Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil wakes up as mental retard

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Vaidika warns Deepak to file a report against him in police if she again harasses Gauri. Deepak deters her to bring either police or army. Vaidika drags Deepak downstairs. The family gathers around, Prachi complains that Vaidika is always blaming someone from their family. Vaidika tries to explain what Deepak wad doing but Bari Amma stops Vaidika, she says everyone in the family is sensible to take care of themselves. Wishing a son is everyone right, she must not interfere in their family matters. Vaidika says she won’t stop herself from even going to police. Gauri will stay silent to save her marriage but she won’t let Deepak harass her again.
It was night, Puneesh walks to Sahil’s room. Vaidika lay on the couch there. Puneesh bolts the door. Vaidika jumps out of the couch and shouts

at Puneesh why he came here. Puneesh says he would definitely do something when he has come in. He wants to repent, Vaidika has been burdened by each man near her. She needs a man like Puneesh Tiwari. Vaidika resists while Puneesh attempts to molest her.
Miraculously, Sahil’s body moves and he opens his eyes sitting up in bed. He get off the bed. Puneesh hurries outside the room leaving Vaidika on the couch, her mouth stuffed with a cloth. Sahil walks towards Vaidika, unties her hands and remove the cloth from her mouth. Vaidika was shocked to see him. Sahil drools over about to faint but Vaidika slips, Sahil holds her into his arms. The family breaks into Sahil’s room and finds Vaidika in his arms. Prachi blames Vaidika’s character and asks what she was doing in Sahil’s room in the middle of night. Vaidika asks Prachi to question Puneesh why she was locked inside, she blames that Puneesh came here and was about to molest her. Prachi wasn’t ready to accept it as Puneesh was with her all night. She steps forward to slap Vaidika but Sahil stops her by holding her hand in midair. He acts childishly and shoots everyone with a fake gun except Vaidika. Vaidika was shocked to see his mental status. Everyone blamed Vaidika but Vaidika says she needs to find the reality about Sahil first. She takes Sahil out of the room.
Later, the doctor tells Vaidika and Anjana that sometimes stress or sudden shock disturbs patient’s mental ability. He wants to run away from the reality and is not ready to face it. He might get better in a few days or may take years but they shouldn’t stop their efforts for Sahil. Vaidika turns to leave after doctor. Anjana holds her hand to stop her. She apologizes Vaidika for always taking her wrong but now she will think as a mother of Sahil and Shruti. She begs Vaidika for her son’s life like she has saved Shruti. Vaidika assures Anjana that Sahil would soon be fine. Sahil opens his eyes and smirks as he watch Anjana hugging Vaidika.
Vaidika was in the kitchen when Yash comes to hold her hand, he asks why she is blinded in Sahil’s love. He is twenty four years but very cunning, he is crazy in her love. Sahil is betraying everyone and being her husband he needs to protect Vaidika. Vaidika clarifies she can’t stop helping Sahil, he has helped her and family a lot. She reminds Yash that he is responsible for Sahil’s present condition, he had pushed Sahil. Vaidika leaves. Yash says he is well aware that Vaidika loves Sahil but now she is his wife and Suomya’s mother, he can’t let her love accomplished.
In the room, Sahil had a confrontation with Nani. Nani asks Sahil to call himself crazy but he stared at her. Vaidika comes into the room with Aarya and tells Nani to stop this, they want his condition to improve. Nani scolds Aarya for ruining her mother’s honeymoon and leaves. Vaidika sits for Sahil to have food. Anjana comes there and offers to feed him. Sahil wants to eat from Vaidika’s hand. Vaidika gives a few bites and asks Sahil if he would eat from Anjana’s hands, she is really nice. Sahil asks if Vaidika likes her. Vaidika assures she is a very nice person. Sahil agrees to eat, then asks for a glass of water. Anjana breaks into cry and leaves. Vaidika tells Sahil to rest for a while and leaves the room as well.
Sahil sits up in the bed and cries telling everyone not to cry, he dislikes when they cry for him. He hides his face and comes to the mirror, then removes his hand off his face from a normal Sahil. He was determined to make his family and Vaidika realize how much she loves him and that his love isn’t childish.

