Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika Sahil find a proof against Prerit-Puneesh

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At Agarwal house, Bari Amma asks Deepak about Sahil. She questions Gauri why they brought Shruti downstairs so early.
Puneesh comes inside and asks if they want to know about the truth, they will know about it right away. Everyone insults him to get away, Puneesh drags Prerit inside into Bari Amma’s feet and says he was sinful, he had illegitimate relations with Shruti and also disrespected his wife. But he vowed not to let any disgrace to Bari amma. Prerit was about to run away from wedding. Prerit accepts that after he knew about Shruti’s affair with Puneesh he backed out, but Puneesh explained to him that Shruti was young and it was only Puneesh’s mistake. Puneesh says he wants Shruti to marry Prerit so that he might pay off a little from his sins. He doesn’t want Shruti’s life

be ruined.
There, Vaidika sense that Prerit would vanish after marrying Shruti and Puneesh would play with… they understand Shruti was being blackmailed with the photos they had found in the room. Vaidika and Sahil know the true face of Puneesh and Prerit. They hurry to share the truth to family.
Puneesh joins his hands that he never wants this to happen to Shruti.
Prachi was ready to lend another chance to Puneesh. Anjana says today Puneesh has kept the respect of her family. They should get another chance. Bari Amma was ready to give another chance to Puneesh, but warns that for another mistake she will kill him. Puneesh gets to Bari Amma’s feet and promises that they won’t get another chance of complain. Puneesh takes Shruti and Prerit to Mandap. Karan thinks something is wrong, Sahil must get a proof as soon as possible. Nidhi calls her men to stop Sahil and Vaidika from reaching the wedding.
In Ishq Subhan Allah, Kabeer returns home fuming. Ammi asks him about Zara. Kabeer says she has stayed at her parents and will return when she would wish to. Zeenat was happy. At home, Zara was upset about Kabeer’s anger and worried about his behavior in front of her parents. In his room, Kabeer speaks to himself that he will break Zara’s stubbornness. Zara was determined that she won’t leave this house until Kabeer himself comes to take her.
In Aap ke aa jane se, Vaidika tries Gauri’s number but she didn’t take the call. She tells Sahil to hurry up. She was afraid what if the wedding has completed before they arrive at the wedding. Gauri stands beside Puneesh but Deepak comes to stand in between them. Anjana does the Gadh-bandhan of Shruti and Prerit. Nidhi’s men had planted nails on the road. The types of Sahil’s car went inflated. Vaidika and Sahil come out of the car. They stood in the middle of the road helpless. Nidhi’s man inform her that he stopped them on the way, they won’t be able to reach. Vaidika takes the proof from the car and they leave by foot.
Shruti was asked to stand for pheras. Gauri comes to help her. Sahil and Vaidika run by foot. Vaidika was badly panting, the proofs fell off her hand.
Shruti was being instructed to lead the wedding pheras. Puneesh devilishly smirked.

PRECAP: In Ishq SubhanAllah, Zara was about to leave the room. She notices someone had locked the room from outside the room. in the Shariah board, people think it seems Zara has withdrawn the case and the decision must go in favor of Zara otherwise.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Will they be on time to stop the marriage? I guess they wud, only then the story can move positively.. mebbe they’ll be grateful that Sadhika together have saved Sruthi’s life.. they’ll realise dat vedhika will stand by their family and think of only what is good for them..
    We are left with guess work without a precap.. thrilling..

  2. Muniya

    Good epi…
    Sahil looks too good in red and yellow combo?????
    But I must say…Anjana is such a fool to ask bari amma to forgive Puneesh…though Prachi has a point as he is her husband…she is being fooled too.
    I thought Pandey has exit from the show…but he is back…Nidhi is calling him to stop Sadika and also kidnap Vedika???…
    But spoiler is quite confusing as its saying…Karan and Shruti will get married??and also Vedika will find out Nidhi truth of her child.
    But why is there no precap???

  3. I am glad that this mahasangham is over. Nidhi & Punesh make me sick.. ?.

  4. Dolly, I doubt if the Argarwals will ever be grateful to Vedika and see the good person she’ is. To them she is an elder woman who is chasing Sahil. But we all know that it is the other way round. They are so blind…,

  5. Pooja, one day BA herself will choose vedhika fa Sahil.. we’ll celebrate then .. I think it may not be according to the spoilers. Mebbe there’s a twist fa us.. Sadhika wud stop the wedding perhaps..

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