Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil attracted to Vaidika

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Sahil had just bent down when Guddu comes there with his suitcases. Bari Amma observes closely a young girl heavily embellished joining Guddu. She complains to Bhoomi for leaving her back at the door. Usha introduces them as her son and daughter. She brought up Jackie for years, and her children even have a right over this house. Vaidika thinks she must bring Sahil out of this state, else Usha will begin to own this house. Sahil walks inside, Bhoomi following her. Usha tells Mandabini to live well here.
In the room, Ved was happy to find all the toys, then hugs Bhoomi calling her the best mother. Bhoomi says she missed him a lot. Ved was excited to goes to tell the family about her return. Vaidika comes to the room and finds the toys scattered over the bed. She warns Bhoomi to stay away

from Ved, as she isn’t Ved’s mother. Bhoomi asks why is Vaidika fearful if she has such confidence. If she realizes she can part Ved from her like she parted Sahil. Vaidika says she is aware what she and Usha did to Sahil, but she is sure Sahil would never forgive her by heart.
In the room, Guddu turns to change his clothes. Aarya just came in busy with her cell phone and was about to hit Guddu. Both fell down on the bed. They stand up abruptly. Aarya says this is her room. Guddu says her brother Jackie told him to get to second room on first floor. Aarya argues if he is illiterate and doesn’t know counting, this is first room. She tells him to go and find refuge somewhere else.
Bhoomi boasts that like they made Sahil believe himself to be Jackie, they will convince Sahil that Bhoomi is his love of life and his companion. Vaidika clarifies to Bhoomi that Sahil will surely return to her. No matter how much Bhoomi tried, even death couldn’t part them. And this truth will never change that Vaidika, not Bhoomi, is Ved’s mother or Sahil’s wife. This time, God wants to rewrite their love story. No matter Bhoomi tries to gift this bundle of gifts, the truth will remain the same.
It was night. Vaidika asks Ved to get to sleep. Ved asks Vaidika for a lullaby when the goons had kidnapped him. Vaidika smiles and lay with Ved to sing “Do Nainaan”. There, Sahil was disturbed during his sleep. He wakes him in his room disturbed, then comes into the corridor tracing the voice. He wonders how he can come into her room without any hesitation, why he is attracted to her with such intensity. Ved had fallen asleep. Vaidika at once realizes Sahil stood at her room’s door and straightens up. Sahil at once apologizes as he must not have come to her room. Vaidika stops Sahil. He withdraws his hand from her grip. He clarifies to Vaidika that he isn’t Sahil, his mummy told her he is Sahil’s twin brother. He is extremely sorry for not being able to control himself, but he never intended to come to her room. Sahil turns to see Vaidika crying but walks away. Vaidika thinks she can’t fell weak and must get her Sahil back anyway.
Usha watch the jewelry, she says she knew Bimla was extremely ruthless and couldn’t be trusted at all; now this whole treasure belongs to her son Jackie now. Nani comes there and hushes Usha out of the room with her broomstick. She and Bari Amma hold hands against Usha.
Vaidika dresses up Ved for school. Ved insists to wear it from his Papa. Sahil comes to the room while Vaidika was convincing Ved that Papa is busy. Ved runs into Sahil’s arms. Vaidika watch Sahil dressing up Ved for school. He says Ved is now ready for school, and tells him to go downstairs; today Aarya will drop him to school. Ved runs downstairs. Sahil backs up and was about to step over Vaidika when she supports him with her arm. They share an eye lock, Vaidika was hopeful while Sahil was at once apologetic. He says he wants to speak to her, he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He is completely attracted to her and wonders why he feels so helpless in front of her. He was unable to sleep last night and continued thinking about her only. Vaidika says his heart knows what their relation is. When the emotions are so intense it doesn’t matter if a man is attracted to any woman. There is a difference between their age, but does it matter to him?

PRECAP: Usha blames Vaidika that she is a mother of three children still not fed up of trapping young guys. Vaidika shouts at Usha to stop this. Bhoomi turns to slap Vaidika but Sahil holds her hand in midair.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ooshi

    Nice precap so as the epi was except Sahil thinking himself to be Jackie

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  3. WFH.. was Bhoomi wearing!!! Friends would it not be better if she wears less Make up and more clothes. She is so sick in the head. Who brainwash a man in order to have him??She is so ugly and Vetika is looking more and more beautiful by the day. As for this Usha I could vomit on her face. Nani and BA will sort her out. Oh Sahil.. you will soon be reunited with your Vedika. I feel their pain. It’s one thing after another. Sadika love is pure and powerful and Sahil is not going to fall into that Bhoomi trap. The whole thing is going to blow in her ugly face. This time I hope writers kill her off.,,

    1. Don’t you think that Bhoomi looks like a vampire or maybe like Morticia from the Adams Family? That is make up to kill….the heavily dark eyed area looks like dark sunken pools of gunk, I’m sure she’d look much better with even half the amount she’s wearing…. I think that Vedika looks ethereal in the wake of Bhoomi’s unstable makeup..well, she’s the vamp so that goes with the territory but it so happens that her makeup is a huge contrast to Vedika so that’s why we appreciate the less than the more…

  4. Nina

    Dear Sona, thank you. Nani and Bari Amma united against Usha it would be fruitful. Disgusting Bhoomi has deteriorated hopeless and has appropriate heavy makeup. I wait as playful maiden Mandakini will demonstrate herself.

    1. I also am pleased with the new friendship between Nani and BA… That was quite unexpected but welcome.. I’m sure they will be able to protect their children from the wretched Bhoomi from now on… Amazing Nina, the way writers can make or break a character in their stories, when I was beginning to feel I could have a little likeness for bhoomi during her kidnapping and Ved’s, thinking that she could change for better, no, that made her even more worse, she professes to love Sahil but her love is convoluted and sadistic, who physically harms the man they love?

