Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil assaulted by Bhoomi and Usha

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika and Sahil sat in the midst of the forest. Sahil says no power in this world can part them now. He brings about her medicines from his pocket as its time. Vaidika was startled. Sahil goes to bring water for her. Vaidika thinks about her best times with Sahil and place her head over his chest.
At home, Aarya shares her worry with Bari Amma she feels really strange. It’s so late, they must have returned by now. Nani assures that they will be fine until together.
Sahil and Vaidika sat near the fire, covered in blankets. The goons ask them about a young couple passing by. Sahil poses to be an old man and signals towards an opposite direction. Vaidika slips and Sahil at once supports her. Both share an eye lock. Vaidika’s bracelet was tucked into Sahil’s necklace. Sahil

assures Vaidika he will always protect her, and never risk their life. He asks Vaidika for a promise that she won’t take stress and hurt their baby. They hug each other. Sahil and Vaidika walks deeper into the forest. Usha’s goons were looking around for Sahil and Vaidika. Bhoomi was determined to find them from anywhere. Bhoomi finds Vaidika’s bracelet on the floor and realizes they were somewhere around, then sends their goons to look for the two.
Sahil and Vaidika spot the goons around and turns to the opposite side. They realize being caught. They find a nearby straw hut and says anymore struggle would be dangerous for her health, and even the goons are finding them. He insists upon massaging Vaidika’s feet and says all her pains are his. He says her Sahil is always with her. Vaidika runs her arm out of chill. Sahil finds a blanket around and covers Vaidika with it. He then goes to light some woods for bonfire and helps Vaidika sit around it. Vaidika holds Sahil’s hand and notices it was hurt with a bruise. She takes him under the cover of her blanket in a hug. She confesses that Sahil is the biggest gift in her life, her faith and an answer to her prayers. She never wants to lose him. Sahil tells Vaidika he can sacrifice his life for her. There is nothing in this world who can undo them. He wish to live with Ved, Aarya and their junior together. There was a wooden swing which both enjoy together, praying as they watch shooting stars in the dark sky.
The next morning, Vaidika and Sahil wake up. They think the goons must have left by now and decides to walk ahead. They hear footsteps very close to them. Sahil was punched hard on his face. In the godown, Usha tells Sahil she would revenge him of her son’s death. Bhoomi says she loved him crazily but now she will do what no love would have done ever. She considers Vaidika a reason for all of Vaidika’s sufferings. Vaidika asks Bhoomi not to be insane. Sahil says Bhoomi always knew he loved Vaidika and he will continue to do. But he is now happy, Bhoomi isn’t worth bringing up his child. Today Bhoomi has proven she never loved him. Bhoomi orders her goons to beat him until he is completely silent. Vaidika pleads and cries for the goons to stop. Bhoomi clutches Vaidika that she is crazy, first in love and now in hate. After today, her life would be turned into a dark night that will never witness a dawn. Usha stops her goons and says Sahil must be hurt even more. The goons position Sahil towards an iron machine. Sahil weakly asks Vaidika to smile, if it’s the last moment of his life he wants her to be strong and smiley. His heads fall as he was already badly hurt. The goons run to push Sahil’s head with the wall of iron machine. Sahil fell on the floor.

PRECAP: Vaidika wakes up from the nightmare and goes to Sahil’s room looking for him. She comes to the hall and tells everyone that Sahil is alive and they shouldn’t conduct this pooja for him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. DannyComments

    Now I’m at peace..did I enjoy the beating of Sahil? Yes ! Did I enjoy Vedika suffering ? You bet your sweet nose I did ! If truly Sahil was dead would I be happy? A little bit 😁