PRECAP: Sahil hear Yash and Vaidika speak in the kitchen. Yash offers Vaidika to start over a new life, as Sahil is mentally disturbed and they must help him together. Late at night, Sahil’s room was filled with smoke. It was Yash who placed camera in the room to disclose Sahil’s acting. Sahil was disturbed by smoke, his condition continue to worsen while Yash await when Sahil saves himself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I can’t remember who said it just a little while ago but it’s true that if Sahil ever changes, he won’t be the character we’ve all grown to love..its his lovable, understanding, playfull spontaneous character is what defines him and this is just how he was meant to be. Trust him to relentiously go after what he desires the most and that’s his Vedika ji… By whatever means he thinks he can use, he does it. I think he’ll have a ball toying with Vedika’s emotions and it’d be wonderful if he can tell Aarya what’s he’s up to but if he doesn’t , I’m sure she’s going to know it on her own… Maybe in this pretense, he’ll find out some things other than Yash and Vedika loveless marriage.. Anyways… I hope Yash plot foils up big time and Vedika spends more time with Sahil..as her concern for him grows daily… Good acting KJ.. Sahil.. ???????

  2. Nina

    Sahil is thinking how to choose line behavior after the conflict between dreams and responsibility and the damage, much of it collateral, that illness can inflict. I suppose he won’t act rectilinearly as earlier.

  3. Yes Naz I too hope that Yash plan fail and he get caught by Vedika.I am not sure what Sahil plan is but whatever it is hopefully he gets his Vedika Ji and we can see more Sadika moment. Our sweetie pie has suffered enough.

    Puneesh and Deepak are such low life ??They treat women like some sort of toys!!!!

  4. Anyways how is it actually possible to get back the person after getting married to someone else?? We all want Sadhika together but still how’s this actually possible????
    How cute that Sahil’s there to save vedhika or be with her anytime, in any condition.. she’s so lucky..
    Definitely Sahil will know that someone’s trying to find out his acting and he’ll not get caught.. vedhika will come and save him now.. guys v can form the storyline to some extent right??
    Did u guys notice the look in Sahil’s eyes when Anjana hugged vedhika? Cute na..??
    God after a long time saw those mischievous eyes and smile of Sahil when he spoke in front of the mirror..???

    1. Ohh yes….I saw that look too in Sahil’s eyes…it was like…my mother is hugging the woman I love, she’s accepted her and that’s all that matters…even I’m wondering how Sahil will be getting back his oxygen…would’nt Yash have to divorce her first but we know that’s going to not happen without Vedika paying through her teeth, so that’s another battle for Sadika to fight….I’d think they have to pass through much before getting each other, remember the mahasangam movie? As it is..it’s their journey to get there that we all love..thank goodness that the character of Sahil was infused with a good dose of humor and not seriousness because we’d all be bored, while I was hoping that Sahil would have changed to a serious stonehearted man after he wakes up, maybe this is his way of battling his enemies, because in previous birth he was serious like the devil and I didn’t like it…so maybe this is the best. ..and oh my goodness, he looked so delectable in his simple t-shirt and pyjamas ?????..in fact he’d look good in rags too????…

  5. Muniya

    Nice epi…
    Loved Sahil as always??…He woldn’t be caught anytime soon

  6. Again a love triangle seen in upcoming episode,During the treatment of sahil, a psychiatrist will fall in love with Sahil. May be a new face enter and change the story line of this serial. But, off course, Sahil’s acting is superb and amazing, lovingly.

