Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil determined to get his love back

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It was night. Sahil was at old house of Vaidika and speaks to the God’s idols that he now understands why Vaidika believes them. He has done everything for Vaidika. He is annoyed with the Gods to get Vaidika married to Yash, but now he wants their help. He says he wish Vaidika gets to know he isn’t home, she must have left finding him and can come here anytime. Vaidika opens the door from behind and comes to Sahil. Sahil poses childish again. Sahil complains to Vaidika for going to that angry man leaving him behind. Vaidika asks why he didn’t go home then. How he reached this place? Sahil looks towards Vaidika then shows her a card saying she forgot it in the restaurant. It was her ID card. He says her photo looks familiar but address was a different one. He says he feels he came here before

as well and knows a lot about the house. Vaidika says he came here a long time ago. Vaidika asks Sahil to go home. Sahil denies going back. He watches Yash come inside and thinks he knew he would surely come. Sahil hugs Vaidika and tells her she is nice, he likes her more than his pasta. Yash comes inside and slaps Sahil hard. Vaidika stops Yash and explains Sahil isn’t normal right now, he might get worsen. She wonders why she married the wild man like him. If he thinks she would hug Sahil being his wife? She needs to clarify she doesn’t consider marriage a joke, she understands its limits and will go to any extent to save it. Right now she wants to give her full attention so that Sahil gets fine.
Nidhi walks into the house. She was happy that she got Karan indulged for the whole day, Shruti would now be angry with him and she would enjoy her bad face. Shruti unlocks the door wearing small clothes and room decorated with candles and flowers. She walks to place her head over Karan’s shoulder and says she knew he must be hungry, he cooked his favorite food. Nidhi gets a chance and says she is also hungry. Shruti interferes saying she left some food for her in kitchen, Nidhi can take it. She takes Karan into the room and shuts the door.
At Agarwal house, Sahil brings Aarya into a room. He as normal and tells Aarya he doesn’t understand if Vaidika would ever confess her love for him. Aarya forbids Sahil be the childish one, he seems good as a determined person. She tells Sahil to be more stubborn than Vaidika and continue doing what he is. Sahil was determined to work really hard to get his love. Nani comes into the room. Sahil watches her and turns into a child again. Nani asks Aarya to fill her phone with some new songs. She then pulls earpiece off her ears relieving Aarya and Sahil. Nani boasts about the earpieces Yash gifted her, its seems she sits in the cinema hall.
Puneesh wrapped Prachi’s hair with flowers. Prachi was happy. Puneesh regrets being trapped only in a room with wife. There was a knock at the door. It was a maid under a veil and asks to clean the room. Prachi asks if Anjana appointed her. She says yes. Puneesh sits on the bed. The maid removes her veil, it was Nidhi who asks Puneesh to come outside, and she wants to speak to him. Prachi sense some murmuring, but Puneesh complains about Maid’s work and walks outside to complain to Anjana about the maid’s work. Nidhi goes behind him.
Nani brings Aarya to the room and happily shows how well she decorated the room. She tells Aarya to call Yash as Papa. Aarya says she would call anyone with the name she likes. Nani says she isn’t asking, she is only telling Aarya. She pulls her ear and says the room and all the photos are proof that Vaidika and Yash are married. Aarya furiously breaks the photo frame over the floor of the room. She clarifies Sahil is her Papa only. Bari Amma comes in and clarifies Sahil isn’t anyone’s father or husband. Nani shields Aarya behind her and clarifies to Bari Amma she is none to dictate Aarya at all. Bari Amma leaves the room, Nani goes behind her. Aarya wish Sahil gets well soon, if these oldies continue to fight with each other.
Deepak forced Gauri to drink a juice in the room. It was a special one as per instructions of the Pandit. Sahil jumps into their room, he pulls the glass off Deepak’s hand as he wished to drink it. Deepak snatches the glass. Sahil thinks what the use of his acting is if he can’t stop Deepak from harassing Gauri. Deepak still forces Gauri to drink the juice. Sahil warns to break a crystal flower. Deepak has to gulp the juice shutting his nose up. He has to leave the room as he couldn’t bear the bitterness after gulping the whole glass. Gauri was sentimental and thinks she really miss the protectiveness of her brother and wish Sahil gets better soon.
Nidhi tells Puneesh it was important for her to meet him. Puneesh asks why she is staying at Karan’s. He suggests her to turn her child into a player card. She must do something that forces plead her to give her child. Nidhi hears his suggestions intently and likes it.
Vaidika enters the room and was about to hit Yash in the room. She apologizes but Yash says he always wish to get near to Vaidika. Vaidika asks Yash to give their marriage sometime. Yash grabs Vaidika’s arms and asks what’s wrong if he wants their relation to be a complete one. He forces Vaidika who was resistant. Yash warns to destroy Agarwal’s again if she breaks their marriage. He forces herself over Vaidika. Sahil opens the door of their house.

PRECAP: Gauri tells Vaidika she hasn’t seen someone as strong as her but it seems she has fallen really weak. Sahil comes to stop Yash. Yash pushes him towards the mirror. Sahil was furious and this time grabs Yash’s collar. Everyone gathers around.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice Episode..!!!, Sahil should must keep his emotion and expose the Yash??