    1. Lol please tell me you’re being sarcastic😂

    2. DannyComments

      Hehehe..I love the internet! Where people who have ugly minds can come and act like they are way more holy than the pope !😀 It gives me immense pleasure to see how much my comments irks you people. And Yes @shayma I was being sarcastic..I’m not a sadist. I rather not watch a show when they don’t make me happy, take for instance that Islamic show on Zee tv, you don’t see me coming here to insult the actors. You wonder why some actors deal with severe depression? It is because of the likes of NAZ AND RAJI who have nothing better to do but to come online and insult people.
      I could do it too, but I have got a life! And once in a while , other smart and intelligent people want to read something other that the hate you spew on this page. And Oh for the record NAZZ, (Name sounds like a stripper’s name btw) I stopped responding to your fellow troll because it was obvious that she was a sad divorced fat lady who needed to vent out everyday. Oh well..have a lovely weekend 😁

      1. Awwwww….you’re just jealous…never mind, it was fun reading your comment which is almost on par like mines…..great minds think alike 😊😙😙😙..btw, your comment proves that you also have nothing to do just like us here..that’s why you can post your lovely comment, guilty as charged…too much time on your hands, just like me….one thing I can say for sure dear, it takes one, to know one..and see how nice I’m to you, have a wonderful weekend dear… Your comment is much appreciated and insightful 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😙😙😙😙😙😙😙…i can read your mind… Oooooooooooo😲😲😲😲👻👻👻👻👻👻…chat next week!!

  2. Leisa s morris

    What? What?

    1. I know that you are shocked it was all a dream Leisa, I was too, when I read till the end…

  3. I did think that Sahil’s aqppearance aka Jacky didn’t explain itself at all, so it’s good to see Vedika informing the family that Sahil’s still alive in the form of Jacky..and it turned out to be just a dream!!

  4. Marie, I had no idea that you are from Guyana, that makes us neighbors.. A couple years ago I visited Leguan Island because of my mother’s friend who resides there… The ppl there made my stay a memorable one, my only concern was the speedboat from Parika to the stelling at the island, I held on to my mother from one end to the other and screamed my lungs out, because of fright… So, you missed out a lot, Sahil has a twin named Jacky, who found him injured, took him to the hospital, Puneesh tracked Sahil to the hospital, mistook Jacky for Sahil, shot the poor guy and threw him down from the hospital room and left to die, Sahil witnessed the crime, took Jacky’s place and came to Kanpur to find answers, found his lady love and while trying to juggle between two characters eventually revealed himself to Vedika..and this is where we reached with Sadika on the run from 2 lady mogambos… Hope your internet is back up and you read this comment…

    1. That’s really nice you visited Guyana. Maybe one day I’ll invite you to my village where there is a huge river but not getting there by boat.
      If I miss out, when ever I come to Georgetown I’ll nock my self out

  5. Nina

    This episode was filled romantic it’s just the dainties while not cinema. Suhasi and Karan are truly touching a nerve viewer who had seen plastic dolls from other shows. Now it need differ when reality ended and Vedika’s night dream began.

  6. You moron are you for real you can clearly see you are a pervert,I am not going to mention a name you know yourself. Clown imagine you are enjoying other people’s sufferings jeez budday get a life I have nothing more to say. Case close.

    1. Jayashree, that viewer you are mentioning about is perverted like that on all the forums. On kkb forum, was all but chased out in literal terms because of support for the negativity in the antagonists and on another serial, supported the souten aka outside woman because she was brave to screw another woman’s husband. I totally ignore when I see that viewer’s written comments because I know it’s written crap, mind you, it’s hard to do when it’s before your eyes but I’ve mastered the art by now. However, the comment above was so short that I read it in 2 seconds and it comes across like seeing crap splattered all over the face so I LMAO… I should have written a warning sign for you all to ignore… LMAO…

      1. Nina

        You right, Naz. The agile troll rushes with delivering rubbish from one forum to other.