  5. Well… Look at that… The hotel has empty rooms since Nidhi moved out!! It’s hilarious though, how ppl could just walk into homes in these serials and find lodging amongst complete strangers.. Anyways, the deadpanned face of Sahil is funny, knowing KJ, he probably had a hard time keeping that serious look..but it was effective though. Not going to worry about Bhoomi in the house because no matter what, good always prevail on AKAJS…I’m sure every plot of hers would backfire on her in record speed.. Now, no one expected to see Nani and BA joining forces, this is a welcome surprise, thankfully BA realised it’s better being good than being a nasty woman and I hope she remains this way. Good episode..

  6. Hmmmm… I’m wondering if this is Aarya’s intended husband? Stormy meeting but it’s the norm between couples on 1st meeting…she looks good with him though…much much better than Puneesh’s nephew! Well… I LMAO..because Usha’s daughter looks as old as her..and what a drama queen she is! I can see that Bhoomi doesn’t like her..hopefully we’ll see them butting heads ,at least I hope so!

  7. Anyone watching the new serial.. Manmohini??

    1. Nina

      In that show is the remarkable work of cameraman and actress Reyna Malhotra.

  8. Yes similar episode to bhomi these women who cant die till they steal someones husband
    “Manmoini” witches back magic reign.
    These soaps are too much.
    I cant wait to serr bhumi puneesh asha leave the agrawal family alone for safika to raise.

    1. Lol… That was exactly my thought on manmohini…another husband snatcher and in the paranormal world too…

  9. Friends didnt i tell u in the beginning that this lyatful womn wears heavy make up trying to look good.
    In yeterdays episode her face was looking like an enunch. But let me tell u even most of the
    Enunchs r very good looming not like this ugly ducklng. Pls watch her interviews on u tube n u ll laugh throughout. No talenr n no beauty at all. Really Naz u hv used a correct word for vedika. She really looks ethereal what with her lovely height n a slim body. Waiting 4 Sadika moments. How romantocally sahil looks at her. I cant take my eyes off their romantic scenes. God bless this couple in this serial. Hope sahil never marries bhoomi in this serial. Writers pls dont show jacky ending up with this wicked witch in the end. Only a WAND should ge given in her hand then she ll truly look like a cruel n wicked WITCH.

  10. Arya has a boyfriend right in the US..lizards cousin.. what about him then??
    How much of stress for a pregnant woman,when she is expected to be happy and comfortable..
    Atleast vedhika has the money and not have to work for it..

  11. True love will never end..love u Sadika 😍 😍yes,Suhasi dhami’s body figure is so perfect..and her sweet voice..wow 😚and karan jotwani,s look wow; solid hight cute face…😎😘don’t want to talk on bhootni bhumi..
    NICE EPISODE.. eagerly waiting for Sadika_engagement in the episode…

  12. mustafa

  13. hi man

  14. Arya got a new lover ??so interesting..😄
    And Usha’s daughter mandakni dreaming with deepak😂😂

    1. I saw the video of Deepak too, so he’s back in the serial. I guess he would be paired with Usha’s daughter, she is exactly opposite from gauri though, she real hot mouth but I think he has learnt his lesson, let’s see how he handles her… BTW, you wrote a good comment a couple days ago, I think it was the last one you wrote.. I also have those same questions but I’m going to let it slide, too much to analyze…

      1. Oh..glad to know that you remark on my comment…..and liked it..☺

  15. hi sadika fans im new to send comment but old to read your comments since the show start this show like my passion its become part of my life evryday i came here to read your all comments and i really feel haapy while reading and sometimes i laugh alot really when u all talk about saika i feel in love and when you talk about bhoomi i really laugh i realy hate her and her character sice she came to the show as yash i hope her chaeacter end soon and see sadika together again really sadika chemistry beyond the world

    1. Hi Faten… Wonderful to see you here, another sadika fan.. It’s because of this couple, we are here, they are too romantic beyond words and we love them immensely… Welcome dear…

  16. hi im new to comments here but allways read your beautiful comments also sometimes its really funny a when u all talk about bhoomi and her face u know this show like my passion its part of my life i didnt miss any episode since start i love sadika their chemistry beyond the world

  17. Welcome u Faten as a sadika fan..

  18. thank you dear gayatri haan im fans or big fans sadika

  19. thanks gayatri haan im fans of sadika or big fans

  20. Leisa s morris

    Hmmm so in bhoomi’s whack brain lyi n g to sahil bout who he is is d only way she could get him so be it then. Unfortunately for her though even though he doesnt remember who he is his heart remembers exactly whom he loves. Bhoomi is ridiculous…sahil never loved her yet shes trying to get him still I pity d poor woman.

  21. I don’t Understand why Deepak is back in Argarwal house. Gauri left him. Surely he lost the right to leave there. Usha’s daughter will cause trouble. She left her husband to come and live at Argarwal house. She is the only one who said since when did Jacky become so serious and Usha gave her a dirty look. Unknoingly she might even do Vedika a favour.

  22. Naz I watch Manmohini sometimes but I cannot take on the black magic sought of thing anyway dont know if you remember but she is the same girl who also act in Jamai Raja you cant miss the weird face anywhere; I say she is pretty/ugly her eyes are huge and her mouth well as you can see is very big but yet her face is nice to look at ; at least she got a leading role in this serial lol; girl i am taking things very slight for Christmas I find that I am not in the mood; still doing my Christmas cleaning and shopping for gifts for my nieces and nephews because i always say that this time of the years are for the kids I just like to see how their faces light up on Christmas morning when opening their gifts anyway a very Merry Christmas to you and your family and dont eat and drink too much you know we all have to watch the weight; have Blessed Night my Friend.

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