  2. Thanks Sona for updating the story of today’s episode, Yesterday, you were so busy I think so.

  3. One thing I don’t like at all… Vedika is fully aware that she married Yash so that he’d spare the Agarwal’s from eviction from their home and not because she loves him, so why is this marriage so important to her all of a sudden and talking about doing right by her vows?? She’s supposed to remind him that she married him under duress, not so? What do you say advocate Lakshmi? Some of the serials make a joke out of marriage rituals and vows, so why can’t Vedika do the same thing here? I’m so pissed off about this… As well, I hope Aarya continues to give Yash the cold shoulder treatment in accepting him as papa…and in continuing with this pretensive behavior, Sahil could well see and know things happening with everyone in the family and other negative things as well, I hope Yash is unmasked doing something really bad and Vedika throws his arse out of her life but her getting a divorce from him will be hell…

  4. KJ’s face looks a bit fuller since the serial started and he looks so ?????????????????…

  5. Muniya

    Nice epi…
    Really love the bonding between Sahila nd Aarya???…bff goals??
    Fed up of this Nidhi’s drama…how long!!!!
    Sahil did good with Deepak…he deserves that.
    And Yash!!!…he is losing temper again and again…must end up something really bad.
    Vedika is looking good…KJ is superb as always????????

  6. Puneesh and Nidhi together again!!!! Why do writers keep bringing those two. Fed up with their dirty tricks.

    Arya and Sahil are superb. Yash is just a bully. Wish Vetika would confess her love for Sahil soon. I wonder if Sahil heard the conversation between Yash and Vedika before he barge in their bedroom???if so then he would know why Vedika marry Yash….

  7. Hello Ladies ,as usual a bit late in giving my comments as I could n’t watch the regular episode at 10.30 pm …the channel should think of changing the timings of this popular serial to a more convenient time particularly for sleeping beauties like me….Naz,as to your query ,whether Vedika should take her marriage vows seriously or not ,it depends on whether she believes in the sanctity of marriage or sanctity of love ,we know there is nothing like marrying the person one loves,,,but if there is a clash,one has to choose..Naz, in the past ,girls used to be brought up with the false notion that marriage vows were very sacred and let the husband be any kind of beast, he should be loved…With this misconception ,women used to tolerate a loveless marriage and be loyal to those husbands who would be worse than beasts …Even now lot of importance is given to Saath phere ,sindhoor and mangal sutra but only if the girl loves her husband…Legally , marriage under duress is a fit case for divorce ….So it depends on Vedika whether she wants to approach the court now itself with the complaint that it is a forced marriage and how Yash has blackmailed her into marrying him by threats to the person she loves and his family or wait till Yash commits other serious things like cruelty- that includes mental torture as well …adultery etc.. But if Yash wants to consummate the marriage ????? Naz,marital rape is still not considered a criminal offence in India…but increasingly women are coming to courts with this complaint….the argument against such women is why are they sticking to their husbands whom they don’t love and with whom they don’t want physical relations …I think this argument is also right …So the Supreme Court is contemplating …Vedika should decide quickly whether she wants to respect marriage vows and accept him wholeheartedly or expose him now itself and go back to her love…She can not be on both sides…..chat with you later…I have a busy afternoon schedule today…

    1. Thanks Lakshmi… You explained it smoothly but I would have thought so too…you know that I think love is the most important ingredient for marriage to take place so making compromises for such an important union should’nt be the basis on which people marry. However.. I have sent little grouse as to why Vedika is speaking so confidently about honoring her vows even though she married Yash under duress, I feel like giving her a tight slap everytime she points this out to him, I think she should be reminding him of what the agreement is..just like how she keeps reminding him that it’s because of him that Sahil is in this condition…maybe I’m too possessive of Sahil and Vedika love story and don’t appreciate any other man invading their space..i miss their romance badly, and you know me well enough that I’m a die hard romantic.. I miss Sadika’s moments ??????..btw, If I see her willingly going to Yash in intimate scenes I may blow a fuse.. I’m crazy right, maybe I’m just as jealous of this relationship being exclusively Sadika’s just as Sahil is… What the heck is wrong with my brain these days? I’m thinking like Sahil now…its just that if she only could confess to him why she married Yash and tell Sahil that she loves him, I may be at peace…. Anyways.. To my other friends here, please don’t think I’m crazy, I just love it when people in love get to be with each other and no other outsiders try to separate them…. Lakshmi, I’m happy that the road to Meera and Vivaan’s love is finally coming on track…we missed their nok joks a lot.

  8. Vedika isn’t strong at all
    full of attitudes for nothing nonsense
    why does she need to fulfill her marriage
    if she’s willing to fulfill,leave Sahil
    fool woman playing with boys hah

  9. Does love like that of Sahil really exist? Or is it just a story? Has anyone come across? I haven’t..

    1. Muniya

      People must need to be super lucky to get this kind of love in their life…its like god’s special blessing poured over to them??

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