      2. Hi Naz nice to see you again, I was shocked to read that comment too . 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭

  7. Dannycomments im juz ignoring u totally..

  8. Guys is that really a nightmare? i got too upset seeing that donkey and motu usha doing that to our beloved sahil..this just cant be true right?
    But whenever they are happy a little bit, smthg bad follows immdy.. it happens in our lives too..
    Sometimes, i myself am afraid to be too happy..fearing bad things cropping up after that..
    God…sahil is such a dream..can there be anyone so loving as him really? i cud literally die for such a love..

  9. Such beautiful romantic scene followed by a cruel ending. The precap has confused me completely.

  10. Hey friends, PLEASE IGNORE THE TOXICITY which presents itself from time to time.. Some people are just born to be toxic all their lives so they carry it all around wherever they go. Just look at it as comic relief or ignore, you should read at your own risk…

  11. No..no.. It was devar-bhabhi romance..not our sadika romance…hmm…
    Dolly.., puja and my dear friends I don’t think so ,It was sadika..!!OK.
    Please don’t be confused sadika’s fans..just wait ..wait..wait..
    Am I over thinking??

  12. whatever be it Gayathri, we saw our sahil and vedhika in those cute moments and not bothered if it was jacky or xyz..we cherished each moment of it…ohhh love so true…

  13. I think the sl*t, lustful, donkey n horse faced bhoomi should be sent to a male horse to release her physical needs. She is going crazy 2 sleep with sahil who doesnt even spit at her kathakali face. Ugly is the correct word 2 describe her face in yesterdays episode. What say friends. I only hope her end should be worst than anything ie CRUSHED TO DEATH. By wearing revealing clothes she is thnking that she is looking s*xy. My foot. Now a days she is looking BLOATED.

  14. Naz just now i read in latest news that since sahil has lost his memory, rasohullah usha will take advantage of this n will use sahil in looting people. Then ugly rasogullah will keep sl*t bhoomis n sahils engagement. Seeing this vedika will sing all sahils favourite songs in the party due to which sahil will put the ring in vedikas fingers leaving everyone astonished. Now it is not known if sahils memory has come back or no.

    1. It’s better Sahil lose his memory rather than his mind, at least Vedika could sing some songs and remind him of who he really is… Lol… Raji, I looked at a video or two on AKAJS and some viewers were hinting that the serial is coming to an end and didn’t like that,, can you confirm what is really said in those videos please… Anyways, wasn’t this a dream of Vedika where bhoomi and rasgullah beat up Sahil very badly? So then how come he ended up with memory loss? Unless Vedika had a premonition!! So, whatever the reason Sahil gets memory loss, if it’s because of this scenario, bhoomi still wants Sahil as her husband? Well, I guess he really has to not be in his correct frame of mind or correct sense to take that piece of trash as his wife! Hmm, because of Bhoomi’s unstable mind she could find herself beating up the man she desires in one minute and then want to tie the knot with him in the next. .. What a wacko and that’s not a compliment.

  15. Passing by without reading ‘some people’ comment is d best answer given to people who are either ignorant or those who just took cocaine, nd i hope d so called commentor knows herself. I really dnt undastand d precap

  16. You know dolly u are right, even i dnt like being overjoyed for the fear of being in a shock soon after that. Life is not that easy, you know

  17. That’s why I told you all so…its the honest truth…she’s always on the run.. You should have read the dress down a viewer from KKB forum delivered… It was too hotttttt handle plus the language was too high tech for the viewer above to understand…so sometimes she sneak in a comment or two and then disappears…

  18. Friends no the serial is not ending. And that was not a dream sequence. Sahil was really beaten by rasogullah n the sl*t due to which he ll loose his memory. 2day i read the sl*ts interview as usual naked on top n u should see her acting n acsent when she us talking hindi. She behaves like she is fm west. blo*dy bastard. Next they ll be showing our beloved sahils n the lustful horses engagement. But sahil has lost his memory. When vedika ll song his favourite songs in the engagement ceremony he ll put the ring in vedikas fingers. U all see the sl*ts interview on u tube

