Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Deepak’s efforts to create misunderstanding between Bari Amma and Sahil

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika was insulted by neighbors upon her return.
In the room, Sahil was relieved that she saved Vaidika’s life. Anjana brings milk for him and asks when he would leave that woman. Sahil makes Anjana leave the room, and wonders why everyone is irritated by Vaidika’s name.
At home, Aarya complains to Nani for hurrying to marry Vaidika. Vaidika makes her go into the room. Nani says she will now find a better proposal for Vaidika. Vaidika clarifies to her that she can’t put her daughter’s life at stake anymore, and doesn’t care what people think of her. She can’t think of a second marriage now.
Deepak was drinking alcohol happy about what happened today. Puneet comes to him and comments that Deepak is shining and must be happy for what happened today. He understands

it will be a benefit to Deepak if there are tensions between Bari Amma and Sahil. Both laugh together. Deepak asks Puneet why he is interested in the matters of in-laws. There must be some reason why he has become a special person to Bari Amma. Shruti comes to inform Puneet that his meal is ready, she can get it served in his room. Puneet says his sister in law is serving him, he can’t forbid it. When Shruti leaves, Puneet tells Deepak that one can only see what’s in his mind and heart. Its better Deepak take care of his matters and leave. Deepak thinks soon Puneet’s truth may be revealed.
The next morning, Puneet takes a leave from Bari Amma. Bari Amma sends some gifts for Prachi, and complains she miss Prachi a lot. He looks towards Shruti from corner of his eye and says he never wants to leave the house when here. Bari Amma calls Deepak to bid farewell to Puneet, and sends him to look for the gifts. Gauri also greets Puneet before leaving. He returns to look towards Shruti again.
Maya comes to meet Vaidika and says she has spoken to principal, Vaidika can join school anytime she wish. Vaidika asks what she must have done if Maya wasn’t there. Maya insists its someone else whose presence matters. She insists on Vaidika that she loves Sahil and broke her marriage with Sahil because of him. Vaidika says she sensed Gautham wasn’t the right person for her.
Bari Amma looks around the house for Sahil. Shruti complained to Puneet that he didn’t inform he had reached home. When Bari Amma asks whose call it was, she lies that it’s a friend’s. Deepak returned home then and says Bari Amma wouldn’t have let Sahil go to his landlady Vaidika so he didn’t inform anyone at home. Anjana was upset that they have lost their son. Bari Amma was determined to get their son back, she can pass every limit to bring him back to themselves.
Vaidika tells Maya that it’s not important for her to love someone in order to reject Gautham. Maya says she doesn’t Vaidika to be afraid of society to confess her love. Vaidika questions Maya that she can never be a good wife for Sahil. Maya tells Vaidika that love is about heartfelt feeling, it needs courage. She doesn’t want Vaidika to lose the most beautiful thing of her life, the best love stories exist between people who have least chances of being together. Maya leaves, Vaidika thinks about Sahil’s love expression and confessions.

PRECAP: Sahil comes to Vaidika’s house at night, she tells him to leave else she will complain in police against him for stalking her. Sahil was emotional and asks if she considers his love as stalking.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Broadcasting minister ji kaha hai..es serial mei b vhi chl rha hai..jo “pehredhar piya ki”mai chl rha hai..isiliye aise serials bndh kro..pleaseeeeee

  2. U r mistaken Shree.. both the serials are not the same.. what Maya said at the end of the episode was cute.. about best luv stories.. we have to wait and watch..

  3. I don’t think this serial is like the one Shree mentioned,it’s not in fact. Sahil is an adult, not an underage child and nothing is wrong in falling in love with an older person, men marry much more younger women so why not the other way around? My only grouse is that the age difference between this couple is a bit too wide, I would have preferred a ten year or less gap, but to each his own!! Nevertheless, it’s still a lovely story and I’m excited to see Sahil and Vedika spending time together, just to prove that a relationship like this could last, my own paternal aunt is a wife to a man 9 yrs younger than her and they are happily married with 3 sons… lawyer, doctor and accountant… stable and successful family unit… let’s give this a try…

  4. abbe Shree, I’m not sure if its rhetorical but people had issue about Pehredaar because the boy was less than 18/21 years of age – so a minor, here both are adults. Unless the show telecasts nudity, this show ain’t going anywhere.

  5. I think that Puneet is a creep, he touches his sister in law inappropriately and it looks suspiciously like they are in a relationship which is so wrong because it’s her cousin’s /sister’s husband. Bari Aama is pointing out Vedika’s alleged wrongdoings but more is going on under her nose and she’s blind to it…some people don’t see further than their noses!! On another note, I love the human element in Sahil’s character, he cries and isn’t ashamed to reveal his emotions. I could feel his pain, when one is in love, there’s no greater pain than losing your loved one to someone else and his behavior is spot on… So far, I think that this serial is far the most relatable to normal reactions to situations…and Vedika’s relationship with her daughter is very sweet, mothers should share a bond with their daughter like Vedika’s, at all times….as for Deepak, I don’t know if I should dislike him or not.. He’s playing Cupid, but while his intentions aren’t noble, his actions will achieve the best for Sahil.. I have to admire the love Bari Aama has for Sahil, I’m envious of it..because families today aren’t our best keepers anymore….but Bari Aama wants the BEST for the heir in the family.. ..even if it means getting between this couple but we all know that destiny has a destination of its own…

  6. And of course Bari amma’s costumes are also so beautiful.. This serial is about feelings and emotions.. I’m getting hooked to Sadhika.. 🙂

  7. Shree.. in pehredaar piya kind they showed a small boy who was minor marrying an elder woman..here sahil is 24..both he and vedhika are adult…So no way one can ask it to get banned cos theres nothing illegeal in this as both are adults..and this is what the show is gonna convey us that how the society and family will be against them and how they both together will fight everyone together..and prove that true love will always win..no.matter if the whole world is against you

  8. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    Now its confirmed that there is something going on between Shruti and Puneet.
    But today Sahil’s scenes were so less…not fair.
    And also…for now…liking Deepak…he is only one who is supporting Sahil…however he has his own intention…still.
    And lastly…Maya is a true frnd…like her so much.
    All over…Love the show.

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