Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika brings Sahil to old house

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Vaidika brings Sahil to her old house. She says doctor claims that his past memories are all collected in a corner of his brain, she will continue her tries to remind him of his memory. She will leave no stone unturned and will bring his memory back each day. Sahil looks behind to see Vaidika. Vaidika points towards him to move forward. He comes to touch the name plate of Vaidika and Sahil’s house, then unlocks the door. Vague flashes from the past again flash in his mind. He comes to the yard. Vaidika silently prays for the strength, she can’t know the consequences of her actions but wish to bring Sahil out of this trouble.
Sahil looks around towards their past photos all hung over the walls of the house. History flash in his mind. He looks around towards the light décor Sahil had

once done for Vaidika. He wonders what’s happening to him, he feels connected to this house. Vaidika thinks she wants to remind Sahil what he once did for her. She touches the huge board with alphabets of LOVE. She then brings a box towards Sahil as a gift. He opens the box up and finds the blue dress in it he had once gifted to Vaidika. He holds the saree, his eyes open wide while his past memory continue to flash. Vaidika asks if he feels or remember anything, he once did the same for her. Sahil looks upstairs and walks the stairs.
Vaidika recalls a rule book she had given to Sahil. She brings it from the closet and asks if he remember this book, and the handkerchief? She shows him the bag he brought when he came over to live here. Sahil asks if this is his. Vaidika now cries, holding Sahil’s face she requests him to try and recall. She then brings Sahil to her room and reminds him he celebrated her birthday in this room; their birthdays are on the same date. He even sang a song for her. She was about to slip in front of Sahil. He holds her by waist. His head bangs badly. He confirms Vaidika if this happened earlier, whatever she is saying. He was about to faint due to stress and fell on the floor unconscious. Vaidika panics and calls the doctor for help.
At Agarwal house, Mandagini was reading a magazine in the hall. Deepak comes in. Mandagini daydreams about a song playing while Deepak stood as her Super Hero. She runs to Deepak. He was shocked and moves her shoulder asking if everything is fine? Mandagini runs inside shyly.
The next morning, Bari Amma and Nani were tensed. Vaidika and Sahil return home. Vaidika says Sahil was sick, and had to be kept in hospital for observation. Sahil says he doesn’t remember anything, when he woke up Vaidika was there with him. Bari Amma complains that Bhoomi took advantage of their absence and took Ved to his school’s Christmas party. Usha comes there and says the mother who brings up a child holds more importance, Bhoomi could take him. She tells Sahil to go to school as he has to bear the responsibility of his twin brother’s son. Vaidika tells Usha that Sahil will go to school, but she needn’t scold him pointlessly. When Usha and Sahil had gone inside, Vaidika tells the ladies that this is surely Sahil. He lost his memory and even remembered things when she took him to her house. The doctors warned not to burdened his mind, and he might not ever gain his memory back; but she can never leave his side. Bari Amma was proud of Vaidika.
PRECAP: The family had gone to a community function where Vaidika performs a dance. Sahil regains his memory and comes on the stage to dance with Vaidika.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. So it was all a set n where is bhoomi

  2. Nina

    Tonight we could see how a lot of various recollections united Vedika and Sahil. The photos revived many emotional moments. Sahil is balancing on the brink of past and present. There is a short rest from Bhoomi.

  3. Leila- bhoomi is plotting something in the background(done by directors)

  4. Not liking the current track. Missing the fun loving and cheeky Sahil. It’s painful to watch him looking so lost….. This Bhoomi and Usha duo is like cheese and chalk. One is after Sahil and one after wealth. Hope Sahil gets his memory back soon and we can move on with the story.

  5. Naz girl I know you are always uptodate with the serials please explain what is really going on with Sahil and Vedica and why are they calling him Jackie and who is the woman that is calling him her son what part is she playing and what about Bhoom Bhoom where the hell she disappear all of a sudden; I am anxious for you to give me the explanation for all that is going on with Vedica Sahil and Bhoom Bhoom LOL

    1. Sorry Sapphire…for the late reply.. You know how it is on weekends!! Well, as it turns out, BA was jealous of Anjana when she had given birth to a son back then but the thing is, she had given birth to twin boys instead and since BA was this jealous, she left one baby to the elements and the other she took home..so basically Anjana died not knowing she was the mother of twin boys.. Usha found the abandoned baby and named him Jacky and brought him up to swindle rich people. When Sahil fell from the cliff, his twin Jacky found him injured and took him to the hospital for treatment. To cut a long story short, Puneesh found out about Sahil’s rescue and came looking for him but he was laid up on bed and Jacky slipped outside the hospital room for a while whereas Puneesh mistook him for Sahil and pounced on him and as he protested his mistaken identity because of course Puneesh didn’t know of a twin in this scenario, he threw Jacky down the building to die..during this time, Sahil heard the voices and as he stood hidden by the doorway, saw when Puneesh and his goons threw Jacky down the building.. I imagine that he’s alive somewhere, if Sahil could survive falling from a cliff, then Jacky would survive this too… So, Sahil came back as Jacky… I’d like to think that he learnt a lot about Jacky before trying to impersonate him because he even fooled Usha and Co….. You’d think that if Usha is such a big swindler, she’d be rich by now or in jail ehh….but here she is trying to get a piece of the property by scheming again..this time she has the ghotic vamp Bhoomi teaming up with her, Bhoomi still lusts after Sahil and wants to own a child she didn’t push out and Usha wants property.. A few days ago when Sadika were captured, on Bhoomi’s insistence, asked her goons to beat Sahil very badly..i guess that’s the newest way to express love….so they assaulted Vedika while tied to a chair and smashed Sahil’s head against a metal frame where he subsequently lost his memory, Vedika lost consciousness and the ghotic vamp and Usha brainwashed Sahil into believing that he’s Jacky and that’s where we are now…it feels like deja vu, me telling you about this… Anyways, you know nothing sticks for long here so I’m sure this week he’ll regain his lost memories.. As you can see, Vedika is trying to jog his memory, so the things he did for her, she’s doing for him now…

      1. Thanks Naz. For the infor. Missed your comments too.
        There are times when i want to wak bhoohoo on the head and pump in some sense but girls like that never listen to good advice, when they have made up their mind they want someone else’s man they will do anything to get him. Its mental what bhoohoo and ashshish are doing.

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