  19. Ohh..Dolly It my be or not its my thinking..
    Anyway..I saw the epi..at late night..I was wondering..how so romantic our sadika..or jadika..sorry only for Sadika..love u sadika..😚😍😍😍😍👌🖒but friends please remember at those scene,s when vedika finds sahil as jacky…jacky have no idea where is home..😂
    and when he was dreaming about vedika “aisa nhi sochne ka re”😂 I think kyo nhi sochne ka re ..she is your wife..😉😂when vedika tells jacky “fill my hairline “he ran away from there why???when vedika faints and he saves from felling down and tells vedika where is her son Ved??why ved is your son also..
    When puneesh says jacky “bhar do vedika ki maang aur de do proof..than his sitti pitti gum🙄why?? than vedika holds his hand …and filling her hairline by his hands
    While he was saving ved from goons..he thinks that ved is innocent he doesn’t know he (jacky) is not her father..why???
    When jackys mother comes in teej puja..his shocked face my god and later he was thinking that “it’s all for u vedika ji.. Iam lying with my mother..”why ??when he was Our sahil..
    When he was eating noodles and thinking about vedika “ye madam ji uppun ke damage se nikalti kyo nhi uppun to roj ladki patata hai”ohe very silly hamare hero sahil aggrawal vedika ke hote ye Sab bhi karta kya???
    And suddenly jacky turned into Sahil??

  20. Naz my friend I just read some of the comments and just could not comprehend why that danny individual attacked you like that with those insulting remarks; hey girl you are above that level and way too intelligent to even waste time responding to his insults; we have been on this forum way too long to let a person like that get to you; for the record every comment you have posted so far is so to the point and makes complete sense so dont matter what others think or say about you it just does not matterl let it go through one ear and come out the next and please dont let any dotish remarks like that upset you always remember never let anyone steal your joy; Blessings to you and family always and to you too my friend Gayatree you know we three will always be there for each other especially when attacked.

    1. Hey Sapphire.. I had a tiring day yesterday, so now came up to read update and couldn’t find it…anyways, you know that I ignore sadists but I couldn’t help being nice to HER either…i assume it’s a her and not a him….because on the other forums, SHE/HE is the only supporter of evil in the storyline which is his or her rights anyway.. The thing is Sapphire, in all my comments, I’ve never identified the individual #1 by name so you know the saying, that if it falls in your garden, you’ll surely be offended….you know good doesn’t bring forth evil right….but you you something, probably he/she is so full of negativity on all forms that the positivity in other people are biting to the core and that’s why they lash out…we have to be patient with ppl like those, they don’t know better….when one can support Tanu in KKB and the souten in Badaltey Rishton ka…you know that they are lost souls… See, I didn’t call any names again OK… I’m a positive thinker, you know that. So, how’s it going in St James? Christmas wise…? All is good on my side, enjoying the weather these days till March, I guess you’ll be much colder at nights as you are at the mountainous part in the northwest….hopefully today we get the update, I’m still to see yesterday’s episode, couldn’t find the time…and I’m off today again as well till the end of the week…..chat soon..

    2. On second thought, I think I was too harsh, it isn’t lost soul… I think psychological help is needed, could be an abused person, you just never know ehh..

      1. DannyComments

        Why are you still talking? Thought you were better than me? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And she says I have got a problem! Oh you poor thing..now I know how much my comments bugs you down to your soul! Damn girl! All you do is throw insults everytime🤣All these while, didn’t know you wanted me to acknowledge You! Hehehe! Naaaah! You are not worth it, not even a little bit! Wonder why this page keeps alerting me when you respond to my comments!!

  21. Sorry I made an error with your name my friend I meant Jayashree not gayashree

  22. I made a comment earlier where is my comment i am fed up of you ztv people not posting all the comments made

  23. Friends i cant see 17th dec. 2018 written update. Could you all see. Pls let me know. I am very eager to read the comments.

  24. No Raji..its not posted still…

  25. Thks Dolly

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