Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarya reacts adversely over Vaidika’s decision to re-marry

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Sahil remembers he bribed a waiter to lock Gautham in the lift. He tries to explain to Vaidika but Vaidika says he is now her husband to be. Gautham recalls how he asked the waiter to beat him now and bribed him.
Nidhi was waiting for Sahil when Karan comes to accompany her. He intrigue Karan to tell her where Sahil had gone and thinks Bari Amma forced her to plan the valentine’s dinner with Sahil. She had made all the arrangements and asked Sahil for dinner who agreed to come with her. Karan finally tells her about the address of restaurant Sahil had gone to.
Sahil was devastated and walked on the road crying. Vaidika helped Gautham to sit and spoke to him. Nidhi comes to save Sahil from being hit by a bike. She tells him to return to the people who loves him.
Vaidika returns

home crying and lay on the bed. She wakes up in the morning and comes out of the room. Sahil stood at the main gate and warns Vaidika he would harm himself if she marries someone else. He is leaving and backs up. Vaidika wakes up from a nightmare where Sahil was moving away from her. She wonders why she is thinking about Sahil and dreamt of him. She recalls about agreeing to marry Gautham without taking Aarya into confidence. She wonders why she is concerned for Sahil and not Aarya.
Sahil was crying in bed. Karan wakes him up and tries to cheer up Sahil. Nidhi was also in the room. Karan tells him about a surprise vacation plan. Sahil denies to go. Karan asks who is he, and where he lost their Sahil. Sahil was broken and cries on the bed side. Karan says he wants his crazy, idiot, childhood friend Sahil back. He breaks into cry and hugs Sahil. Nidhi goes to get a glass of water. Karan and Sahil cry hugging each other.
Vaidika comes out of the room. Nani was excited as she had agreed to marry Gautham. Aarya entered the house and was shocked to hear her decision about marriage. Aarya complains to Vaidika if she doesn’t care about her at all. Vaidika tries to explain but Aarya says Vaidika only thinks about herself. She says no one can take her father’s place. Vaidika says he won’t take her father’s place. Aarya says she might give her husband’s place to someone else but not her father’s… Vaidika slaps Aarya, then realizes and apologizes Aarya. Aarya tells Vaidika that in this house only one person will live, her husband or her daughter.

PRECAP: Vaidika gets a letter from Aarya leaving the house. Sahil was blamed and arrested for Aarya’s kidnap. Gautham was happy that Vaidika slapped Aarya and she left home. He confirms one of his goon to keep Aarya until his next order. Sahil flee from custody of police to save Aarya.

Update Credit to: Sona

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