Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil-Vaidika to bear another child

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Bhoomi begins to cry thinking that Sahil’s bone marrow didn’t match Ved’s. Vaidika tells Bhoomi that there is another chance, another child from same parents may save Ved’s life. Bhoomi asks if Vaidika and Sahil’s another chance… she pushes Vaidika away out of shock and questions how they can fall to such an extent. She calls Vaidika a cunning lady who use it a trick and steal Sahil and Ved from her. She shouts that Vaidika wish to sleep with Sahil now. Vaidika shuts her up and says it’s the doctor who gave this idea, they are clear on the stance that they want to treat Ved. She is Ved’s mother, she spoke to doctor about the next chance if Sahil’s bone marrow doesn’t match. She is also a woman and understands all this. The doctor reach home and accepts giving this idea. This

would already take a nine months’ time already and its better Ved is treated soon. Gauri convince Bhoomi that its important for Ved’s life, and in this age marital ties are already paid little attention. The doctor warns that Ved might not survive two to three years if untreated.
Bhoomi runs to the room, takes a fruit knife and decides to finish herself up. Sahil and Vaidika break into the room. Bhoomi shouts at Vaidika for ruining her life, she must get away of her life. She calls herself unlucky that she is unable to say a no to all this too. She wants to save her son’s life as well. Sahil convince Bhoomi to be strong. Bhoomi claims that she isn’t strong enough, no woman in the world can agree to this thing. Isn’t she his wife? Vaidika runs out of the room. Sahil calms Bhoomi down, requests her to sit and listen to him.
In the room, Nani was worried for Vaidika’s life in all this procedure. Vaidika wasn’t ready to discuss anything. She left the whole procedure over the doctor. Ved runs to the room with a drawing of Vaidika and himself. He says whenever he is away and Vaidika miss him, she can at least watch the drawing. Vaidika breaks into a cry, then plays with Ved. Nani plays for Vaidika silently.
In the room, Deepak tells Gauri such in the importance of real parents, if she still wants to leave him and Sadika? Gauri says their situations are different from Sahil and Vaidika’s, and he dare not think anything false about Sadika. Deepak was revengous over Gauri for gaining such a courage. He attempts to molest Gauri but she punches Deepak and runs out of the room.
At night, Bari Amma sat in Bhoomi’s room and convince Bhoomi that they are only concerned about Ved’s treatment. Sahil comes at the door of the room and hear the conversation inside. Bari Amma says she can’t also bear any intimacy between Sahil and Vaidika, and will speak to doctor to repeat the artificial procedure for child.
Sahil, Bhoomi and Vaidika cried separately the whole night.
The next morning, Bari Amma was angry over the doctor as the artificial insemination wasn’t possible. The doctor says it’s a difficult and complicated procedure, there are a lot of abnormalities observed in such children and here they are concerned about Ved’s life. The doctor says there might be a problem in a pregnancy at such an age. Bhoomi and Bari Amma insisted that they were ready to pay any amount of money. The doctor asks them to decide as it’s a personal matter. Sahil announces that he will do anything for Ved, he is ready to give birth to a normal child with the consent of Vaidika herself only. Bhoomi was shocked to hear this and pressurize Vaidika to disagree on this. Bari Amma questions Vaidika what’s she now thinking. Gauri wonders why Vaidika must put her life at stake when there is another way. Sahil tells Vaidika to take a decision only by herself, without anyone else’s pressure. They all want to stop them because of their limited mentality but they as parents must think for Ved. Vaidika was only confused.

PRECAP: Vaidika was confused what she must do. Bari Amma asks Bhoomi to prove herself great as Vaidika by a single decision this time. Sahil was happy to hear Bhoomi’s decision later.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Bhoomi doesn’t stop to astonish me. I can name her girlfriend, babysitter but she doesn’t become wife and mother for five years. Now she offensively yells threatens with suicide like a real intriguer.

  2. Pls pls writer kill the BA ie smash her to desth. And pls also kick out bhoomi out of this serial since she is getting on to our nerves by her hysterical n irresponsible behaviour. blo*dy lecherous woman. Hope at least now sahil sees through her.

