Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika nominates Sahil as Aarya’s guardian

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Vaidika insists that when she woke up after delivery Sadika was there in the cot. Sadika is her daughter. She says if Sadika isn’t her daughter then where are her parents. Maya calms Vaidika down and says may be someone didn’t come looking for Sadika because they are unaware where she is.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma appreciates her daughters in front of Puneesh. Puneesh warns Bari Amma against Sahil, if she becomes the owner they would again come on roads as beggars. He can still resolve the matter if Bari Amma allows. He thinks Bari Amma must give some consent, she might die in five or ten years but they will have to suffer in long run. Bari Amma says they need to be very conscious, Sahil is emotional about Vaidika. They must do something that Vaidika herself deny nominating Sahil

as Aarya’s guardian. She says she knows well what she needs to do.
At Vaidika’s old house, Vaidika considers it hospital’s mistake. She turns towards the main door where Sahil stood. She recalls about last night when Sahil came here drunk. Sahil asks Vaidika to sign the file, he wish to be legal guardian of Aarya and she holds a right over everything just as Ved has. Vaidika tells Sahil she is 21 years old and can create relation with anyone she wish to. She lives with Sahil. Sahil says it was necessary that Vaidika hadn’t left her five years ago. Vaidika recalls fighting away the police and goons at that time. Sahil says right now he is thinking about Aarya, and decide whom she lives with. He calls her a grave criminal. Vaidika asks about her crime. Sahil wasn’t ready to get hurt by mentioning them again. He asks Vaidika to sign the papers, so that he can build his daughter’s life. As a father, he doesn’t trust Vaidika who is a selfish mother. He doesn’t want anyone to question his relation with Aarya and he can’t trust Vaidika. Vaidika thinks Sahil has a huge heart who takes care of his daughter and mother although he hates her. Vaidika signs the file. Sahil turns to leave but her sleeve was stuck with Vaidika’s saree. He was badly hurt and removes his hand with a jerk. Vaidika cries as he walks away. Someone throws a note wrapped in a stone, it was a warning that if Vaidika signs any papers with Sahil Aarya won’t be safe anymore even in Agarwal house. Vaidika was worried.
It was night. Vaidika stood in front of temple and wonders why her motherhood is tested for her lifetime. She decides not to tell Sahil about this deterrence but she won’t let him stop her from protecting her daughter. She will now do what she never wished do. It’s now the fight of a mother.
Aarya comes downstairs. She watch Puneesh introducing Sushant to Bari Amma as his nephew. She recalls he was the guy she had been involved with. Prachi offers Sushant something to drink, he asks for coffee. Bari Amma insists he must not leaving without dinner. Everyone leave Sushant in the hall.
Aarya comes downstairs and asks Sushant since when he has started to speak to Puneesh. He claimed to hate him. Sushant assures Aarya that he hates her even more than Aarya. Aarya says she has decided to tell Sahil about them, but if he doesn’t approve of their relation then they will only stay as good friends.
Bhoomi and Ved danced in the room. Sahil comes to the room. Bhoomi thinks about Vaidika’s words calling her family as beautiful and perfect. Ved jumps to Sahil and offers him to dance with them. Ved changes the song from ‘Chanda Chamkey’ to Sahil’s favorite. He gives Bhoomi’s hand in his. He smiles watching Sahil and Bhoomi dance with each other. They smile towards each other formally, Bhoomi staring into his eyes with a sparkle. Ved runs away from the room. Bhoomi explains to Sahil she tried but failed, she has fallen in love with him. I love you Sahil! Sahil was shocked to hear this. Bhoomi says she knows Sahil would never love anyone else, but when Vaidika suddenly left there was a hope that may be she will win his love. It’s alright, he shouldn’t stop her from loving him. She is his wife and Ved’s mother, that’s her place in his life. She would never demand anything more than this. She was tired of hiding this truth from him and even herself. Tears fell off her eyes, she holds Sahil’s hand and says he must always remember that Bhoomi loved him like his type, and will continue to do.
Gauri was crying while she returned. She recalls how Manish just promised in the car that he wants to get her rid of all her sufferings and they had kissed in the car.
In the morning, Vaidika comes to Agarwal house. Bari Amma was shocked to see Vaidika and recalls replacing Ved with a dead child in hospital.

PRECAP: Bhoomi and Agarwals were tensed at Sahil and Vaidika’s increasing closeness. Sahil forbids Vaidika to live here but Vaidika confronts him in the matter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So ,Bhoomi has confessed her love forSahil…and I am happy that she stopped there only…no emotional drama ,and no histrionics …She knows very well thst Sahil can not love anyone else other than Vedika and wants to be contended with just being his wife and Ved’s mother and nothing else…poor thing….does n’t she know that both Sahil and Ved are not hers. And they are just a temporary phase in her life….But it is quite clear from this scene that her love for Sahil is as strong as his for Vedika and like him, ,Bhoomi can never think of anyone else in her life..We don’t know how the writers will shape up her destiny but I hope it wouldn’t be a life of loneliness…She is too lovely and lively for that…
    I think Vedika’s return to Agarwal house will be the beginning of a shift in relationships….like Sahil and Ved getting closer to Vedika ,and Sadika to Gauri snd Deepak,Bhoomi feeling jealous of Vedika etc.. I hope Bhoomi’s character won’t be degraded and she should be allowed to exit gracefully..
    The spoilers suggest the entry of new female antagonist Jazz Sodhi ….there are already plenty who ,even after the leap are continuing ….why this new addition..????