  7. Ya Sanju I too was thinking of that part.. what’s the need of another rival now? Anyone who knows Sahil will definitely fall in love with him.. I can stand this multi angle love story.. only Sadhika story is ours…

  8. Oh…, it can be painful to me for watching the evilness of Nidhi again & again. I hope there be a little change in mind of Anjana ji for Sadika, But vedika has been engaged with cruel Yash. Vedika thought that Yash has a trump card to heart the agrawal family especially of Sahil which vadika loves very much. The emotional behaviour of Sahil will expose his drama very soon I think so.

  9. I think Arya has already come to know that Sahil is pretending…the scene where Sahil watches Yash and Vedika dancing and Arya in turn observing Sahil nails the emotions of all the four characters…needless to say Sahil gave away to Arya in this scene …Yes,some excellent acting by KJ…we don’t know how he is planning to get Vedika divorced but as of now we should be happy that he will be closer to his Vedikaji and pampered by her…..If Yash plays his part of a repenting husband to perfection and wins Vedika’s trust ,then this track will be dragged for a considerable number of episodes…Can Sahil ,being a simple ,straightforward and unpretentious guy,withstand the torture of Yash making unwanted romantic advances upon Vedika for too long?????? But being a fast paced serial,I hope this track won’t be dragged too much…..

