Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil throws a party for Vaidika

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Sahil stops Vaidika with the wall and asks why she is tensed, though their marriage wasn’t normal but their relation can be. He will irritate her, she would scold him. He will flirt with her, she will beat him. He would love her, and she will stay silent. This is how they will live normal life of Sahil and Vaidika. Both share an eye lock. Sahil now backs up to let Vaidika free and smiles towards her. Vaidika turns to leave. Sahil asks if she wants him to leave this place, but before that she must attend a party tonight. She asks which party. Sahil says she won’t come if he tells her. Vaidika agrees to come if he leaves then. Sahil says it’s only a celebration of his wedding. He deters to be a child if she doesn’t come.
At night, Sahil brings a blue dress for Vaidika. He shares with

her a visual in which she steps towards him as his bride. Vaidika asks when would his childishness end, she has her own dresses to wear. She looks into the wardrobe that was empty. Sahil says he is modern husband and wanted to serve her, so he sent them to dry cleaning.
Vaidika steps outside. Everyone from neighborhood had gathered for the party in dark. Sahil walks towards Vaidika to take her hand. The lights were on at once. Sahil comes to stand with Vaidika. Vaidika asks if he is happy as she came to his party and wore the dress he wanted her to wear. Sahil speaks to the guests now and says he wants to introduce them to someone very special for him. With a click of his finger a banner of Vaidika’s photos spread across the wall. Sahil introduces Vaidika as his wife to everyone. Vaidika was furious that these photos are fake. Sahil says he got them photoshoped. But at least she must not speak about a betrayal. He gets a photo session with Vaidika. Bari Amma arrives at the party. Sahil compliments her timings. He says this is the eldest of his family, today she came to bless him and Vaidika. He says he has got what he wanted today. The ladies there gossip about a mature lady marrying a young boy, they sense there is no sindoor or mangal sooter. Sahil goes to bring sindoor and throws it over the photo. Vaidika walks inside the house. Sahil tells Bari Amma that God filled her hairline, even universe is on his side. Sahil stops Vaidika inside. Vaidika questions why he is making a drama of her life. Sahil hushes her up and says he only wanted her to see his intention. He hands the sindoor box back to Vaidika and says one day she would come to request him fill her hairline. He won’t force her, he is only fighting his fate.
At Agarwal house, Anjana brings meal for Nidhi who was hungry since morning. Nidhi was upset and insists upon eating only with Sahil. Bari Amma and Prachi come in, she forbids Nidhi to stay hungry for that useless Sahil. Nidhi now eats from Anjana’s hand. Bari Amma was now angry at Prachi who suggested to marry Sahil. Gauri says she already forbid them marry Sahil against his will. Deepak was about to give a suggestion, Bari Amma says she knows well what she has to do now.
The next morning, Sahil prepares breakfast in the kitchen with his headphones on. Vaidika runs to the kitchen and asks why he is preparing non-veg in the kitchen, they are purely vegetarians. Sahil says he needs to eat proteins for his body. Vaidika tells him to go and throw it out of the house. Sahil carries the pan outside when Bari Amma enters. He asks why she came over now and inquires about lawyer. Bari Amma hands him the marriage certificate as she registered his marriage with Nidhi. Nidhi also comes inside to confront Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sahil is nowadays becoming a little naughty with vedhika and taking rights too.. cute to watch.. y can’t Sahil dissolve this marriage by saying that he was cheated by bride swapping. That way he can very well escape from that b*t*h Nidhi..

  2. Where is 30th March 2018 written update?

  3. What a way to make a statement on love! Thought unheard of in Indian serials, this does happen in real life. In my homeland, this is what we call a good dose of “tabanca”… Although Sahil is going overboard, I’m not angry with him at his actions, it’s so very hilarious the things he’s doing , but I know he’s trying to show Vedika how far he’ll go to get her… Hmm…. In my dreams, I’d love to have a man go to the extreme, within bounds, to sweep me off my feet, to the extent of which Sahil is trying to woo Vedika… I wish we can see an intense love between these two like the one which was shared between Raghav and Kalpana in Ek muthi aasman ??…i do see intensity though, when Sahil looks at Vedika…..I just don’t understand this Bari Aama, the more she tries to create rifts between these two, the more resistance wall Sahil erects…she just doesn’t
    learn. As for Nidhi, grrrrrrrr…she acts on my nerves grrrrrrrr….just dislike her to the core. Sahil doesn’t want her but she forcing him to accept her. Wretch…. but I ?????Sahil. I’m yet to see previous episode because the site I use is down at the moment but SONA just does a good job of the update, that I can actually visualize the episode… Thanks SONA….

  4. Muniya

    Loved Sahil?????????
    Vedika was looking so nice
    And this Nidhi is just….can’t tolerate her at all… disgusting????

  5. abhi bakwassssss ho raha bore kar rahe hai or bhi ………..

  6. Jaya Suriya Dheva

    interesting episode and I love shaika’s romance.
    Waiting for the proposal from Vedika…
    Vedika you are just rocking on the floor nd Shahil I love his choti choti emotions and expressesions.
    Overall Awesome story

    Readers pls support for the series.

    1. I agree about more support for this serial, it’s so lighthearted, puts a smile on my face and can’t help but fall in love with Sahil. Most of the serials are dark and depressing but this one with its drama is so entertaining with a character like Sahil and his relentless pursuit of Vedika is so cute, funny and romantic all rolled into one neat love package. I just love it.

  7. Charmin A Anderson

    Ek Muthi Aasman was one of my favorite serial, but i stopped watching when they unjustly replaced Kalpana. I really can’t stand Nidhi

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