Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika to fulfil Yash’s last wish

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Vaidika was worried why this happens to her. Yash had woken up and says he knows he has cancer. He came to know this after a few days of marriage, he was afraid Vaidika might go away from him. His childhood was ruined because his father fell for another lady, his mother died when he was still young, sister was snatched in an accident. After his marriage Vaidika’s lover didn’t let them live peacefully, this cancer might prove a blessing for him. Vaidika assures Yash there is always a ray of hope whenever there is darkness. Cancer is treatable and they can do something to get him out of this problem. Yash requests Vaidika for something he wish before dying, a child of their own. Vaidika was shocked to hear this. Yash says he has no relation in his life, he only wish there is someone who remembers

him in the world. His child would be lucky to have a mother like Vaidika.
Bhoomi drives the car to reach Vaidika. Sahil lay in the car unconscious.
The next morning, Vaidika and Yash meet the doctor. The doctor says cancer has a lot of side effects, he might not be able to bear a child in life. They might try artificial insemination. Vaidika convinces Yash that she will bear that child, and his wife’s child will be his child. She thinks to herself that maybe this is the right way to bring Sahil out of her love and fate has brought her to such a turning for some good reason.
Sahil wakes up in the car and asks Bhoomi where he had been last night. Bhoomi tells him he was badly drunk, he seems crazy and shouldn’t do so. Sahil says it’s not deliberate and just happens. He looks around asking why they returned to Kanpur. Bhoomi says Vaidika and Yash have returned to Kanpur. Sahil cheers wondering if his wish for Yash came true, he prayed that Yash dies. He boasts about being crazy after Vaidika. Bhoomi calls Vaidika lucky to have him as a lover, she wish everyone gets a lover like him.
Vaidika was in her old house. She lights a candle in front of the temple. She prays for the courage to take such a step and fulfil the last wish of a dying person. What she is about to do will surely be painful for many people, she prays that Sahil gets the courage to move on in life. She turns around and finds Sahil standing at the door. He walks inside. Bhoomi also joins them in. Sahil says he was sure Vaidika hadn’t gone for a honeymoon, and it must be really boring even it was a honeymoon. Vaidika questions Bhoomi why she was on Sahil’s side in all his idioticity. Bhoomi convinces Vaidika this wasn’t craziness. She was angry and Sahil wanted to surprise her on their six month anniversary. Vaidika says she isn’t angry at Sahil, but no matter what happens he won’t behave childishly. He shall promise he will act mature in future. Sahil was furious over Yash and says he wish a man like him dies. Vaidika holds a hand to slap Sahil but doesn’t. Sahil says he loves Vaidika so dearly that he can even die for Vaidika. He says he can’t anymore bear Yash to hurt her, if he dies…. Vaidika warns Sahil not to say anything that makes him regret. She says there is a reason for everything she will do now; but with time he will realize she had valid reasons for each of her act. She requests Bhoomi not to let Sahil do anything crazy. She gets a call and leaves home. Sahil tries to follow her but Bhoomi convinces Sahil that Vaidika will share later on. Sahil was worried what if Vaidika takes a false decision. Bhoomi doesn’t let him go and requests Sahil to respect what she demanded. Sahil cries placing his shoulder over Bhoomi, then hurries outside the house.
On the bike Sahil thinks about Vaidika and fells off the bike. He rushes at the hospital to get himself bandaged. In the hospital corridor he hits Maya whose file fells off. He reads it was artificial insemination file. Maya introduces Sahil to her husband. He asks if they are trying for a child. Maya shares with Sahil they are trying for years now, but its not possible without a sperm donor. She is hopeless now and thinks there must be some angel to help them. She will pray for the donor heartily. Sahil wipes Maya’s tears and decides to be a sperm donor for them. Maya was shocked and confirms if he is sure? Sahil asks if she doesn’t want a s*xy, handsome, good looking and loving child. But he has a condition, that they will love the child dearly. Maya was elated. Sahil asks her to only wish that she gets Vaidika’s love in return. Vaidika had come to visit the same hospital. Sahil fulfils the formalities in the hospital. He asks the nurse if she believes one gets paid for all the good acts. The nurse replies positively. Sahil asks her to pray as well that his incomplete love story gets a way. The nurse recognizes him as the crazy lover from radio. She had seen his photos and wish Sahil’s love story completes. Sahil says his lover doesn’t accept his love and doesn’t understand him. Vaidika enters the room from behind and says Dr. Singh sent her, they need sperm donor and she needs to fill the form. Sahil turns around.

PRECAP: Yash fells off the stairs unconscious. Sahil drags Vaidika into his room and bolts the door from inside. Later, Yash and Sahil had a confrontation with each other. Vaidika comes to stop them and says she is expecting a child.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    So some mix up is going to happen and sahil will b d father of vaidika baby… atleast dats how d storyline is looking. Afterall y do dis storyline if u not gonna make sahil donate in d same hospital as vaidika donor and grt tings mixed up hmmmm

  2. Charmin Anderson

    Jesus Vedika is going to be impregnated by Sahil, yes, yes, yes can’t wait for sadika baby

  3. Bulshit she should tell yash the truth dat she loves sahil

  4. Nina

    Wow,it will be two little s*xy good looking romantic toddlers or Sahil’s copies. Good, let be plenty of Sahil which will teach the braking Vedikas true love.

    1. I agree with you..we are gonna have a baby and he or she should be in Sahil’s mould…two healthy babies should arrive instead of one, now that would be wonderful…and Vedika would get a heart attack knowing who the baby daddy really is but that’s after Yash is gone ,so he would be spared the heartache and Vedika would be wondering whether God is conspiring with the devil to bring her to Sahil…self righteous foolish woman.

  5. Okay..You know What? Tash deserves happiness. He went about it three of way but he does deserve to have a child by the woman he loves. Other shows we have seen has shown men being horrible to their wives …It’s what most Indian serials show so why should this be different? Sahil should just over because I don’t know how he’s gonna have a happy ending. Trust me…bhoomi is gonna be the next villain…Mark my words

  6. Muniya

    Vedika is real dumbo…can’t listen to her own heart…or doesn’t want to do so…also she is letting Bhoomi to come close to Sahil…
    She’ll only give Sahil tricky hints of something she’s gonna do but will never tell him clearly about it…that’s really bad.

  7. Vedika is completely insane.. talking to Sahil in riddles. She does not have the gut to admit her love for Sahil and now this pregnancy saga. This serial is very fast moving. I don’t think Vetika would tell Sahil that the baby is his… there will be more drama

    Honestly I wish Sahil would moved on. Writers please stop Sahil pain. I like to see the happy and fun loving Sahil again.

  8. Part of me feel that Yash is lying…. if he is then It will hit him in the gut as Vediha will have Sahil baby.,,

    1. I’m thinking the same thing Pooja…suppose Yash is lying…well, he can’t get Vedika to lie on the bed to conceive naturally so he might as well get his sperm in there somehow….you know what would be satisfying…to see a child with Sahil’s traits and somehow that child gravitate towards Sahil in spite of all Vedika’s efforts to separate them and if Yash is lying his liver out, well he should have more pain coming to him if he’s miraculously healed….he’d wish he really had pancreatic cancer..we all know how men with money can bribe…because Yash doesn’t look as a last stage cancer patient..my aunt passed away from cancer and it was in her last stage I saw her and she wasn’t fit like Yash is…you know these serials lack details and because I want Yash dead (he’s fictional), I’m excusing the last stages look of a true cancer patient as depicted here…

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