Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil makes arrangement to propose Vaidika

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In the room, Vaidika tells Yash that his life was all disturbed because of her, even Chambeli betrayed him. She assures they will continue the drama of engagement. Yash wish it was true, he has fallen in love with her. Vaidika asks if he could find something about Bari Amma? Yash says not yet, he would soon find something. Nani calls Vaidika who leave. Sahil comes in and calls Yash’s plan as fake, like his love for Vaidika. Yash calls Sahil’s love as childish who brought a fake Vaidika into the house. Sahil warns he would disclose Yash’s reality like he unveiled Nidhi soon. He was sure it was only Chambeli ready to marry Yash, Vaidika would never do this.
Vaidika comes to the kitchen. Shruti left the milk boiling on the stove and was lost. She comes to save Shruti from being burnt. Shruti

says there is nothing right in her life already. Vaidika convince Shruti that Karan isn’t a bad person, what he did was a mistake and he regrets it. Nidhi surely must have trapped Karan. But he isn’t bad at heart. She convince Shruti that Karan married her knowing all her faults, can’t she accept him knowing the reality of his sins. Shruti says she will try to, but Vaidika insists she must do it to save her marriage.
Aarya comes to Vaidika’s room with a dress for her. She tells her its something special, and Vaidika must wear the dress.Vaidika asks Aarya why she insists on her to wear this saree. Aarya complains Vaidika has returned after long, can’t she do this to her. Vaidika agrees to wear the dress. Aarya thinks no one can stop Sahil from proposing Vaidika.
Yash instructs the goons and thinks he doesn’t care about Sahil’s one sided love or Vaidika’s care for his family.
Yash finds a photo of his parent’s marriage. He was happy that he found a proof against Bimla Agarwal from behind Sahil’s photo. Bari Amma comes in and burns the photo using pooja thaal. She says even God is with her, she had destroyed all the proofs already. Only this one is left. She says its time for Yash to leave the house just like his mother Leela had to leave the house years ago. Yash will soon lose the legacy and property of his father. Yash warns Bari Amma tonight will be the beginning of her the end. He tells her to note the date, she would never forget this date. After he has walked out, Bari Amma was boastful of her powers.
Prachi brings Bari Amma to the hall and shows her all the romantic arrangements and decorations Sahil made. Sahil calls Prachi’s thinking as old time, this arrangement is for the one arriving soon. Deepak and others gather around and questions why Sahil called them all. Sahil tells them to chill. Everyone turns to see Vaidika come downstairs, ready in a saree with her hair left lose. Sahil walks towards her while she looks around towards the arrangements. Vaidika asks Aarya what this all is? What’s so special about it? The family awaited a reply. Vaidika looks towards Sahil.

PRECAP: Vaidika would accept Sahil’s marriage proposal but Bari Amma wasn’t ready to let this happen. On the wedding mandap, the lights go off and Vaidika steps away from Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    I like when Sahil quits his a tiny bit childish behavior. In last scene he was affectionately looking at Vedika. I felt somewhat elated, because, it seems after much persistence a situation has yielded favorable results.

    1. Very true… When Sahil is not being playful, he’s one hot intense man, especially when he’s looking at Vedika or getting up close and personal and I love him tremendously like this…and I’m so starved for Sadika’s moments, that anything we get even in dream sequence, is welcome. Nina, I saw a video on this serial at it’s launch and Karan did say that the creative team fashioned Sahil’s character as a mischievous but loving character and he was selected because of that, so my guess is that he has this personality, that’s why he slips in and out of the character so effortlessly he’s perfect persona for Sahil’s role. Thank goodness we have Karan Jotwani, can’t imagine anyone else in this role. ????

      1. Nina

        I agree with you. Karan is the startling discovery for me. He is handsome, stylish and very good actor.

  2. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    Sahil knows Vedika’s fake engagement…really good.
    Sahil and Aarya’s relation is precious…loved it.
    Vedika is gorgeous in her plain and simple look…
    And precap!!!

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