Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika finds Nisha’s reality

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Deepak blames Sahil for having an affair with Vaidika till today, and now he is lecturing him. Bari Amma comes to Gauri, questions her and holds a hand to slap Gauri. Sahil stops her hand in mid-way. Sahil says when a marriage is about disgrace and insult, it’s better to have an extra marital affair which holds respect. Bari Amma regrets that every one of her children astray. Sahil forbids Bari Amma to give any lecture or advice about marriage, she herself illegitimately entered this home. Deepak has always disgraced Gauri and Bari Amma never lend her any care and respect. She had no shoulder to cry on, and today he stands as her brother. Vaidika comes downstairs and recognizes Manish, she asks Manish if Gauri is his first wife and love. Bari Amma taunts that Vaidika must have filled Gauri’s

mind with filth. Vaidika defends Gauri’s stance and blames Deepak for always hurting Gauri. It was Deepak who even left his daughter and kept Gauri suffering. She wasn’t ready to be silenced by anyone even Bari Amma or Prachi. Deepak gets furious and announces he is Gauri’s husband, it’s his decision that no one can take Gauri from him or this house. Gauri jerks Deepak’s hand off her arm and shouts that Deepak always used her body as a machine to produce son, he exploited her worse than animals but she would no more suffer. Sahil reminds Gauri that she now has the responsibility of Sadika as well. Bari Amma tries to intervene, Gauri clarifies that she once went silent and suffered a lot in front of Bari Amma. She will no more fell prey to anyone, this time decision will only be hers.
Vaidika finds the hidden rice bags all blackened. She reaches Nisha’s room thinking she had hidden a bag here as well. She finds some black cloth pieces and candles in the room. She hears the footsteps and hide behind a curtain. Nisha comes to the room and lights a flame which burns to blackened smoke. Vaidika thinks this is Nisha who wants to hurt her and the family.
Later, Vaidika comes to Pandit ji and shows the black magic objects to him. Pandit ji says they must find out what’s the purpose of this girl. Vaidika was ready to take any step for her son Ved’s family against the false intentions of the girl. He advice Vaidika to share the details with the family and tie a protective thread over their wrists.
There, Bari Amma comes to Sahil furious about his stance in favor of Gauri. She forbids him abide by Vaidika in his false propaganda. Sahil calms her down and asks her to sit beside him. He asks if Bari Amma never realized that Gauri was suffering in her marriage with Deepak, she is unhappy? And its Bari Amma’s mistake if she hasn’t realized it. He is ready to support Gauri in any of her decision that will keep her happy. Those marriages having love never break. Bhoomi comes to the room and asks Sahil what he means of marriage, can he break such a sacred relation so easily. Sahil requests Bhoomi not to take everyone on herself, he is only taking about Gauri. After Sahil has left, Bhoomi was suspicious if Sahil was again falling for Vaidika?
Deepak comes to the room while Gauri was in the room. He clutches Gauri and physically assaults her for her distraction. He questions if she wants to remarry the man even after being a mother of two daughters. Gauri cries saying she demanded sometime to think, but it seems there is nothing left between them. He didn’t value her when she was wholly Deepak’s. Now, there is nothing between them that can be fixed. She pushes Deepak away forbidding him to use her, Sahil and Vaidika are with her now. He must remain in his limits, else Sahil can disown him from this house. She will take any decision in favor of everyone. Gauri leaves the room. Deepak was worried what will happen to him if Gauri leaves, he must do something to retain his worth.

PRECAP: Vaidika tries to tell Nisha’s reality to the family but everyone gets stoned. Vaidika was worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hoe they all get stone I hope vaidika expose her in front of everyone

  2. Oh this bhoomi. After hearing Sahil speak to the murderer BA re marriage at least now this cunning woman should realize there is no use continuing in this loveless marriage. Bit she still keeps on harping MERA PATI MERA PATI
    Poor bhoomi.

  3. I’m really late with my comment… Today’s episode was really good …. It’s exactly as the saying goes, what goes around, comes around!! BA needed to be reminded of her place in the family’s history and none other than her green eyed heir did the honors… Now that Deepak is faced with the possibility of losing Gauri, he’s fighting tooth and nail but I know it’s more of concern to him that his sanctuary in Agarwal’s house could be taken from him and pathetic fool he is, he still thinks that strong-arm tactics would work… Thankfully Gauri found her backbone and stood up for herself, Deepak was shocked…good!! Prachi…. Well, this woman needs to have some problems of her own because she’s always in everyone’s else’s business… In the precap, we see some promising developments, let’s see if Nisha is unmasked as Nidhi but I think no one’s going to believe Vedika when she tells them about Nisha, that could be because of the unholy black magic crap… Always happy to see Sahil stand up for Gauri… What a bro!!!

    1. Leisa s morris

      Prachi already has problems but she refuses to c it or believe it and instead blames others for wat her husband does. Another dose is comin her way in d guise of nisha/nidhi hope she can take it. BA is her childrens number one enemy,not only did she ruin gauri’s first marriage but she went on to make poor judgement in d choices of husbands for her daughters and then allowed her son in laws to b unjust to her daughters. Now she wanna slap gauri wen she herself had an affair with a married man and then married him and put out his first family from dat house. She continuously does wrong yet act hurt wen her kids do stuff smh wei

  4. Muniya

    Good epi…
    And Precap…stoned!!!

  5. Friend this serial is supposed to be sadikas love story. But now in the second season we r tortured n hv to watch that doggy BA, that full of lust bhoomi n prachi. No sadika moments at all. I dont feel like watching this serial any more..oh yes n what about that witch nisha
    I dont know fm where the producers bring such ugly looking ducklings like prach, nisha n bhoomi who cannot act for nuts.

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