Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nidhi attempts to kill Bari Amma

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Bari Amma opens her eyes in Vaidika’s house. Sahil was rubbing her and while Vaidika rubbed an ointment over her forehead. She pushes Vaidika away. Nani curtly speaks that after all she came here for all this care and serving. Sahil questions why Bari Amma was driving alone. Bari Amma was worried because of Yash, she says she is only worried for her business in future. Sahil asks why she is thinking about all this. Bari Amma says it’s been for many days now, she shares with Sahil she is going to suggest his name for MD in the golden jubilee celebration of her business. She feels helpless as Sahil doesn’t support her with business. Sahil was uninterested and says she can make Deepak an heir. Nidhi considers him a fool who would spoil all her plans as well. Bari Amma tries to stand up, Vaidika

comes for support but Bari Amma pushes her away. Sahil tells her to respectful to his wife. Bari Amma says he cares for everyone except her, he will accept everything once she dies. Nidhi likes the idea. Sahil takes Bari Amma outside.
Nani comes to Vaidika in kitchen and asks why she even allowed that Bari Amma into the house. She doesn’t want any more disgrace for Vaidika in the hand of that family. Vaidika says she did this for humanity’s cause, she doesn’t compel her to do the same. Nani says she will clarify to Sahil that he shouldn’t bring any of his family member here anymore. Vaidika pours her a glass of water to calm her. She says half of this house belongs to Sahil, how she can stop him then. Nani was helpless about her.
In her room, Aarya was angry over Vaidika for not allowing her to party. Nidhi walks in and convinces Aarya to get ready and go to party, she will handle the rest of matter here. Aarya was confused, but Nidhi says mothers of Vaidika’s age never understand what their daughters want. She will handle Vaidika here and she won’t know Aarya went to the party. After Aarya was ready to leave through the window, Nidhi says she must now create a drama out of the matter.
Yash makes a call to inquire about the new order of Raichand that Agarwal family won. It was a one crore order of eight sets, Yash tells his secretary to quote these sets for 85 lacs only. His secretary suggests the Agarwal’s quotation might only be a rumor. Yash says it’s a culprit in the family who gave him the news, he has to take most out of him to destroy Agarwal family.
Vaidika comes outside Aarya’s room, she says she was much angry over Aarya. After all she is a child. As she walks to speak to Aarya, Nidhi was hopeful Aarya won’t be there. To Nidhi’s disappointment, Aarya opens the door for Vaidika. Vaidika convinces Aarya that she won’t stop her from parties when she is old enough, but right now she is young. She promises to take Aarya to her favorite dhaba tomorrow. Aarya smiles. After Vaidika has left, Nidhi comes to Aarya’s room. Aarya tells Nidhi she can’t disobey her mother. Nidhi shows off an appreciation towards Aarya’s decision but leaves the room curtly. Later, Nidhi’s mother was annoyed with her for such a devilish plan. Nidhi hears the approaching steps of someone, and pours oil on stairs. Bari Amma was walking towards the stairs lost in her own thoughts. Nidhi recalls from Vaidika’s house, Bari Amma said Sahil would agree to everything once she has died. She thinks Bari Amma must sacrifice her life for her to get the property.
Vaidika prays in her house temple for Bari Amma as she could sense she was in some trouble.
Bari Amma takes the first step on stairs with a lost mind. Nidhi walks behind her and cautiously pushes her down the stairs. Bari Amma’s head badly hits the stair case while she rolls down on floor. Nidhi smirks watching this from upstairs. Sahil had just entered the house and runs towards her.

PRECAP: Vaidika prays for Bari Amma’s life. Nidhi’s mother shot her with a bullet to Vaidika while Bari Amma regain her breathes at home.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Well done Aarya. Your mother taught you well. What a waste of space this Nidhi is?.she is sick in the head!!! I am not too sure about this new twist. I think Puneet is the one giving information to Yash. Precap is disturbing.. Vedika being shot.. ?. Sahil got a lot on his plate to deal with …

    1. I agree with your comment Pooja.. I’m happy that Nidhi’s plan went down. Soon, Bari Aama will have to beg Vedika to keep her darling son close to her for safekeeping. I did say before that Sahil doesn’t care about wealth he believes Vedika is his and with her by his side, he will survive and today we see he doesn’t care to own the family’s fortune at all… What a man!!! And that sharp tongue…awesome.

    2. When I see Puneet, he reminds me of a slithering snake…figuratively and literally speaking…

  2. Muniya

    I loved Aarya….that crap Nidhi failed in her attempt.
    Looks like..Yash is closely related to Agarwals…Like…Bari Amma’s step son?…May be Punees is helping Yash.
    And I don’t know why I’m liking Bari Amma’s helpless face…she is a very good actress…I love her dress up and make up…she looks good.
    But Precap is very mush horrifying…

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