Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika saves Sahil from Gautham

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Vaidika was worried about how to save Sahil as Agarwal’s didn’t pay the full money. Deepak spread the money over bed and says he is the owner of all this. He says one day or other, Sahil would return home. What’s wrong in earning a bit for himself?
Vaidika resists as Gautham turned the tap full open into the tank. He clutches Vaidika’s hair and face inquiring about the money. Agarwal family come in and find Sahil entrapped in the tank. Gautham tries to prove innocent but Anjana doesn’t trust him. Vaidika finds a huge hammer lying on the floor nearby. Gautham calls his men but Deepak says no one would come to his assistance. Gautham had pointed a gun at everyone as he might hurt Sahil otherwise. Vaidika attacks Gautham with the hammer, he fell over the floor injured. She now breaks

the glass of tank with the strike of hammer, it shatters on her third strike. The family save Sahil who was badly injured. Vaidika takes a rod and beat Gautham. Deepak stops her as police will soon be here to arrest him. Gauri says this is true love. Police arrives to arrest Gautham.
Vaidika turns to face Sahil and suggests about taking him to doctor. Bari Amma scolds her to interfere. Gauri thanks Vaidika for sending them the message through that paper note. Deepak clutches the money bag.
Gautham takes a chance to flee from police’s grip and jumps down the building, telling Vaidika he will return soon.
At night in Agarwal house, the doctor says he was given medicines to keep him unconscious. He has given injections, Sahil might be fine when he wakes up. Vaidika covers him with blanket. Bari Amma tells Vaidika to leave the house now. Karan says she saved Sahil’s life. Bari Amma says she is responsible for all this, and can’t be made the daughter in law of the house. Puneet was ready to push her out of the house. Vaidika interrupts as Sahil needs to rest, she is already leaving. Deepak assures to inform her time to time about Sahil’s condition.
Sahil wakes up in the middle of night. His phone bell rings, he struggles to sit up. It was Karan’s voice message, he told him to lower the volume and informed Sahil that Vaidika saved his life. She might not have blinked her eye until he was saved. He must thanks her.
Sahil records a voice note for Vaidika that he always doubted but she turned to be a hero. Vaidika hears his thanking message. He says she can keep his life along with his heart. Vaidika replies, Gautham wanted to revenge him because of her, she is happy that he is fine; she feared of losing him for a while. Sahil laughs that he must be thankful for Gautham for this. Vaidika wish him good night. Sahil asks to meet Vaidika in the same temple tomorrow. Vaidika tells him to get well first. Sahil says he is fine and fix the time for tomorrow. Vaidika forbids him to inform anyone about it then.
The next morning, Sahil was excited in the temple as he felt he would never meet Vaidika again during all this drama. He turns to see Vaidika climbing the stairs of temple. Vaidika apologizes Sahil for the kidnap. Sahil looks towards the temple stairs covered in flowers and apologizes for doing a little too much. He compliments Vaidika for her looks then. He says even God is showing interest in their love story. Everything in their lives connected them coincidentally. He asks Vaidika if she will be a part of his life, and spare some place for him in her heart. He is sure she feels for him, the way she saved his life. He proposes Vaidika for marriage. Vaidika looks towards Sahil for a while.

PRECAP: Vaidika accepts Sahil’s marriage proposal but on a condition that they will marry tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wonderful episode. I’m always eager to read update for this serial over all the others, it takes first precedence. I just absolutely love this thing called love, between this couple, I could just feel it through and through. I adore Sahil, what a true charismatic Romeo. I enjoy the scenes between Sahil and Vedika, he’s so darn adorable when he looks at her, I could swear he really loves her. Vedika accepts Sahil’s proposal but like always, something or the other, I’m sure will screw up. I really would like to see them married in the traditional way, I’m sure it would be one grand wedding. Love it love it love it!!!

  2. As for Deepak…i just don’t know if I should hate him or not ….true example of a devil’s advocate!!! In fact, I sort of feel sorry for him.. I think Gauri will support her brother’s love for Vedika, her admission alone that theirs is true love, is very indicative of this and I hope she assists them somewhere down the road, she herself who’s starved for some love and affection from Deepak… These days he’s not badgering her to get pregnant, for her happiness I hope soon she does… Good riddance to Gautam but I know he’ll be back, like a bad dream…

    1. Ooshi

      i agree to u in the matter of deeps his badgering with gauri makes him a person to be hated but for now he is helping vedika and sahil but as we know his intentions r still bad and agree to ur thoughts about gauri as well

  3. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Sona

  4. Ooshi

    thank God that that the track ended and now the pair is going to get their peaks but i didn’t understand y vedika said tomorrow in precap

  5. Muniya

    Wonderful episode…Loved it.
    I seriously can’t decide either i’ll like Deepak or hate him…don’t know yet.
    Although Sahil is unwell…still he looks so cute…and also…as Sahil said…Vedika was looking really gorgeous in yellow Saree and hairs open.
    Precap is too good…still there is a question…is there anything serious going on Vedika’s mind?…Hv to wait to know that.
    Love the show…Hope KJ get well soon.

  6. Ooshi and Muniya, I also don’t know what Vedika has in mind. I don’t think she’s going to accept his proposal as yet, remember she’s always reminding him to marry someone his age!! I wouldn’t be surprised if she brings Nidhi by the temple, you know how these writers can with the stroke of their pens or keyboards, make things happen….that may make Sahil either angry or upset and I still thinks he has to do some more convincing to her but what could be more convincing to her than what he just passed through. You both know that the chase is always exciting than the kill so I think they still have to go through much more before they unite. Vedika needs to spend carefree time with Sahil doing fun things, in this way her heart will soften and her attraction towards him will expose itself. Vedika is a very beautiful woman and if she dresses differently, we’d be shocked to see how she transforms and Sahil may get a heart shock. She indeed looks stunning with just her hair down so I’m so eager to see what the makeup artists do to her looks and wardrobe.. I just absolutely adore this couple…

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