  2. Naz,I have decided to talk to Siddharth this weekend…no ,I don’t think it would affect our friendship…yes,he might feel bad as I was Radha’s best friend but he knows that I am Radhika’s too …Leaving aside the close resemblance between the real and reel life,I am trying to analyse my own feelings for Bhoomi…As you know about me,I hate to see a third person entering the lives of a couple who love/ loved each other passionately…how we hated Naina for becoming the love interest of Raja and how we despiced him for giving Rani’s place to her…If I look back at Naina’s character,except for being a look alike of Rani ,childish ,immature and blabbering type,there was nothing much wrong with her….But I remember closing my eyes during their close scenes…..just intolerable… it is not just Raja and Rani …any couple in love like .Prem and Teja,….Vivaan and Meera ,i simply hate to see anyone ,either male or female ,meddling in their lives…What I am confused about is why I don’t feel the same about Bhoomi…is it because of the fact that Vedika has not responded to Sahil’s love like Rani or Teja did…is it because that it is not a typical love story between two young people……or is Bhoomi’s character really that special and loveable and she is not a typical antagonist or is it more because of her close resemblance to Radhika. …even now I don’t want to see Sahil moving away from Vedika …that will be an insult to the very word ‘love’,but I don’t want Bhoomi to be unhappy either….But how is this possible?????? I do hope the writers come out with a brilliant and out of box solution to unite Sahil and Vedika without hurting Bhoomi…

    1. You know why we have accepted Bhoomi even though she is the third person in the relationship? It’s because she’s a likeable character if she was an antagonist we wouldn’t want her around Sahil at all and try as I could even though Vedika has fallen in grace somewhat, I still want to see her with Sahil, they are an amazing couple, chemistry to kill😍😍..if the writers didn’t create so many unfortunate choices for her, she and Sahil’s life would have been rosy till the end. Vedika coming back into the house is definitely going to bring many moments between this couple and Bhoomi is going to be hurt at the end of the day. We don’t know how Bhoomi’s character will change if at all but if she does change negatively , then we wouldn’t be thinking about her the way we are now because by then the writers would have created better scenes for Vedika and we would accept her for being human, mistakes and all…

    2. Lakshmi, I’m glad I’m not in your shoes right now. During the upcoming weekend, I’m going to wonder whether you get the chance to speak to him, get through to him or even get him to understand your perspective. Good luck with your intended attempt…i think it would be wise to speak to him alone, Radhika alone and then with both of them together, do it this way, it’s how the psychologist does it. I’m reminiscing with you now, we indeed had a huge problem when Naina was paired with Raja, even though it’s the same actress doing the role, we couldn’t deal with this “other woman ” in Raja’s life. At times, we were at the receiving end of those who couldn’t understand why we didn’t like Naina and they failed to see the connection we had with the character, not the actress, who are separate with the characteristics which were epitomized. Without similarities, Bhoomi is a character with a different angle…she’s a new love interest for Sahil but the difference is that Sahil doesn’t want a romantic relationship with Bhoomi, he’s committed to Vedika despite the years spent away from her, although Raja resisted Naina’s overtures and her appearance in his life, he realized he had to move on in life, Rani was dead but if a different actress was doing Naina’s role, we would have been able to accept Raja moving on but Eisha being there reminded us daily of who we had lost…. Naina being the exact replica of Rani…. Back to the topic at hand, I’m happy Vedika is back in the house, we’ll get to see much more of this amazing couple… And oh yes, her being there is a blessing in disguise, Deepak is going to be face to face with his daughter, let’s see how he handles this, I think he’s going to reveal his deeds, remember..nothing stays hidden for long in this serial…

  3. Ladies.. I think Bhoomi should unite Sahil and Vedika and come clean about Ved and expose BA. She also know that Vetika loved Sahil and if it was not for BA cunning plan with Anjana she would have been married to Sahil as she finally accepted his love and proposal.

    Vedika moving back in the house is the best thing and we might get to see some sadika moments. Deepak is going to struggle seeing his daughter and I feel he will become attach to Sadika. Gauri will leave him and he might blurt it all out to stop her from leaving. I wonder if they could have the CCTV where BA snatch. Ved. I know this is a long shot 🙄🙄

    Love the precap..

    1. You do know how to give me hope… I also wish the same thing happen….

  4. Couldn’t watch any epi from last week…hope to watch all the epis in one go.
    I hope pooja is right…it will be good if that happen.

  5. Nina

    Poor Bhoomi adores Ved and Sahil. Now she is in a same difficult situation as Sahil. He broke her heart while Vedika had broken Sahil’s heart. Five years ago Bhoomi faced a complex decision whose consequences might last for years or even decades.

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