  3. Seriously, what exactly is Bhoomi fighting for? She doesn’t have Sahil’s heart, she didn’t bear Sahil’s son, all she has is a piece of paper to prove that she is the wife of Sahil..i always think that having a marriage certificate doesn’t guarantee that you have a husband, a husband is one who is enjoined to his wife primarily in an emotional and a physical state..if you don’t have his heart, you can never have him… Bhoomi was clearly fighting for rights today but for 5 long years she was existing in a relationship which didn’t win her the heart of the man she signed her marriage certificate with so now she doesn’t have any leverage at all. If she were to stand in front of a judge now, first question asked of her would be if the marriage was consummated, that right there would make the marriage null and void BUT she would be entitled to her share of personal wealth arising out of the 5 years she spent in the relationship, at least this is how I see it…i stand corrected!! So, all Bhoomi could demand from the marriage at the moment is material wealth, she cannot force Sahil to sleep with her, that’s a new low. Today he heard BA giving personal advice to Bhoomi and I could see he was hurt to hear the old witch say what she said..when he held his heart and massaged his chest…omg, I could feel his pain. I’m sure he’s thinking of how much BA hates Vedika…while he could die in his love for her… I see he’s gravitating back to Vedika and that’s major worries for BA and Bhoomi… Vedika looked beautiful today especially in the last scene… Let me give credit to the actress who does Bhoomi’s role, she was really good today in her scenes especially in the beginning and even though I don’t like her character anymore, I think she’s a Barbie doll, she’s flawlessly beautiful, I can’t find a single thing to say she’s not perfect… One more thing…. When BA was giving Bhoomi advice on the bed, I swear her tongue was heavy, her words came out heavy and marginally slurred, like a person who had consumed alcohol.. She didn’t sound crisp and clean like she always does… Just my observation ladies, don’t beat up on me…

  4. Writers… PLEASE soften Vedika’s heart to accept Sahil wholeheartedly, give her the strength to ignore those who stand in her way. I feel pain for Sahil dear writers, I’m positive he wants to unite with the woman he loves, he’s loved her for so long, please give Sahil some joy and a reason to live, not only Ved is his motivation, Vedika is his oxygen…how can you all deprive him of this love? 😭😭😭😭😭……im. missing the romantic moments between my favorite couple really bad… 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭…so please please please dear writers, give us something to hope for, marry Sahil with Vedika and allow them to bring a child into their lives through the most natural way …..😍😍😭..i absorbed that hug yesterday, I could see that little scene over and over again. Anyways… Ladies, we are in for an acid attack from Deepak, he wants to get his revenge from Gauri by throwing acid on her, so brace yourselves for this mean man… I don’t understand some men, when they have a wife, they don’t appreciate them and ill-treated them, but as soon as another man enters the picture, all hell breaks loose… Men are really little boys in disguise, they never grow up while we women have to play mothers to them till they get gray…and then they become a child once more, it’s like they have the best toys but don’t appreciate it and wants what the other little boys have but another little boy comes an picks up and appreciate the discarded toys, then they want to hold on to it… That’s Deepak for you… I don’t have anything to say about Puneesh, it’s like he just never had anything of value except BA….

    1. Wow nice

  5. DannyComments

    Not sure I like where this is going..Bhoomi is Sahil’s legal wife. They both got married with consent. Yes Sahil warned her he would never love her but see..That’s the problem..women are quick to fall inlove! She had what most women want, a great husband and a wonderful child..She became happy, and all the while she fell for her husband, I repeat her husband, and then out of nowhere…She discovers that everything she had was about to be taken away from her..because life is cruel, because Vedika wouldnt speak the truth, despite claiming she never lies ! Ofcouse bhoomi would run mad! I would too! And Now? In this modern day and age , now she gotta watch her husband sleep with the love of his life to save her child..which isn’t hers.. nah!if bhoomi decides to kill everyone I will support her. 5years isn’t a joke! Nobody is that selfless like Vedika. I don’t like Vedika.

    1. Marie Raphael

      Your point is arguable. She fell in love with her husband dispute knowing, he will never love her! She raised a son she knew was never hers, Vadika raised a daughter she taught was hers, and let go! Why can’t bhoomi do the same?
      She found out vadika didn’t abandon her child, but was kidnapped at birth, all the woman want is her child? In those five years, she saw Ved crawl, loose his tooth, spoke his first words.
      However what about Vadika nine months? What of all the torture during her pregnancy? What about all the complications during pregnancy? Even if Sahil was the donor of the sperm? With what right can he claim the child, yes faith put it that way to have a child with the woman he loves, but vadika can claim full custody of the child? Because donors sign a contract not to know about the child and at that time vadika was married and her husband sign the official documents!
      So lets put it this way, bhoomi have claims over sahil being his wife, but no way have no cliam of ved, if she want Sahil keep him, make him fall for her, trick him, do whatever but return Vadika child. Make your own one with sahil. End of story, ved has cancer, their is a possibility of surviving or death. But let vadika enjoy those moment with her son, he is not yours!

