Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bari Amma’s truth disclosed

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Bari Amma instructs Deepak to do anything and bring her Sahil back. She calls SP and instructs her PA to call her. Suomya was playing in the hall. Bari Amma and Prachi scold her while Gauri send her to play in another part of the house. Anjana was badly crying. Bari Amma thinks this daughter could have caused a huge trouble for her, she had hidden a room behind the temple could be disclosed.
In the room, Yash sat on a comfortable chair waiting for Vaidika’s reaction to save Sahil. He comes to hold Vaidika from her back while she resists his touch. He gives her a bag of gift and demands her to get ready for him in a visible night dress. Vaidika was about to slap him but he twists her arm in mid air, warning to think about it again. She is already bearing the fruit of slap. If she wants to

save Sahil from going to mental asylum she must wear it. Vaidika says it’s Yash who is mentally ill not Sahil. Yash pushes her from the room and go and do what she has been asked for. Vaidika thinks about Sahil.
At night, Aarya returns home and finds Vaidika sitting in the lounge. Aarya assures Vaidika everything will be fine. She presents Vaidika a chocolate. Vaidika says it’s for the first time in years that Aarya is ready to share her chocolate. Aarya hugs Vaidika and calls her the best mother in the world, she considered having something good with her because she was sad. They take a few bites together. Vaidika was sure everything will be fine now.
Yash comes downstairs shouting at his men that how Sahil was able to run? Sahil enters the room and covers Yash’s face with a cloth cover. They wrestle with each other and ends up in a store room. Yash was able to leave the room while Yash leaves thinking Sahil will now die in the room. Sahil knocks at the door calling everyone. His heart was racing while he kicks a box on a nearby table. Some photographs fell off from the box. Sahil recognizes his maternal uncle and wonders who is with him? Some legal papers also fell off the box. Sahil wonders if Yash’s story was true. He was shocked to realize Bari Amma lied to him all along.
Aarya brings Vaidika outside the hidden room. She tells her she had seen Yash push Sahil here. Anjana hears their conversation. They hear Sahil speaking to himself. Vaidika and Anjana knock at the painting calling Sahil. Nani stops Vaidika to run behind Sahil and focus on her own husband and marriage. The family had gathered around. Bari Amma reach there and drags Vaidika and Anjana away from the door. They tell Bari Amma that Sahil is inside. Vaidika at once pushes a button on the door and it opens. Sahil walks out of the room and comes to Bari Amma with a file. He asks if this is the truth. Yash had reached there too. Sahil reads Yash’s birth certificate from 1974 confirming Yash was his uncle’s son. He questions if Yash was telling the truth, and is Baray Papa’s son? This qualifies Bari Amma was supporting the right person but she misguided everyone. Vaidika asks how Sahil can understand everything, if his mind isn’t childish. Yash grabs the file and asks if his enemy turned to a friend? He was proven right; Sahil isn’t mental and Bari Amma is a liar. Yash says this lady isn’t only a liar, she is a murderer of his mother. Bari Amma agrees he is Ishor Agarwal’s son but she isn’t also wrong. Yash questions if it wasn’t wrong to snatch the husband of a wife and disown his wife and children from the proper.
Bari Amma says that his father wanted to marry her by himself. Yash says his father was already married and had two children. Then she came into his life. She was older than him, still she had illegitimate relations with his father. She then forced his father to leave his mother and broke their house. Yash says anyone can see these photo albums and say they were happy family.
Sahil place Bari Amma’s hand on his head and asks to tell him all the truth. Bari Amma says his uncle gave her the job of a secretary when she had no money. She made illegitimate relations with him, helped him with his business and then forced him to marry her. She knew until Leela Agarwal and Ishor’s children were here, she couldn’t enter the house. She provoked Ishor against Leela and got her thrown out of the city. She then wanted Leela Agarwal to be wiped off Ishor’s life. She wanted her own name as the eldest daughter in law of Agarwals and their owner. Sahil says he respect her. There were a lot of arguments and fights between them but he always felt pride in calling her as Bari Amma. But today, everything between them has finished. She was elder than Baray Papa, still she created a relation with him. She is such a dual faced woman that she did everything to go against his relation with Vaidika. Yash brings Bimla’s suitcase and says he dis owns her from the house she once pushed him and his mother out. Bari Amma looks towards Sahil in a hope.

