Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil gets a piece from Vaidika’s dress through the girl

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Deepak hurried Gauri to find the bracelet, he had to wear it early morning according to Pandit ji’s instructions. Sahil comes to the room with the bracelet and questions how it reached the room of that fake Vaidika ji. Deepak was clueless and says he was also looking for it. Sahil insists that Deepak wanted to hide his sin and left it for Vaidika. Gauri comes there and defends Deepak.
The imposter Chambeli was irked over Nidhi for all the drama. She comes to Nidhi in the corridor and asks why she is planning everything against her. She says it was Nidhi who got her accident, she must tell Sahil about her own truth else she will tell Sahil about it.
Sahil complains to God that he needs help to find Vaidika. He vows not to eat or drink anything until he finds a clue for Vaidika.

the lockup, Vaidika assures the other girl that everything will be fine. Panday comes there and looks around for the other girl. Vaidika points towards a bag from where shoes appeared, she says the girl was only weak and will be fine when she takes a little rest. He accepts it and tells them to get ready, a few clients are coming for them. Vaidika stops Panday and requests him to get the bag of wine bottles removed; it makes her dizzy. Panday accepts her wish and instructs a man to take the bag outside. Vaidika and the other girl stood holding their breathes while the bag was carried outside. They recall the other girl was in the bag, and they had stuffed the mouth of bag with wine bottles.
Nidhi calls Panday and asks if Nidhi is alive or dead. Panday says she is alive, he has kept her kidnapped. He was cursing Vaidika as she helped one of her other two fellows release from his lockup. He tells Nidhi to stop that girl reach Sahil. Nidhi thinks that this Vaidika is fake, then wonders why this fake Vaidika is behind her. And how she knows a lot about her. She thinks what if she gets trapped herself.
In the room, Sahil discuss with Chambeli that it’s the last chance to unveil the culprit. Tomorrow, he will propose her as Vaidika. She must at once accept his proposal. This will leave everyone in shock as Vaidika would never have done this, but the real culprit will be get the set back.
After Sahil has left, Chambeli wish Sahil’s love of life is alive. Sahil might otherwise die as well.
The next morning, Sahil gathers the family in a hall. He kneels in front of Vaidika to propose her. Nani tries to stop Vaidika from moving forward. Anjana and Bari Amma also think she shouldn’t do this. Instead of accepting the proposal, Vaidika walks to Yash and says she is his fiancé.
In the room, Sahil complains to Chambeli for not doing what he had planned. Chambeli tells Sahil he would never think about anyone but Vaidika. She has a right to take the better decision for herself. She doesn’t want to return to that gutter, where people touch her body falsely. Sahil leaves the room angrily. Nidhi comes from behind and appreciates how Chambeli took a U turn. They laugh together.
Chambeli comes to Yash’s room. He asks Vaidika if she would really marry him, their engagement was only a drama. Chambeli accepts Yash’s marriage proposal. Yash asks if she would marry him tonight and promises to make all the arrangements. Chambeli hugs Yash happy that her life would be settled now.
Sahil comes to the hall worried about ruin in his plan. There was a knock at the door, it was the girl Vaidika help in release from the lock up. The girl was dumb and couldn’t speak. Sahil couldn’t understand her signally. Nidhi watch the girl begging Sahil for help, she says the girl also came to beg yesterday and takes her away from Sahil with a promise to feed her something. A torn paper wrapping something fell from the girl’s hand. Sahil takes it, inside was a piece of cloth and a bus ticket.
Nidhi brings the girl outside and slaps her. She questions if she was sent by Vaidika? She can never let her reach Sahil. Inside, Sahil recognizes the piece of cloth was from Vaidika’s saree. He thinks if the girl came here to tell him something about Vaidika?

PRECAP: Nidhi comes to Vaidika’s lock up and held a gun at her. She begins the count down. There, Sahil had found Vaidika’s hiding. Nidhi just shot the bullet; Sahil kicks open the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Chambeli is a real swindler already united with Nidhi. Sahil had found a bad helper who let down him. I sorry to poor girl scoundrelly Nidhi seized her.

  2. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    That Chameli is real cheap…and Nidhi…can’t tolerate her dramas anymore.
    But precap…that’s dangerous…just hope Sahil saves Vedika.

  3. Once again Nidhi has turned things around in her favour. Poor Sahil. He is facing one obstacle after another. That Chameli is a greedy money grabber. Yash is in for a big surprise.

    Precap is good.. Sahil will finally find Vedika. Hope he is on time to save Her.Nidhi and Panday will be finally exposed.

  4. Of course Sahil will save her..✌
    But poor Yash, his heart will break ?
    That b*t*h Nidhi will be going fa a toss now..but she’ll stick around to create more trouble..?
    This week will be pretty interesting…??

  5. I’m sorry for Yash, falling for a fake. The reason why all of us love this serial so much is because it’s fast paced so Sahil will find Vedika now and punish the culprit in his own style.. Nidhi is so shameless…but we need her otherwise things will be boring here. Love AKAJS… ??????

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