  6. Its really so very easy to fall in love with a guy like Sahil. even the stone hearted Vedhika cant stay away from him.. though we talk about Sadhika and stuffs like that, its Sahil’s love that we are all actually concerned about.. so we want them to be together.. right or wrong, we want Sahil to get the love of his life.. its our love towards Sahil in reality..
    We all dream of a love like Sahil’s..and when bhoomi has got such a person in her life, she definitely cant let go of him..but one day she will also give in to Sahil’s love for Vedhika..
    I just hope that vedhika genuinely accepts sahil not because of saving Ved or any other thing like that, but bcz of Sahil’s true love for her..

  7. Sorry Danny.. i don’t agree with you. Vedika is not perfect but she is sensible unlike Bhoomi who is selfish. She is a puppet and BA hold the strings. She is bimbo and went init this marriage with eyes wide open. Sahil and Ved was never hers. Vedika had brought Sadika up for 5 years yet not matter how painful it’s was she did the right thing and happy to share with Gauri.

    Coming to last night episode, Naz yes Vedika look very pretty in the last episode. I cannot imagine how hard it’s for her to be insulted , called names, comments about her age and ability to bear a child. All in front of the whole family including the doctor. I am glad that she had a thick skin. As for Barbie doll I could give her one or two slaps and shut up her. Is she really wanted to kill herself. She should have looked for a bigger knife 🙄. BA and her acid tongue !!! For once I seen Nani showing concern for Vedika. Sahil I feel your pain. writers please Let’s have have some romantic scene between our golden couple. It’s been a while since there two had some joy in their life.

  8. You r correct pooja. Lustful bhoomi is hust a barbie doll. Wants sahil for her physical need only n nothing else. And as u said she is a blo*dy puppet on Murderer BA’s strings. Friend did u all see in last night episode when the overthe board actress bhoomi was tryi g to kill herself with a toy knife n when sahil stops her n holds her to make her sit – tell me did it look romantic at all. It was like u r holding a stubborn child. What i mean to say is he doesnt love her at all absolutely no feeling still she is screaming n screeching in the name of acting to draw sahils n other peoples attention. Poor damsel in distress. That blo*dy B BA Has nicely enjoyed with a younger person n produced 2 daughters without any love n why is that monkey brand woman objecting to sadika coming together when they both r truely n passionately in love.yesterday when the doctor said that it eill be risky 4 vedika to undergo artificial insemination wherein she could loose her life that bimbo barbie doll tells that it makes no difference to her. She only wants to save veds life. Such an ungrateful brat. She has forgotten how much vedika has saved her. But there is a big GOD up who ll punish her like hell 4 harrassing n saying all filthy things to vedika. ShMe on this creature.

  9. Friends just now i read in google that sadika will be getting married in a simple ceremony in the temple. They hv shown the picture also. Oh i am so happy. But i am little worried also since the doctor told yezterday that due to vedikas age there can be problem in her delivery. Pls praY these useless writers should not let her die after delivery. I ll kill them. They might want the selfish barbie doll also to be with sahil. Who knows?

  10. Ya Raji i too read that they are gonna get married..yehh…it makes my heart flutter too.. 🙂
    im waiting for the moment when Vedhika will rightfully belong to Sahil..
    imagine guys sahil as vedhika’s hubby…mmmmmmm..its so dreamy…my heart too is literally in my eyes…

  11. Muniya

    ‘SADIKA’ will get married…saw a pic of KJ on insta in a groom’s dress…that’s awesome.
    It was needed after all the bullshit tracks…Ved is love.

  12. Dolly.. I share your comments.. I can’t Wait either. Sahil will finally have the woman he loved so dearly 😘😘😘. I don’t mind under what circumstances .

  13. Ok friend see in latest u tube wherein it is shown that both sadika r getting married n another monkey like puneesh is slying taking this marriage photograph. Nobody is seen in the marriage. Only sadika n the pundit. They hv shown sahil putting sindoor in vedikas maang. I think may be after this shot lecherous barbie or shabby doll will put the clause that sahil should consummate with her first. Poor damsel in distress. I think very soon she ll go completely MAD.