PRECAP: Nani insults Bimla Agarwal that she got what she had sown. She called Vaidika as a mistress, today she has been proven a mistress herself. Vaidika convince Sahil that this is wrong, Bari Amma fulfilled the rights of a mother but Sahil leaves the hall. Later, Sahil asks Vaidika why she is lying to him? Vaidika clarifies she isn’t lying, she happily married Yash.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ahhh… finally.. now that what Yash had wanted has happened and he’s got his justice, what’s the need for vedhika to continue this marriage? This was the deal to get married to her and it has got fulfilled, then y??
    Sahil has so very selflessly helped Yash in bringing out the truth..
    That scene where Yash compels vedhika to wear that flimsy dress is ridiculous.. can vedhika ever think good for him? Can’t she make out the love and respect that Sahil showers on her and how Yash treats her?
    For a moment I thought if Yash was really a good guy but outta circumstances behaving like this.. but I’m wrong.. when he can join hands with evil (Deepak), he too is equally bad..
    What will happen next? Mebbe BA’s long lost hubby will try to bring together Sadhika..??

    1. Leisa s morris

      He already said dat he luvs vaidika it doesnt matter dat d truth came out he still wants vaidika even if just to prove his authority over and to take her from sahil but he lost from d moment he started his high handed behaviour with her.

  2. It would be really interesting to see how vedika treat Yash in front of Sahil as she also doubt about the sahil’s act to expose Badi Amma and BA will react. Can she will expect such defeat in her life and accompanied her position in society which she earned… sorry.. theft from others. An another drama will begin by BA along with her so called Damad Ji… Punish Tiwari– who introduces himself as tale of dog. ha… ha…..

  3. Nina

    In other words, two decades after Bari Amma should have been remembered intricate situations from her life she was instead wielding destruction influence in the Sahil&Vedika’s life right up until the moment when a lifetime’s worth of facts was finally dragged into the light.

  4. As I’ve been saying since, the nerve of BA to castigate Vedika and be so critical of Sahil’s love for her when she has done the same thing..fall in love with a man younger than her…such a hypocrite. Although I knew that BA’ s truth will devastate Sahil, I didn’t think he’d disown her, that was harsh…but she look for that. It was satisfying to see her fall from grace in front of the family….

  5. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    Finally Bari amma’s truth is out…her face was watchworthy when Sahil was staring at her.

  6. What I wish could happen here…that Yash isn’t Badi Papa’s legitimate son, picked him up from the pavement, considering his beastly behavior, that Leela couldn’t have kids of her own…maybe Yash mother was’nt such a good wife..no one knows what goes on behind closed doors..that’s why he sought the company of BA..not justifying her robbery of another woman’s husband… that Badi Papa is somewhere around waiting to make his grand entry..never mind that Yash doesn’t give us any inkling that he’s alive…in soapland, anything’s possible…including the dead coming back to life. So, in a way, this would legitimize Sahil’s inheritance as true owner or co owner with Yash, as he’s a son as well. I really am mad that Yash came in Kanpur and is taking over the jewelry store of Agarwal’s…maybe Badi Papa will appear and tell Yash that he’s wrong to snatch Agarwal’s jewellers and that he’s proven that he’s just like the gutters he came from…never mind he looks lithe, well sculpted and probably workout in the gym or something like that…he does look lean and mean physically..though his lips remind me of Pennywise in IT… sigh…I just wish something good happens for my darling Sahil, in all of this commotion…

  7. I’m in agreement with Shruti…she ought to take a fast track or short cut away from toxic Nidhi…somewhere far…..I hope either Yash or Nidhi consume the sleeping pills instead.. Now…where was BA’ s head when she thought of keeping incriminating evidence in the storeroom? For all the smart woman she is, she’s really dumb to not destroy those photos and documents….but it’s satisfying that the truth came out for the family, now I await to see who she orders around now, maybe she’ll accept Vedika in Sahil’s life. Poor Vedika, has to tolerate Yash and his lecherous hands and unwanted love. These days he’s not running his business, he’s busy trying to order Vedika to wear s*xy lingerie…btw…..Friends, do anyone of you think that Vedika wore the lingerie for Yash? The next scene was where she was sitting on the swing in pensive thoughts….so I was just wondering, it’s left to our imagination right???

  8. Finally… BA is exposed. What now?? Will the rest of the Agarwal leave the house? I thought Vedika might stand up to Yash now but looking at the precap she is still lying to Sahil.. sometime I feel Vedika is stupid and not the strong woman she portrayed. So she is going to stay in that marriage and fullfill our her vows??

    I wish Sahil will move on.. he’s suffered enough. He’s try everything to get Vedika to admit she loves him but no luck. Perhaps If he moved on then she will realised what she had lost…,,

    1. i like the way you stated and agree with you Pooja.

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