Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash sends Sahil to mental asylum

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Sahil lay in his couch and scrolled Vaidika’s photos. He thinks he is fed up of this drama that has no results. Vaidika walks into his room in a red dress and open hair. Vaidika says Sahil always wished her to accept her love, she has come here to confess what’s in her heart. Sahil smiles and walks to Vaidika. Sahil asks if this is true. He holds Vaidika’s hands and asks if she wants to say… he wants to hear her feelings from her own mouth. Vaidika says I love you Sahil. Sahil cheers up holding her cheeks and says he loves her so much and can fight the whole world for her. He soon realizes it was only day dreaming. Sahil thinks he just got the feeling that Vaidika was near and it can’t be a false one.
Vaidika was in the corridor, she thinks about what Bhoomi suggested her. She asked

Vaidika to give a shock to Sahil to bring the real twenty four year old Sahil out of this childish shield. She decides she can’t do this, otherwise what she would tell Sahil later and what the world would think about her.
Sahil comes out of his room looking around. Bhoomi comes to him as Vaidika. Sahil pushes her away and runs into his room. Bhoomi turns around to Vaidika and asks how Sahil could get the feeling of Vaidika in her. She was positive as for a moment she felt the real Sahil inside him.
Shruti wakes up in the morning and thinks Karan must have gone to prepare breakfast for her. She walks out of the room and shocked to see Karan taking care of Nidhi who seemed ill. Karan was much concerned for her and goes to call the doctor. Nidhi smirks and suggests Shruti to share Karan with her. There are a lot of advantages to get pregnant, she wonders if Shruti used protection with Puneesh? Shruti slaps Nidhi and goes inside the room. Nidhi was determined to revenge Shruti for this slap.
Yash comes across Sahil and thinks about Vaidika’s slap. Sahil poses being crazy. Yash clutches Sahil’s chin and says he would get Sahil trapped in his own drama. He will have to live as mental for all his life. Sahil screams in Yash’s ear and enjoys terrifying uncle. Yash thinks Sahil was saved last night but won’t for long. Sahil thinks he must bring Yash’s realty to the family first and will finish him if he does anything wrong to Vaidika.
Karan brings tea for Shruti in the room. Shruti gives Karan a plan for their weekend trip. She says they would go out of Kanpur for weekend. Karan cheers. Shruti says she wants to give their marriage a new chance and doesn’t want to look behind, if she needs someone’s permission? Karan smiles and says she doesn’t need any permissions not from her husband even. She hugs Karan. Nidhi watch Karan kiss her forehead as they hugged. She was irked at Shruti and thinks she can’t let her celebrate with her husband. It’s time to work on Puneesh’s plan. She will mix the tablets in her drinking water and witness the effects.
Vaidika was worried as she watched Sahil play video games in her room. Sahil denies leaving her room and thinks he can’t spare Vaidika with that mental Yash. Suddenly the lights go off, someone tries to harass Vaidika. Sahil was alert and shouts what happened to the light. The lights get on then. Vaidika lay beside the bed. Sahil comes closer asking what happened. Yash enters the room and blames Sahil for abusing Vaidika. Vaidika tells Yash it was someone else but Yash convinces the family that Sahil is a dangerous man. He is crazy and can no longer stay in this house. He is always behind Vaidika, what if he harms Vaidika. Vaidika tells Yash it was someone else in the room. Sahil insists it’s a lie but Nani seconds Yash. Vaidika questions Yash why he is creating this drama, she is sure Sahil can’t do this. Yash wasn’t ready to listen and says he can’t take the risk of keeping him here at home. His place is a mental asylum. Vaidika was shocked. He has arranged everything already. He calls the staff of mental asylum who take Sahil. Vaidika resists pleading Yash to leave him. Aarya wonders why Sahil doesn’t speak the truth that he only became mental for Vaidika.
Yash had clutched Vaidika’s arm to stop her follow Sahil. Vaidika insists that she knows Sahil well. Yash tells Vaidika this is a revenge of her slap, she is responsible to send Sahil to mental asylum. He shut the lights and harassed her as well. She must stay in limits of a wife else someone else will have to bear the consequences the next time. Vaidika was shocked and devastated.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh…, but sahil will be free from the custody of guards came from mental asylum to save Vedika from cruelty of Yash !!!..

  2. Hey guys Piya More has come to an end also Woh Apna Sa wow I heave a sigh of relief.

  3. Vedika looked gorgeous in the red sari.

    How can Yash do this??? According to precap he locked Sahil in a warehouse. At least BA truth will be out.. can’t wait for tonight episode.

    So Nidhi is going to drug Shruti for Puneesh.. why can’t We see the end of those 2 characters and see more sadika moments.

  4. YASH ?????…from suave jewelry businessman to savage thug…. How low of him to force Vedika to sleep with him…well, he certainly wouldn’t get her coming to him on her own. While I do feel sympathy for Vedika having to give back a roof over the head of Agarwal’s heads in exchanging marriage vows with desperado Yash, she look for her troubles in a way…so stupid of her to preach to Yash and Sahil about honoring her marriage vows!! Well, take that in your…stride girrrllll….you looked for that. She’s so wife like with declaring that fact, no wonder Yash want to romp in bed with her…. As you’ve said Pooja, Sahil in the storeroom or warehouse better give us some rewards, we want Sahil to know BA dirty laundry as well because we know she ain’t no decent woman. As for Nidhi.. She needs to be shot!! She’s the type who thrive on making people unhappy… She doesn’t want Karan but she can’t leave him either, just like lowlife Puneesh, Yash ,Nidhi’s mother her and Deepak..don’t know who deserves to wear the crown… All of them including BA needs to be put in front of the firing squad…one by one..

  5. Muniya

    Oh god!!!! This Yash!!!…Can’t tolerate him for bit now?????
    Shruti and Karan was good…no words for witch Nidhi?…she is also a type of mental…can’t withstand anyone’s happiness

  6. Nina

    The first scene of this episode is so beautiful. Over multiple months, Vedika stayed constant in her love for Sahil and declared it openly as I thought. What a pity it’s a dream. But we will see she try to keep other woman from him.

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