Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika allows Sahil to stay

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Bari Amma says they lost their Sahil. Anjana asks if he said something to you. Bari Amma doesn’t reply and orders Pandit to prepare Sahil’s birth chart right away.
At home, Aarya brings the tray of meal untouched. Maya comes in and takes the plate. She asks Vaidika if she is upset with Sahil’s departure why did she let him leave. Vaidika says it’s about his lies. Maya defends that Sahil lied because he wanted a space to live; but he later bear a lot because of her. Nani told her what Bari Amma said to her, but it wasn’t Sahil’s mistake. Vaidika was thoughtful. Maya insists that Aarya, Nani and she – all have lied to Vaidika at some time; she must push them all out of the house then. Everyone insist on Vaidika to eat something now when Rohit comes at the door. Maya welcomes

him inside, Nani also allows him to come in. Vaidika was worried where Sahil must have gone.
Sahil lay on a staircase in a garden. Karan comes there with a peck for him and tells him to go home, why ruin himself for a landlord. Sahil insists she is more than that for him.
Vaidika brings tea for Rohit who sat outside. Rohit speaks to her that Vaidika never cared for people and their thinking. Then why pay much heed to what people would think now? Sahil had to lie to her because she cared what people would think if she keeps a bachelor tenant.
Karan asks Sahil what’s going on between them. Sahil says he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He always want to impress her, and everything she does or say has an effect on him. He has discovered some unique connection with her. Karan didn’t recognize it was the same Sahil. Sahil shouts that he is in love with Vaidika. Somewhere behind there was firework. Sahil says she must be really tensed because of him and runs home.
The family ask Vaidika about her decision now. Vaidika turns to speak to them all when Sahil appears from behind. Vaidika says she was actually thinking about the world. Sahil speaks from behind that when would she follow her own impulses then? Aarya was happy to see him. Sahil says the world didn’t even spare Mahatma Gandhi. He holds his ears in apology. Vaidika warns that he shouldn’t lie to her again. Sahil promises to never get her into any problem again. Nani takes Vaidika inside for dinner and invites Sahil as well. Karan watched this from outside, he drags Sahil outside and asks if he has gone crazy? She is a mature woman and has a grownup child. He has no future with Vaidika. Sahil was furious that Karan thinks he likes Vaidika for her hotness and grabs Karan’s collar. He feels disgusted over Karan’s thinking. Karan says he only wanted to know this wasn’t a physical attraction; it’s a difficult relation. She has a 15 year old daughter. Sahil must not take another step until he is 1000 percent sure its love, because he won’t get another chance with such a girl.
Gauri brings the glass of milk for Deepak and says what Sahil did today wasn’t right. Deepak physically molests her while cursing Sahil. Gauri insists that they only need to understand Sahil. Gauri avoids Deepak to go to Amma. Deepak warns they will leave Riya to Dada and Dadi forever if a son isn’t born this year.
Anjana was worried watching all the packing of luggage. Bari Amma comes downstairs and leaves without replying anyone. Deepak thinks his plan would work for sure today.
It was next morning. Sahil was preparing tea in the kitchen when Vaidika comes in. Vaidika comes to prepare the tea instead and burns her hand with the saucer. Sahil holds her hand at once, blowing it with care. Vaidika pours water over the hand. Sahil applies an ointment and goes to get ice for her. they were shocked to see some men bring the luggage inside. Nani resisted while Vaidika asks the servants who they are. They were shocked to see Bari Amma come in.

PRECAP: Bari Amma tells Sahil she will now stay with him in this house. She watches Sahil support Vaidika from falling in the washroom and taunts that he could have helped a number of poor in the city if it was about social service. She blames Vaidika to have done black magic over Sahil and demands his promise that he won’t keep any relation with Vaidika. In the room, Vaidika was upset that no one understands her.

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  1. Angelk1

    This Amma is too much, sahil is not a baby why can’t she see that. Why can’t she let him have his freedom. Karen is a really good friend and deepak is such a ass.

  2. I’m thinking….BA is probably saying to herself ” I’d better watch this woman because she might gobble the family’s only heir ” … Seriously, it’s so hilarious how BA is so afraid of Vedika as if she’s a man eater… I’m agreeing with Sahil, to heck with what the world thinks, live life your own way, people are bound to talk anyway and how long will they do too… Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!!!

  3. good episode.. love has no license vaidika is also having feeling for sahil but she is scared of society aarya bonding with sahil is so cool

  4. Muniya

    Nice episode//

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