Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil clarifies his stance to Vaidika

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Yash brings Bari Amma’s luggage and tells her to get out of the house. He shouts at the servant to throw her and her luggage outside. Vaidika asks Sahil not to let this happen. She was on Yash’s side to get him justice, but she can’t help anyone rendering someone homeless. Bari Amma is an elder of the house and like a mother, it’s a son’s responsibility to be a son’s strength. She lied to save her crime, but she never let him or his family suffer in any way. She always fulfilled her responsibility as a mother, then how can he turn his face away. Yash asks how Vaidika can be on Bari Amma’s side. Vaidika clarifies she is only advising her son to favor her, what she did wrong was between her and Yash. Sahil finally decides that Bari Amma will stay here. Yash questions with which right?

He is the elder son of the house and won’t allow her to stay here. Sahil says he accepts Yash is the son of his uncle and holds a fifty one percent right of the house but his father also owned this house. They are cousin brothers by relation but he won’t bear any enmity against his family. Yash clarifies she will have no interference in the business at all. Bari Amma hugs Sahil but Sahil makes it clear that she lost the place she had in his heart.
Yash was drinking in the room. Vaidika brings Leela Agarwal’s photo to hang on the wall. Yash thanks Vaidika for believing him when no one did. Vaidika clarifies that this won’t wash away his sins. She understands what he did in the last few days was his anger and frustration. When she first met him she found him a good man and decided to help him, but she poured the frustrations of his past on her. She will never forgive him for this. Yash agrees he couldn’t control himself and harassed Vaidika. But his past wasn’t the reason, it was Sahil’s craziness. He loves Vaidika but he was afraid he would lose her because of Sahil. He knew Sahil was lying and she has realized it as well. He doesn’t want to lose her. He apologizes Vaidika once again. Vaidika says for her right and wrong holds the highest place, no matter if its Sahil or Yash.
Nidhi cheers as she gets a call from Puneesh. She says it’s good that she and Bari Amma came out to be equal liars. There, Shruti felt sick. Nidhi thinks that the poison she is mixing in her food is working.
Nani was talking to relatives on phone. She comes near Bari Amma’s room, speaks loudly then comes inside. She gets a call again and claims it’s from a news channel, then asks about her feelings after bring proven a liar and losing her position as the owner of the house. Bari Amma warns Nani to stop this all. Nani wasn’t intrigued and clarifies that she has no position in the house anymore. She grabs the bunch of keys from Bari Amma’s waist and claims herself as Bari Amma of the house. The accusation she once placed on her daughter hit her own face today.
Sahil stops Vaidika in the hall, explaining the reason behind what he did. Vaidika complains that it was only a game for him but he turned her a fool, she was mocked and proven a liar. He always lied to her; he entered her house as a tenant by lying, then put Aarya in trouble by lying and now even he only faked to be a child. Yash always claimed that Sahil wasn’t crazy, only she didn’t trust him but she was proven a liar in the end and Yash was right. Sahil clarifies he didn’t hurt her deliberately. He loves her so much that he can even understand what she thinks and feels, without her saying. He proposed Vaidika but that day Yash threw them out of the house. And Vaidika then decided to marry Yash. He inquired about the reason but she never told her the truth. And this isn’t the first time, she lied to him several times. She married Nidhi to him, came to live in the house as Yash’s fiancé and then even married Yash. And she claims she is lying to save him. Then how can he be wrong if he lied. He faked bring a child because he was heartbroken. He openly claims that he wants Vaidika, can she do this? If that night her cousin sister hadn’t come he would have died. Vaidika at once shut his mouth. Sahil says he lied to get their love, why Vaidika lied? Vaidika turns her face away from Sahil, then says she isn’t lying. She willingly married Yash for Aarya and Maa. It’s a misunderstanding if he considers it a lie and she can’t do anything about it. She walks away from Sahil in tears. Sahil watch her go to her room then leaves the hall.
Bhoomi appears from a corner of the hall and thinks Vaidika dearly loves Sahil, but she is way too cautious. She must think about an idea to complete Sadika’s love story. Vaidika won’t jump by herself, she must push her into the fire now.

PRECAP: Bhoomi convinces Vaidika to confess her love for Sahil. Vaidika slaps Bhoomi and leaves the room crying. There, Sahil tells Yash to leave Vaidika. Yash says he married Vaidika but now he loves her. Sahil says Vaidika doesn’t love him. Yash asks him to make Vaidika confess her love for Sahil, he promises to leave her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Juz one word for vedhika now… FOOL..

  2. Pooja… I agree with your comment yesterday, the last one. Maybe it’s best for Sahil to move on with his life because Vedika seems to be too righteous. She should continue to live with Yash as his wife, giving him herself and this would stop Sahil having hopes for their future…this ought to bring the serial to its end because I ran out of theories on how writers could keep them from coming together, don’t know how things gonna shape up here after today….if only Bhoomi wasn’t such a matchmaker with her head in the clouds, she could have given Vedika some serious competition. As it is, Vedika is a maha fool to the max…fool fool fool

  3. Yes dolly mam, you are absolutely right,

  4. Agree with you Dolly.. I want to slap her?

  5. Muniya

    Oh god…Vedika!!!!

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