Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil to marry Bhoomi within hours

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Vaidika stood with her arm held for Sahil. Usha comes there clapping that Vaidika wants to prove her wrong, she warns Vaidika to stay away from her Jackie. Vaidika must have loved her husband but Jackie is her son, he just had an accident now Vaidika must not hurt him anymore. Sahil withdraws his hand from Bhoomi’s grip. Usha convince Sahil that this woman is a liar. Vaidika says right now there are two sides of his life, he must listen to his heart and then take the decision. Sahil leaves the hall in confusion.
Outside, Sahil was confused and shouts in agony; he holds his head and wonders who he is? Sahil comes across the corridor. Vaidika stood in the corridor and says her idea to fool that Jackie came true, now she will make him Jackie and will live her life in joy of Mrs. Sahil

Agarwal. She pities him. Sahil was irked and leaves the hall. The lady in the hall wasn’t Vaidika but Bhoomi dressed up exactly like Vaidika. Usha complements Bhoomi’s idea and looks. Bhoomi says she saw Sahil running outside, he was confused and she was sure he believed Vaidika. Vaidika comes from behind and asks if they think they were successful in their plan? She had vowed to bring her Sahil back, she can’t let them win so easily. Usha boasts that Vaidika’s love story can’t be completed anymore. She is sure Sahil will never trust her again. Vaidika was sure that her Sahil’s heart will bring him to her. Bhoomi says she will marry Sahil at every cost; while Usha says she can’t lose her Jackie anymore. She will take over Agarwal’s property. Bhoomi says she will marry Sahil and leave this place with him and Ved. Vaidika says they don’t understand the power of their love, it can turn impossible to possible. Her remaining two days are still there.
It was night, Sahil comes downstairs into the hall. He shouts and calls everyone into the hall. Vaidika comes to explain herself to Sahil. Sahil claps for Vaidika that she planned well and tried to make his truth a lie. She tried to live with her husband’s twin brother. He shouts at Vaidika for being shameless. He says he will now do what his mummy wants him to; he comes to Usha and apologizes for mistrusting her. When he opened his eyes in hospital, he knows Usha was there. He will marry Bhoomi if she wish him to. He clarifies to Agarwals that his marriage with Bhoomi will take place within next three years.
Nani and Bari Amma come to Vaidika’s room worried. Nani asks if Vaidika even realize what they are doing to her, can’t she think for herself or Ved? Why she doesn’t call that doctor? Vaidika says she wish Sahil’s memory to recover but Sahil’s own life is endangered. This fight is with Sahil’s mind, she can’t take such risk with Sahil’s life. Usha and Bhoomi come there saying they have already lost. Usha and Bhoomi had brought gifts for them. Bhoomi opens the box containing poison. Usha laughs saying they must drink this poison when Sahil has married Bhoomi. Vaidika says she is sure her husband would return to her, at that time she will laugh like this.
Usha says Sahil has agreed to marry her in an hour. Bhoomi laughs and says it doesn’t matter. She will snatch her Ved and Sahil from Vaidika.
It was night. Mandagini had brought a lady for henna application. Usha calls Jackie to come for Haldi. Sahil comes inside badly drunk and beating the drum by himself. He takes the cone of henna and writes Jackie on Bhoomi’s palm. He says no matter Vaidika had betrayed her, he is aware Vaidika loves Sahil a lot. He offers her to dance together, both of them won’t be able to forget whatever will happen tonight.
Sahil and Vaidika dance closely. Vaidika was upset while Sahil holds her close to himself.

PRECAP: Vaidika asks Bhoomi if she ever thought what will happen when Sahil regains his memory. Bhoomi replies it won’t matter because they would have married. Some kidnaps Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Kya pakau serial hai ye

  2. Nina

    Wow, without a doubt Sadika is the stunning pair. This dance is so expressive as story their love. As if they are so authentic living in the each scene.