  10. Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update …Sahil tellsArya that he is pretending tobe childish…
    Looking at his reflection in the mirror Sahil introspects and tells himself that this is the only way to make Vedika confess her love for him both to herself and the whole family.. Reminiscing the way Vedika has helped him with his food,he thinks that Vedika and Yash’s marriage is a mistake and there is nothing wrong to be deceptive to correct certain mistakes,.Pondering over how the doctor has helped him in his drama Sahil resolves to tackle Yash in his own way ..Even if Vedika is not made for him,Sahil decides that she will always remain his in his thoughts..and if she is not his,he will see to it she won’t be anyone’s….he smiles to himself that they were Sadika,are Sadika and will be Sadika always.
    Shruti is puzzled to see a couple of lovely flowers on the bed by her side and turned to see the vase full of beautiful flowers as well..Just then Karan enters with her morning tea…Seeing Shruti awake ,he tells sorry for hs rude behaviour in the presence of Nidhi…He explains that he couldn’t help as he had to do for his child…Shruti gives him an ultimatum that their marriage can not work like this and he has to choose either of them.As Nidhi looks on,she tells him again that she can not share her husband with someone else and leaves the room…Nidhi gloats over Karan’s helplessness as she is sure of him breaking his marriage with Shruti for his unborn baby..
    Yash stands in the doorway and watches Sahil and Arya playing ludo…Reminiscing Vedika’s words that he should not look at everyone with suspicion due to his own experiences,he thinks for sure that Sahil is pretending to have lost memory and to prove that he decides to torture him by filling his room with smoke.Arya goes out and as Sahil is immersed in his play,Yash fixes a camera on one of the walls,closes the windows and leaves the smoke…..the smoke fills the room,and Yash ,standing outside the door,watches for Sahil’s reaction on his cell..He thinks that If Sahil is just pretending ,he will definitely check the fuse box…but contrary to his expectations,Sahil starts struggling to breath ,drinks water but doesn’t go near the fuse box…As he gets suffocated,Vedika opens the door and gets alarmed to see Sahil in the smoke filled room…she asks him what is he doing all alone in the room and how come there is so much smoke…Yash ,disappointed ,watches her leading Sahil out of the room…Seeing him outside ,Sahil says to himself that he is right in doubting that the culprit can be none other than Yash …and decides to expose him at any cost…He wonders at the funny part of all this drama…before Vedika’s marriage , everyone used to say that he became mad in Vedika ‘s love and tried everything to keep him away from her…and now when he is pretending to be mad,they are trying to bring them closer..
    Vedika is in the kitchen giving instructions to the cook on how to prepare halwa for Sahil..Yash comes there and waits for her to come out of the kitchen..When Vedika passes without saying a word,yash apologies explaining that he has felt insecure like any other man..Vedika looks surprised when he asks her to go ahead and help Sahil as he needs her help.Sahil who comes that way and overhears this conversation ,steps aside to see what are Yash’s intentions.When Vedika replies she is happy that he has realised his fault ,Yash invites her for dinner that night..She hesitates,and Yash pretending to be disappointed ,says he understands …when he is about to leave ,Vedika ,feeling sorry for Yash ,accepts the invitation .Sahil ,stunned at Vedika’s acceptance ,decided to play the spoil sport so that Yash would never think of taking Vedika on a date again in his life time.
    Shruti speaks to her mother on phone and enquires about Sahil’s health…she agrees with her that no one can look after Sahil better than Vedika…just then Nidhi comes inside wearing Karan’s shirt.Furious ,Shruti hangs up and confronts Nidhi…Nidhi taunts her there is nothing wrong in wearing Karan’s shirt when the baby in her womb is his…Karan comes there and tells Nidhi in no uncertain terms that he is responsible for the child and won’t tolerate if she troubles his wife…Nidhi thinks that she has nothing to do with them ,,…she just wants to use them in taking revenge against Sahil and Vedika …
    Yash and Vedika are in a restaurant with a plate of pizza in front of them…Yesh apologises for ordering pizza as he doesn’t have any idea about her favourite dish..when Vedika hesitates ,the waiter keeps a bowl of pasta on the table..Just then Arya comes there with Sahil in tow and to Yash’s shock,he throws ketch up all over his face and stands giggling mischievously ….A furious Yash gets up swearing but Vedika stops him in time ,reminding about Sahil’s mental state ..She gives him some tissue and whispers to Arya why did she bring Sahil here…Arya replies that Sahil was asking for her and creating ruckus at home…Sahil ,with all the innocence of a child ,asks Vedika if he can have his favourite pasta and adds that he remembers that Pasta is her favourite too….He sits in front of Yash and starts gobbling up the pasta and Yash ,still wiping his face thinks that Sahil ‘s behaviour is doubtful.He gets up ,offers a rosé to Vedika and requests her for a dance..To Sahil’s disbelief ,Vedika first hesitates ,then accepts the rose…
    As they dance to the tune of ‘chupana nahi Aata ,Jatana Nahi Aata’,Sahil unable to look at them turns his head but their reflection is still visible in the mirror on the opposite wall.,Arya ,watching ,both Sahil and her mother ,feels sad for him.Sahil wipes his tears and forces his fork into the pasta to control his anger…Arya watches this reaction and looks at him as if she knows the truth…Finally he crushes the rose in the vase,and leaves followed by Arya.Vedika becomes concerned but Yash stops him saying that Arya is there to look after him.
    Arya follows Sahil into a room and sees tears in his eyes…Sahil ,trying to compose himself ,says that he wants to go home as he doesn’t want pasta or anything…when Arya confronts him to tell the truth ,he confesses that she is too intelligent to hide the fact that he is pretending…Arya says she knows how much he loves her mother and also understands all his acting is to make her realise that she loves him too..and assures him that her mother ,no doubts ,loves him too ,but scared of this world.Seeing her sad,Sahil consoles her and assures her that Vedika would be free of her fears one day and reciprocate his feelings without hesitation…Arya says she is with him in this fight …when she asks how would he stop her mother from dancing with Yash,he tells her to leave it to him….
    End of the episode

    1. Well done dear…

  11. Oh wow Lakshmi line by line update of yday’s episode.. ??

  12. Now back here… Thanks a million for the update Lakshmi… Although I saw the episode, I missed out on the subtitles but never mind that ehhh, I could definitely count on my dear friend to help us out here.. See ladies… Lakshmi is an awesome friend ??

  13. Sarafacebook

    Any Yuvraj & Suhani fan here?
    ?Suhani si ek Ladki?

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