Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika slaps Nidhi

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Chambeli sat with Yash in the mandap. Nidhi wish this marriage drama ends sooner. She was happy that Sahil brought a fake Vaidika. The Pandit asks the couple to stand for wedding circles. Nani tells Aarya to distribute flowers, everyone would sprinkle them over the new couple. Chambeli smiles thinking her life will soon change. Sahil calls from outside to stop. He enters the house with a bleeding face, Vaidika walks behind him. Everyone was shocked to see Vaidika. Bari Amma questions who is the girl in mandap then? Nani hurries to hug Vaidika. Aarya also breaks into a cry. Vaidika cries hugging them. Yash questions Chambeli who is she. Nidhi comes to question who she, the look alike of Vaidika is. She orders her to leave the house. Bari Amma silence Nidhi and questions Sahil what’s this, and

who is the girl in mandap. Sahil says this girl is Chambeli, he brought her into the house. Bari Amma asks why? Sahil says he wanted to know the truth. He knew someone from the house was involved in Vaidika’s kidnap. He stood in front of Nidhi and asks if they want to know who that person is. Bari Amma asks for the name. Vaidika says its Nidhi. Sahil blames Nidhi tried to kill Vaidika.
Vaidika slaps Nidhi and warns she has no way to save herself. Bari Amma says she could never believe a daughter in law of Agarwals can fall so cheap. Sahil questions Nidhi why she wanted to kill Vaidika. Nidhi instead begins to clap. Chambeli smiles that this is a new drama of Nidhi, or she has fallen crazy. Bari Amma moves forward to slap Nidhi but she resists holding her hand in midair. Sahil tries to drag Nidhi outside the house. Nidhi forbids him touch her, else they would have to regret. She calls her mother to bring the gift she has brought for them. Vaidika asks what this new drama is, no one can save her. Nidhi removes the veil, it was Gauri with a bomb tied to her belly. Everyone was shocked. Nidhi warns them to stay behind. Deepak says Gauri bears his child, he can’t sacrifice his child for Sahil and Nidhi. Nidhi tells Deepak that it seems he can never be a father. Nidhi says it’s all Sahil’s mistake, he always want to save Vaidika and this time she already knew they had left safely. Chambeli thinks about leaving but Nidhi warns her not to move. Vaidika doesn’t let Sahil move towards Nidhi. Nidhi confess doing everything intentionally. She says it all began with Vaidika. Vaidika came between her childhood love and friendship and snatched Sahil from her. She confess that her sins don’t end here, Sahil isn’t the father to the child she bears. Karan is the father of her child. She blames Vaidika for all this. She couldn’t bear that Sahil didn’t own her after marriage, she was drunk and fell into Karan’s arms. She asks how Vaidika could have known this, she belongs to the generation who must have spent their wedding night in dark as well. Sahil shouts at Nidhi, but she says Karan is also equally responsible. She also confesses she sold the company’s shares to Yash and forcefully got Bari Amma’s finger prints on the papers when she was paralyzed. She accepts being responsible of pushing her down the stairs. Vaidika doesn’t let Sahil move on. Nidhi says she enjoyed the most when Sahil brought Chambeli to Agarwal house but she gained her side. She says if Sahil hadn’t still left to save his lover, his family must not be in such a problem.
The timer on the bomb of Gauri ran short of time. Vaidika regretted marrying Sahil to her. She questions what Nidhi wants? Nidhi demands they name all the property after her. She presents the papers that were ready, they state that Nidhi won’t be accused at all and will own the property. She wants the signatures of Bari Amma, Sahil and Yash over them. Vaidika requests power from Devi Maa. Nidhi says if Vaidika hadn’t come into her life things must not have reached to such a point. Vaidika takes the file and speaks to Bari Amma that this is all wrong, she is being snatched of her right. She convinces Bari Amma that she can face anything if her family is with her, money can be earned again. Yash says he won’t let Nidhi snatch his right, he won’t sign. Nidhi warns everyone would die because of him then. Vaidika requests Yash to save everyone. Gauri was badly crying. Yash agrees. Nidhi places a timer of thirty seconds. Vaidika brings a pen and get the papers signed. Nidhi snatches the papers, turns the timer off then leaves Agarwal house locking the door from outside.

PRECAP: Agarwals stop Nidhi’s car. Vaidika slaps Nidhi on her face. Nidhi asks if everyone has gone insane after losing money. Yash questions which property, and which money did they lose? Nidhi was shocked to see inside the file.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Friends… Today’s episode divulged so many secrets that it’s like how a story ends but this is why we love this serial, it’s fast paced and full of good drama. What do you all think will happen to Nidhi now? She spilled all her guts out, what more is left for her other than going to jail… Hopefully Yash will get closer to the family though I doubt it because now BA will have to tango with Yash concerning property, who knows…maybe we will see Yash dad entering the picture, after all, BA still sports her sindoor…. And, I’m ecstatic that Vedika is back for good and I’m dying inside to see so Sadika moments ?????????…and I forgot to mention that Sahil looks handsome in anything he wears, even if he was a poor man, he’d still look stupendously fabulous ?????????

  2. precap was great cant wait to see monday episode!!

  3. I hope somebody had called the police to arrest nidhi and her mother!

  4. Today’s episode was fast. I wonder what will happen to Karan??? Naz I longed for some Sadika moments too. It will be nice to see some happy scenes of Sadika.?????

    BA husband will make an appearance at some points she will need to be exposed as well, may be them Yash will soften up.

  5. Ha ha…I expected it when vedhika took that pen.. how come they have invisible ink pens handy at home?
    Again vedhika will be seen supporting Yash and we’ll have our secret Sadhika moments too.. but mebbe there will be a twist.. vedhika will fall in love too with Sahil and be a little more expressive.. I wish such things happen..
    What will Sahil do to Karan now..and what will happen to the baby? How will that b*t*h Nidhi keep it safe??

  6. Vaidika is so stupid. Do you think that Nidhi who loves herself so much would activate the bomb whilst she is still there and get herself killed as well ??

  7. Muniya

    Amazing episode…though had to deal with Nidhi’s drama only…still it was good.
    And I must say…Shaily is brilliant actress…her expressions are so good…she portrays her character very well…that’s bcz we can hate Nidhi’s character so much…like hell.
    This episode revealed almost every mystery going on for long…but we won’t get rid of Nidhi and her dramas so soon…for sure.
    Agarwal’s fault…they should hv think…If Nidhi blasts the bomb…she herself will also be finished…but she, being selfish…won’t let that happen…ever…still imotional attyachar is also a point.
    And precap…I couldn’t watch it yet…but seems very interesting.

  8. Nidhi should have exposed that lizard puneesh too.. then he will never have any entry into the Agarwal’s residence even in the future..

  9. I would like to believe that there aren’t any more nails for Nidhi to seal her coffin with… I feel for Shruti most of all, now she has to deal with Karan’ s outside baby with a b*t*h and I hope that now she’ll come out of her battered scared shell, to take on Nidhi..after all, Nidhi could have got Karan to marry her but she’s so damn greedy, she lost out on a good man. I didn’t think that Nidhi’s mother could have revealed how lower than the white lines on the road mentality she has…but she did it and i reckon she should go underground…too shameless.

  10. Yup Naz juz bury those b*t*hes.. atleast Karan doesn’t love Nidhi and he’s a victim of circumstances.. but what he’s done to our chweeto is definitely wrong.. wrong.. wrong..
    How will things turn out??

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