Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika finds out Ved is her son

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika prays to meet her son.
The nurse gets into the auto and informs someone on phone that she has placed the note near Vaidika, the work has been done.
Bari Amma wonders what if what nurse brought here had reached Vaidika.
Vaidika finds a note, there was a riddle pointing towards Vaidika’s condition. She had called Vaidika outside in the garage at 4pm. Vaidika hurries outside. Bari Amma was stepping down the stairs and asks the servant about a letter. She was worried what if someone gets the letter. Vaidika runs to the venue the letter pointed to. She calls, if someone’s there? She looks inside the garage and thinks it’s locked.
Bari Amma had captured the nurse and says she will end her story today, it was her biggest mistake to tell her about her friend and

the letter. The nurse pleads to spare her, she promises she won’t unveil her secret. Bari Amma clutches the girl’s neck, she rubs her tied feet.
Vaidika passes by a religious procession. A young boy sells her flowers, she will get whatever she wish for. Vaidika takes the basket and steps up the temple. She begins to climb on her knees.
The nurse was being followed by Bari Amma’s men as she climbs the stairs of temple. The men stabs her back with a knife and carries her away. She was only successful in placing the note into Vaidika’s flower basket. Vaidika gets the note in which it was clearly stated that she might be dead by the time this note reaches anyone. She wants to give an information about Vaidika’s son who is presently in Kanpur and at Agarwal house. His name is Ved.
Gauri convince Manish that she is confused with the change of Deepak’s behavior. Sadika is the daughter of her and Deepak. She needs sometime from Manish. Manish insists that it might be a drama of Deepak to get her back, what if he changes after a while. Gauri leaves. Deepak comes from behind and hits Manish. Both have a confrontation in the mud. Deepak wins over and walks away victoriously. Manish wash his mudded face near a stall. Gauri comes out of an auto rickshaw near his stall. She explains she only wants some time from him. Manish regrets letting Gauri leave and is ready to give her the time she needs for her decision. Deepak came to the street and finds Manish speak to a lady. Gauri had left in the auto by the time he reaches them. He asks a tea vendor nearby about the man. The vendor says this man came from Bareli a month ago. Deepak wonders how can Gauri has relations with him then?
Vaidika thinks about Ved while crying thankfully in the temple.
Bari Amma was in the garage with the nurse’s body. She thinks no matter what Vaidika does, even God can’t help her now.
PRECAP: Vaidika questions Agarwals why they hid from her about Ved’s truth. She questions who planned this game against her?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Deepak doesn’t deserve a second chance. Vaidika needs to expose barim a ASAP. And vaidika’s mother needs to be taught a lesson, she’s obnoxious. And bhoomi needs to see a shrink herself, she’s so clingy to ved in an obsessive way that it’s without a doubt unhealthy! Vaidika should reveal that sahil is ved’s biological dad, that ought to be interesting.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Actually I feel bhoomi’s obsession for ved stems from d lack of luv from sahil. She took on d resopsibility of co parenting him and yes she luvs him but I feel somewhere along d line she hoped dat their joint bond over ved will bring dem close and she will have sahils love. And with each passing day her unrequired luv needed an outlet and hence her obsession where ved is concerned. Shes a mother no doubt but knowing d facts yet clinging onto d child is unhealthy instead she should allow herself to come to terms with d reality dat no matter what vedika will want her child and sahil will not b able to keep her from him. Running away with ved is a very high likely hood with her and her present frame of mind, she is not like vedika who thinks about d pain dat a mother goes through on losing her child and helping dat person if she cant.

  2. Also I know that I shouldn’t have any expectations from serials, but since vaidika ran from police custody how is it that she continued with the same identity. For crying out loud, even profession. Didn’t the police trace her? What a joke!?