  3. Friends how did u like the lustful womans outfit during her mehendi ceremony. Wasnt she looking a cheapo type n sorry to say this almost like a Enunch. God she has become a true WICKED VAMPIRE. Sahil doesnt even dpit at her horse face. And that Usha woman. Since the time she has come in agarwal house her face expressions looks like she is Constipated. She shuld be sent to the washrom immediately. The only best thing 8n yesterdays serial was the passionate n romantic dance between sadika. Oh God Sahils eyes when he looks romanticslly n passionately at vedika is mind blowing.

  4. My heart was skipping beats watching that dance.. i felt as though i myself was in Sahils arms.. shy..shy..blush..blush.. 🙂

  5. Oh wow, that dance made my heart skip beats, I so loved it especially when Sahil cupped Vedika’s face and sensuously rubbed her cheeks with his thumbs.. Ooo la la… Hot hott was that for telly…and those body rubs, pulling her so forcefully, with so much hunger that she stuck to him in that passionate embrace while he gazed into Vedika’s warm brown beautiful eyes, making her painfully aware of his passion and determination to play with her emotions as he had announced his wedding with the ghotic vamp… Never mind, he’ll throw some cold water in that fire soon so Bhoomi’s desire to make Sahil her property would come to nought once again..and wait, Bhoomi’s gonna be on the receiving end of Usha’s greed very soon too… An evil entity consuming another evil one… And I bet that Vedika will beg for her behen in no time… That’s what I hate when, Vedika is too forgiving, to ppl who don’t deserve forgiveness.. So, the episode was good…and Raji, Usha can’t help it, that’s how she is born to look, she was blessed with that look, it’s just that she does looks constipated in truth…so we can’t blame her but I got your point… Be warned that the school Dean could come down hard on you and lecture you on how you are being entertained by the actress and you dare to say she looks constipated!!… Lol…but you can say what you want nevertheless because you are entitled to voice your own opinions, who don’t like it, that’s their problem…

  6. I think Bhoomi’s reaching her breaking point..because she had to pretend to be Vedika to get Sahil to hate her…as she knows that no matter what, Sahil loves Vedika with all her faults, if she has any.. So, here she moved as fast as a cartoon character, dashing off to don exact hairstyles and clothing, just to look like her beautiful cousin and I nearly fell off my sofa hearing Bhoomi impersonate Vedika’s voice, what a hilarious moment… Just wanted to say that Bhoomi’s pathetic..in her quest for Sahil…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Hmmm ur so right naz and it just struck me as ironic dat d three times sahil propose marriage to bhoomi he was mad at vedika. D first after his mothers death,d second wen she came back to agarwals house and now dis. Dat alone should b telling to bhoomi but then again it is and dats exactly y she used dat ruse. Im surprised at sahil though y isnt he questioning how he knew all dem answers bout vedika if noone told him and he was able to answer all correctly.. And in which world can bhoomi ever look like vedika even disguised as vedika. And y is it dat ppl r never confronted wen dey do stuffs like dis and d intended victim just walks away never actually seein who d person is. Me so I woulda spun d person around demanding y dey were playing me but its a soap so. I feel pity for a woman who has to pretend to b someone else to get d love of her heart desire and still not get through. Even though she is younger than vedika she lacked d grace dat comes with vedikas beauty. And even though sahil has lost his memory he is still drawn to vedika and bhoomi should b ashamed dat not even now with a somewat clean slate she still cant win sahils heart. So now she is willing to take dis person who isnt sahil in d real sense just so she can have him smh. Just pathetic. Now 1 of two tings can happen either jackie comes back and marries bhoomi himself or during d wedding ritual sahil remembers his ritual with vedika where their two souls rejoiced at their union.

      1. This is precisely the point Raji always makes.. If an man even closely resembles Sahil, Bhoomi would want him for her husband.. So desperate she is…but few days ago she wanted to bash his head and kill him and now she wants to marry him, I tell you she is one messed up woman… But don’t worry, Sahil’s gonna remember his past on the mandap…

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