma’s paralysis, she unveiled Nidhi and Puneesh and got Shruti married. He wonders why his family is still not thankful. Vaidika tries to stop him. Sahil says he wants to confess today that it’s because of her that he got a reason to live. He takes a ring from his pocket and kneels in front of Vaidika proposing her for marriage in front of his family. Aarya and Gauri were happy. Bari Amma asks Sahil if he has gone insane and wants to destroy

himself for this cunning girl. Sahil says no power can undo their love story. Yash comes into the hall and calls the police inside along with the law team. He tells the lawyer to show to them that he owns this house now, Bimla and her family’s stay here is illegal. Vaidika tries to stop Yash but he was furious and says he has dealt enough with her favors for Agarwals, now he will deal with them.
He comes to Bari Amma and says more than half of her shares were already named after him; rest were bought by his lawyers and named after him. He warns Bari Amma already that she and her family would suffer the way his mother did. The police arrest the Agarwals. Vaidika tries to resist and asks why Yash is punishing the whole family for sins of Bari Amma. Nani holds Vaidika back and doesn’t let her help. Vaidika holds Sahil’s hands promising to do something. Sahil was sure she won’t let him and his family any harm. The police drags him outside with the family. The media photographs the Agarwals, their disgrace was reported. Vaidika’s name was also involved as being Sahil’s opponent. Prachi fills Bari Amma’s ears that they have to bear disgrace in hands of this Vaidika each time. Sahil replies to the media that his love story with Vaidika would soon be accomplished, and the world would witness it.
Vaidika comes to Yash and questions why he did this. She complains that she was on his side because he wanted to revenge the sins of Bari Amma. He didn’t present any proof as well, even his mother wouldn’t want this. Yash was enraged. He says it was difficult for him to stay in the house with Bari Amma, he wanted to revenge for his mother’s but was silent for days. Vaidika insists why he did all the harm to whole family, they are already suffering a lot; Gauri is pregnant and Prachi is already upset… Yash stops her to count their sufferings. He reminds Vaidika that this family always insults her. Vaidika questions is it humane that she harms them for her insult. Yash says the more she stops today, the more he would tease the Agarwals now. Vaidika was in a disbelief at his change, she clarifies that he can’t even stop her from helping them. She can’t let them suffer. Yash was unable to stop Vaidika and damages all the decorations. Yash was determined to make Agarwals and Sahil suffer.
Sahil arrange benches for Gauri on the street. Karan comes there. Everyone was angry. Karan asks them to come to his house, its small but they can manage there. Shruti insists on Sahil to go, but Sahil tells Karan to leave as they don’t want Karan’s help. Karan explains he wanted to tell them and is guilty, but Nidhi deterred to kill the child. Sahil shouts that he doesn’t want Karan’s help and pushes him away. Karan looks towards Shruti who felt bad for Karan. Karan leaves in tears. Vaidika reach there. Sahil complains about Yash for occupying their house. Vaidika says she isn’t fearful of anyone. Vaidika brings the keys of her house for Sahil and asks how he forgot about it, he came there are a tenant first and then half owner. She gives him the keys to take his family there. Sahil hugs Vaidika and thanks her for her efforts whenever his family is in trouble. He asks Vaidika’s reply, he says he would solve these matters and will return to her for the reply. Vaidika tells him to take everyone home now. Vaidika thinks Yash has done wrong, it’s not right to put someone in trouble. She prays they get some peace in her house.
Deepak says only this was left for them to face. Prachi complains this house is small. Deepak decides to shake hands with Yash. Sahil says they have no option but to live here, Gauri is pregnant and he doesn’t want her to suffer. Nani comes there. Prachi asks if she would also stay here. Nani replies she has a whole palace to live. She tells them to stay in this yard because she has locked the doors of the room already. Sahil asks where they would live if she locks the room. Nani reminds them about their behaviors. Sahil interrupts Nani, he respects her but she shouldn’t cross her limits. Nani was boastful that it’s her daughter who helped him, he isn’t anyone to question her. Sahil reminds Nani that he owns half of this house. Nani allows him to live in the upper portion, mosquitoes will sing lullaby to them. Sahil takes everyone upstairs.
The next morning, Sahil stood in front of the temple and complains that he and Vaidika are always parted. He prays for the safety of his family. Bari Amma comes inside and says she has asked every friend for help but no one is ready to help. One knows about the true face of others when in need. Sahil asks Bari Amma why Yash is doing all this, if she is hiding something from him. Bari Amma hurries to go to Gauri. Sahil wonders if Bari Amma is hiding something from him.

PRECAP: Vaidika accepts Sahil’s love, they were about to marry. Bari Amma was determined to turn this into a dream. The lights of mandap goes off, Vaidika has to step back from Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Muniya

    Why everything goes down and against Sadika when they come close to eachother???? Why is everyone against them???
    Episode was good as Sadika showed trust and care for eachother in crucial point???
    But this bari amma…will she never change??…won’t ever accept defeat?…even when in such situation?
    Nothing to say about Yash…but didn’t like Vedika’s mother today.
    Precap is breath taking…

  2. Yash is right in his own way… I think Sahil himself will find out the truth and help Yash as a bro. He will prove BA that she’s wrong in snatching away Yash’s rights..
    Is vedhika gonna marry Yash to save Sahil’s family? Will Yash put forth such a condition to hurt Sahil??

    1. Agree with you Dolly.. Sahil being so kind hearted will do the decent thing and give Yash his share when the truth about BA is revealed.

  3. Yash has finally show is true colour. I am disappointed in Nani. As for BA she is such an arrogant b**ch. does not care for the happiness of her children. Prachi takes after her mother.. very nasty person. My heart goes out to Sadika, how much more obstacle will they have to endure. Look likes the wedding is not going to happen…☹️☹️. Shahil never gives up. I like his determination

  4. Nani has disappointed me too Pooja…. I know that she’s funny but she was so classless in her crazy behavior, how dare she speak to Sahil in that manner? I certainly don’t appreciate it…at all….and Sahil does try to not disrespect her and has maintained his control after hearing her speak so brashly…and it’s not the first time either. Now im thinking that its high time Sadika marries and let them work out their relationship with the family and in their own personal matters, but I wonder if Yash will pressure Vedika to marry him instead, he has said that he’s fallen in love with her. I also think that sometime very soon, Sahil and Yash will mend their fences and Sahil will realize that BA has been unjustified in ber treatment of Yash…one thing I don’t understand about BA, she is approximately 6 yrs older than her husband but she has a problem with Vedika being older than Sahil, ain’t she being hypocritical?? Anyways…i really wish Sadika tie the knot very soon, im almost breathless in waiting to see then as a married couple…I could just imagine Sahil as a hot husband and I know he will be..???????????????

  5. Ya guys I dint like Nani speaking that way with Sahil.. how can she speak to him like that?? I dint like her yesterday..??
    And definitely Sahil will stand for what is right even if it means that he dislikes Yash..

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