    1. true they have shown a lot of stuff which doesnt make sense …waise now vedika is at rage and she wont spare sahil also for hiding about ved …and frankly she wont tell him that ved is his son ..since sahil is bhoomi’s husband and she will only going to fight for ved as she will leave sahil for bhoomi …..she is least bothered about sahil …also makers will show sahil running behind vedika …he wont que her anything …..they butchered vedika now they want sympathy for her character thats why ruining sahil’s characte

  3. after the truth is out i want sahil to que vedika for marrying yash…getting pregnant for yash and then marrying him only becoz of baccha and lying and hiding things from him ..blaming him for anjana’s death …
    if sahil accept vedika becoz of ved that will be lame and same goes for vedika …i want sadika to be together out of love …not vedika doing any favor on sahil by marrying him …plus vedika wanted to get marry sahil becoz sahil is ved’d biological father ….so if he wasn’t the biological father ..would she have accepted him ????….becoz for me donor thing doesnt make sense …i dont want sadika together becoz of ved …waise bhi vedika knew it that yash will die and she has to raise the kid alone ….and suddenly after knowing about the donor she felt the kid shouldn’t be deprived of fatherly affection…bullshit ….

    1. Leisa s morris

      Ok lemmi put dis in d way I understand it. Vedika didnt agree to marry yash at first but after seeing d way he tortured d family and throwin dem out on d streets she had to rethink her stance. Wat would,ve happened if she had told sahil of yash plans would he have been able to do anyting? Yash had already taken all their money and thrown dem on d streets d place dey went to stay even though he owned part he was being thrown out of there and gauri who was pregnant at d time had to endure all dat. Im sure she thought bout everyting and everyone before makin dat decision to marry yash and d fact is at dat point in time she was still thinking bout society and their rejection of a relationship wit sahil and was denying her feelings for him. About getting pregnant d woman was 42 yrs old maybe on some.level she herself may have wanted a nxt child and she could fulfill both their wishes by having dis child even if it wasnt biologically yash and again she still hadnt accepted her feelings for.sahil. Wen ur denying someting u throw urself fully into someting else ive done it countless of times wether wrong or right. As to her wanting sahil after finding out sahil is her childs donor is only natural. For mnths ppl have been saying such a relation is wrong, she grew up thinking such a relation is wrong and here without even gettin intimate with sahil god has shown her dat not only society but also she herself was wrong and their match is approved by god himself so to hell with society. Dats my take on it maybe im wrong but im thinkin from my own perspective of everyting not being only black and white and luv is d most confusing ,irrational moment in ur life even wen u and d person r of same age and class.

      1. if she doesn’t want to accept her feeling and wanted to move on with her life ..then that’s the end of it no reason to show this crap to the world …since we already know it …i m interested in an older woman finding her way out to stay with the person she loves which the initial promo was about ….as for signs…well see the day she agreed to marry yash ..she meet sahil in the temple and again on the day of marriage …so if everything u say is god’s will then this was also..god’s will so that vedika can tell sahil about yash sinister intention may be sahil could have done something about that …plus mahtur house is still 50% belongs to vedika she could have help them and they can start a fresh life ..no more greed ..since money cant buy happiness …..and as for the baby …yash wanted uska baccha means blood related toh isntd saumya yash niece would have been the better choice …and if vedika is really wanted to be a good wife then why yash is nowhere is her memories …….as for sahil being the donor …its not some god sign …it only happens in ITV…this show has all god’s will …and the chamatkars ..which never happens so often with just one person …when u really love someone …u fight u way so that u can make him happy …..but vedika killed sahil …and he is more of a shell now nothing more ….his emotions died the very day his mother died and vedika ran away like a coward ….this show lacks self motivation …and if thats the way they think the show should run then its wrong in every-way …vedika supposed to become an inspiration for ladies out their just like her …joh halato se har maan kar piche hat jati h …thats should have changed with vedika …. sorry but u guys r going in the wrong direction, kyunki somewhere u think only to the extent its shown in the show unless what broader way can be adopted ..thats the writer’s incompetence ……vedika was courageous when she fought with gautam nd pandey for sahil’s life ..she could have made a better plan to escape this marriage too..
        i heard somewhere …that if u dont like ur destiny then have the guts and courage to change it …if dont have that then, dont fight it just sit back and accept whats their in ur fate …then then u cant complain that things went wrong with u ..