  14. Lets gear up for the much waited Sadhika Moments.. 😉

  15. I agree with all on the forum today except the commentator who thinks like Bhoomi….let this simple line speak for itself. Friends, I’ve always regarded Vedika as Sahil’s wife in my mind when the sindoor and his blood landed on her maang, everyone else is inconsequential for me. I’ve enjoyed comments today, they were entertaining. Pooja, I LOL when you said Bhoomi should have used a bigger knife if she was serious about killing herself and she took so long to slash herself, she lectured herself by buying some time for Sahil to stop her… MARIE RAPHAEL…i must say thank you for trying to set the record straight and what you said is the simple honest truth, I needn’t add more, you hit on the right points. Friends… This time Sahil around would be here to take care of Vedika in her pregnancy, remember how we all were enraged when he couldn’t be a part of Ved’s gestation period? Well, writers are trying to best to give him some happiness now and I’m looking forward to sharing her pains too… Raji… You never fail to make me laugh…in a good way and you are so correct, I’ve always said that BA enjoyed herself with a man younger than her and a married one too but she thinks she should lecture Vedika, she needs some introspection quickly she should shut her trap because she was a homewrecker once upon a time… She built her happiness on another woman’s sorrow….what a wretch….and I feel like slapping her when she says that Vedika tries to woo Sahil into the bed, that’s what she did with Yash’s father…but Sahil was a single man who fell in love with Vedika who was a widow, so the coast was clear for that relationship until BA poked her nose into the love story.. As for Bhoomi, does she believe that Sahil would ever love her? What a joke!! She rather live a loveless life and make Sahil unhappy than to be selfless and give him the opportunity to make himself happy with Vedika by his side. One more thing, when BA asked Bhoomi to marry Sahil back then, it was because of her lies and dirty deeds, that was more of a business proposition borne out of desperation to destroy Vedika but thank goodness Vedika had a chance to shower her motherly love on Sadika who wouldn’t have had any from a father who would have deserted her being a female ,so Vedika was spared the trauma of not having a child, imagine how her devastation would have been!!! Especially knowing that her baby was Sahil’s… At the end of the day, we are more concerned about Sahil getting what he wants, his love for Vedika is the most important thing we want, not even Vedika’s love is important to us… Sahil should get his love…

  16. Guys they are going to show Bhoomi on the brighter side it seems..She is accepting Sadhika’s marriage.. I think the writers want to show that Vedhika’s sister also has a bigger heart to accept true love.. Whatever as long as the villains get reduced, im happy.. now they have sized down to that blo*dy BA and that lizard Puneesh..
    But now vedhika will have no problem from the outer world..Sahil is there to take care of everything..rightfully.. how cute and romantic…

  17. Oh Naz write so beautifully. Just love to read everyones comments on this forum. Writers pls listen to all sadika fans n see that sadika r never separated till the serial ends. Pls show us beautiful loving scenes between sadika. Oh i hv never seen such chemistry like sadika. Sahil sahil i cant tell u how romantic u r whether in delivering yr dialogues, yr body language expresiing all yr emotions or giving those lovey dovey looks to vedika even in anger or whatever. Love you SAHIL DEAR. Writers pls dont disappoint us. Let vedika also show her emotions to sahil just as he shows to her

  18. No dolly u r mistaken. After sadika gets married barbie doll ll throw the bombbshell. I read somewhere that is the time she ll tell sahil that he should first consummate with her before he goes to vedika. OH DARLING WHAT HIGH HOPES. She is a crook. Dumbo n brainless. But do you all think sahil ll bow down to her this shameless demand. Now toh she will completely fall in sahils eyes. I am actually waiting for that. In case sahil due to ved succumbs to her this demand i think friends i ll completely stop watching this serial and stop reading the written updates n comments. Pls writers dont harrass all fans of sadika. We hv had enough fm u.

  19. Sahil n Vaidika will reunite but what ’bout Bhoomi.

  20. Sahil n Vaidika will reunite but what will happen to Bhoomi’s life.Did u all think about that???

  21. Ash as simple as that. Bhoomi ll go to hell.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Oh raji I just luv u darling..bhoomi ll just go to hell lmao. Bhoomi knew from d very beginning dat sahil loved only vedika and would never luv her, she had five yrs to prove otherwise. He gaved her an out but she refused even though she knew his feelings but I guess she thought over time and with his hatred for vedika he just mite luv her, she was wrong.She knew ved was vedika she knew how vedika thinks yet she believed BA wen she said vedika abandoned her child, she learnt diffferently five yrs later. She heard sahil say his marriage is only for ved sake and he feels suffocated in d marriage yet after five yrs shes still thinkin she should have him. Vedika luvs him but through society, bari amma and bhoomi she keeps her distance. She luved sadika yet wen she learnt she wasnt hers but gaurisI she had no problem sharing. Yes danny not everyone can be selfless like vedika isnt it no wonder dat sahil luvs her unconditionally. Hes had bhoomi in his life for five yrs yet not a single part of him fell for her y is dat cause his heart beats for only one person and bhoomi knows dat so wat she really telling herself. Let d man go ur suffocating him and keeping him from his true love.I tink BA told her to let sahil marry vedika but consumate first cause shes younger dan vedika and might get pregnant first so even if vedika and sahil does conceive a child he will feel compel to stay with bhoomi as she would also b mother of his child. It wouldnt matter if he luved her or not he would never abandoned his child specially if he never finds out dat she knew d truth bout ved and bout BA being d one dat killed his mom.I firmly believe if u luv someone set dem free if dey belong to u dey would b back if not then u saved urself and dem alot of heartache….stop being selfish.

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