Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil succeeds in revealing Gautham’s reality

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil beats Gautham in the mandap. He tells everyone that Gautham’s wife and son are alive. They arrive in the hall. His wife tells everyone that he has always tortured her physically and mentally, he was only crazy about marrying Vaidika. Gautham charges over his wife but Vaidika slaps him. She calls him inhumane, not worth even calling a friend. She regrets trusting him and calling him a friend. She wonders why she couldn’t see his truth. The police arrives to arrest Gautham. Gautham takes a last chance to speak to Vaidika and calls her characterless; he always overlooked her love and attraction towards Sahil. He curses Vaidika that she will never get love or life partner in life again. Police takes Gautham along.
Vaidika hugs Aarya. Aarya was thankful that Sahil. Vaidika also thanks

him to save her make the biggest mistake of her life. They leave the house.
Puneet was speaking to someone on phone. Nani was leaving with her luggage and curses Puneet on the way. She holds a shoe to beat Puneet. Bari Amma comes to snatch the shoe from her, she blames Nani for selecting Gautham. Bari Amma blames Vaidika to have cast a magic over Sahil. Nani claims that it’s Sahil who has gone crazy after her daughter, she must control her own son.
The family discuss that its better Vaidika didn’t marry that cheat Gautham, else her life would have been ruined. Bari Amma was only concerned that at least their Sahil must have got rid of Vaidika. Deepak smirks thinking Sahil loves Vaidika, and won’t leave her so easily.
Sahil comes to meet Vaidika. Vaidika appreciates his efforts to save her family as well as Gautham’s wife and son. She returns the Chunri to Sahil and says it gave her the courage to leave the mandap. She tells Sahil to give it to the girl who deserves his love and be his life partner. She leaves Sahil shattered back at home
Sahil brings a plate of food for Bari Amma in her room. He convinces her to eat something. Bari Amma break any such condition that left him injured and hungry all night. Sahil tells Bari Amma that even he is sad when she is sad for him. She must learn to trust him now that Gautham turned out to be a bastard. Bari Amma agree that he has saved Vaidika, but he must now live away from her life. Sahil turns to leave the room. Bari Amma keeps his hand over her head and asks her to swear he would forget that craze. Sahil withdraws his hand. He says that even her God is tired of bringing those signals, God is helping him all along to unite Vaidika. He has even thought a name, Sahil & Vaidika-Sadika. Bari Amma clarifies Sahil that Vaidika would never enter the house. Sahil promises that Vaidika will come into this house as Mrs. Sahil Agarwal within a month. Bari Amma conditions it over her dead body and leave.

PRECAP: Vaidika hugs Maya saying her life would have been useless without her. Maya convince Vaidika that the most beautiful love stories are those where there are least chances of the two to meet. She is lucky to have real love in life again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Santana Russo

    Such a cute ???nickname Sahil gave to combine their name so adorable ?????? Sadika wow great jodi????? I ? it. Please Ved stop being a coward and stand up 4 ur ? love. When their is love age don’t matter. U guys r so ????? 2gather.

  2. Sahil is our darling..he saved Vedika and have increased his chances of wooing his lady love…good for you Sahil, fight to the end!! I must say that Nani is one entertaining character and I enjoyed the tit for tat between the her and Bari Aama… If I know these serials so well like I think I do, then Gautam will be back..like Shwarzanegger in Terminator!!… His stint now has paved the way for him being the villian, don’t see any around except Bari Aama who wants what’s best for him, surprisingly she doesn’t care for his wealth and property for her own daughter..and Nidhi, who wants him for a husband, who wouldn’t??? Sahil’s mother is a frightened puppy, I feel so sorry for her. So, I’m glad Vedika slapped Gautam, he needed kicking out, wretched man, so deceiving and ugh….ewwww. Thank you SONA..for the update!!!

  3. Normally in other serials, the viewers five the couple a nickname..but here Sahil himself named the duo as Sadhika.. really a cute thought.. and moreover guys don’t cry before others.. but Sahil is so very normal to show his emotions thru tears… It’s really so appreciable..and his stubbornness to win over his love against all odds is noteworthy.. with every episode he grows and becoming more mature and strong minded.. luvly..

  4. Hey friends… Has anyone been able to watch entire mahaepisode?? I watch on Desitvflix but not getting the entire thing and since zee Caribbean is always episodes behind, I’m sure we would be getting an episode per day…only!! Desitvflix only has half hr episodes, I happen to watch my serials on this site..

    1. Muniya

      Hey Naz…
      U can watch the everyday episodes on zee5 app…except precap.

  5. It’s in the zee app too Naz

  6. Muniya

    Loving the show more and more everyday??

  7. Thanks a lot Dolly and Muniya…i appreciate your feedback and I’ll check it out. I do want to see the scene where Sahil and Vedika were dancing, I don’t care if I don’t see the others perform, I just want see their romantic chemistry because the little that I saw of them, looks so awesome…and I know how zee loves to cut important scenes to fit their time slots…

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