      2. Hii frds ap sab k lye good news hai bhaut hald sahil vadika ka milan hoga ved v sath mein hoga BA ka sach samne aye ga aur BA ko show se gyab kr dya jaye ga nidhi k jaise .. syory naya mod le ge … 💯 paki khaber hai…💏💝💞

  4. Leisa s morris

    Bari amma has so many bad deeds surrounding her dats its amazin she doesnt suffocate and die hmmmm. How many body count is dat now, 3 dat we know off. Hmmm she thinks dats d end of it but she underestimate d power of truth. Wat will b their answer to vedika’s questions now? Dat she abandoned her child? Dat she causedhis mom’s death? Dat she is only interested in money? Lol vedika could answer all three questions just by lettin dem know her son is sahils son and his mother knew and accepted vedika to b sahils life partner. Yes I believe he can still inherit yash shares as yash knew dat biologically he wasn’t his child but yash wouldve put tings in place in d outcome dat dat should come out to protect his intended heir.

  5. Leisa s morris

    Ooh and im also happy with d fast pace with which problems resolved in dis serial. Its so refreshing compared to other serials namely kkb

    1. i also agreed with you leisa

  6. I wish Sahil also stands up for truth now. BA should get exposed..how will she react before the entire family? even that lizard puneesh will forsake her now to be in the good books and for the Aggarwal’s money… this is a war of love and only love should win and not hatred.. Sadhika together because of their child… any reason wud work out for me when it comes to Sadhika…wowww….

  7. Bari amma such a disgusting lady…will go to any extend to hide her own faults.
    Waiting for precap…

  8. Sorry, not badi amma writers are making clueless story about vedika 😐😐what this nonsense…I am not justified😒Suddenly Sahil become a brainless character…

  9. Sorry,not badi amma;writers are making a clueless story about Vedika…😐😐
    Suddenly Sahil became a brainless character…
    What’s the nonsense..??? I am not justified 🙁

  10. Another disappointing episode where evil wins. Sahil had fallen into BA’s trap.. nowadays he is not thinking.. hate those disgusting he said to Vetika in previous episode. As for Bhoomi she is going crazy…holding on to Ved in the hope Sahil might love her. I suppose now we are going to see war between the 2 sisters…

  11. Ved will obviously choose Vedhika over Bhoomi.. Kids naturally choose their mother..bhoomi will make a fool out of herself fighting over ved. She could have initially expected such things and may have forgotten in the 5 years time. But no one can change reality.. This is Sadhika’s story and ved is a part of Sadhika now..

  12. Manmohan nahi aisa kuch nahi hone wala h ….my frnd asked the someone close to the actor …they said ba truth wont come out that soon and till then no way sadika will be together ,….plus vedika took ved with him again and ran like a coward leaving arya behind for whom she came back to kanpur and in agg house to save her from ba …now again she left her with that old hag …
    plus as for sadika milan bhoomi needs to go ….and vedika needs to say sorry for everything she had done a lot of damage to sahil ….

  13. Manmohan nahi aisa kuch nahi hone wala h ….my frnd asked the someone close to the actor …they said ba truth wont come out that soon and till then no way sahil and vedika will be together ,….plus vedika took ved with him again and ran like a coward leaving arya behind for whom she came back to kanpur and in agg house to save her from ba …now again she left her with that old hag …
    plus as for sahil and vedika milan bhoomi needs to go ….and vedika needs to say sorry for everything she had done a lot of damage to sahil ….

    1. Yeh news sachi hai leap k news ki tarh BA show se chale jaye ge such samne aye ga sab k samne sahil vadika ved sath hoge khani naya morh le ge ap dekh sakte hai uc browser ki uc manoranjan news mein apke a jane show ki report aye hai jo bilkul such hai…

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