Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash harasses Vaidika

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The doctor was hopeful that Sahil’s condition is progressively improving. Anjana was thankful to Vaidika and prays.
Vaidika had completed the rounds. She panted badly and fell on the floor. The Pandit gives her a flower.
Gauri was thankful to Vaidika who couldn’t have done such a struggle for Sahil. Vaidika returns in the worst of conditions and place the flower from temple over Sahil’s forehead. Gauri holds her while Anjana was thankful to Vaidika. Shruti brings a stool and glass of water for her. Aarya comes at the door to console Vaidika.
Aarya comes to the room with Vaidika’s phone. She thinks she needs to hurry before Vaidika knows about it and types a message for Sahil from it. Nani comes to the room cursing Vaidika for getting her feet injured for that Sahil and

here Aarya isn’t ready to accept Yash as her father, what’s wrong with Yash after all? Aarya replies Yash isn’t Sahil, only Sahil can be her Papa forever.
Aarya speaks to Yash that Vaidika says good people always care for others. Yash didn’t come to inquire about his friend for once even, though he was injured because of him. How can she then accept him as a father? Yash says he is also concerned for Sahil, he was only annoyed. Sahil’s phone bell rings. Aarya comes to sit beside Sahil wishing Yash gets a look at Vaidika’s message on Sahil’s number. He will then fight with Vaidika. She deliberately throw the cell phone on floor. Yash smiles and bends to hold it, he reads Vaidika’s message for Sahil, she wish he opens his eyes and watches her face. He is special for her and she likes him.
In the room, Yash harasses Vaidika physically. Vaidika resists as she won’t bear this arm twisting and harassment every time. Yash shouts at Vaidika for turning their marriage a joke, may be people were right about Vaidika. She isn’t as honest and truthful as he thought. Vaidika says her marriage was based on a condition but marriage isn’t a condition for her. She knows her rights as a wife. Yash locks the door and says if she actually knows the rights of a wife, then she must please her husband as a priority. He tries to get intimate with Vaidika while she resisted. Yash walks out of the room leaving her, she trembled.
Yash discuss with a psychiatrist friend that he loves Vaidika, still he couldn’t get close to her. The psychiatrist calms him down, there is nothing to be tensed about. He isn’t the first person to face this. The biggest reason to fell in such a situation is stress. The psychiatrist suggests Yash to throw this stress out of his marital life and create a healthy environment at home.
At Agarwal house, the doctor congratulates everyone for improvement in Sahil’s condition. Its also because of their prayers. Puneesh was annoyed that today Vaidika saved Sahil but this might not happen again. After everyone turns to leave, Puneesh stops Vaidika’s way and says she must miss her, though the live under the same roof. Vaidika turns to walk away. Puneesh says she is married to Yash, still she got the boils in her feet due to Sahil; it seems she found Sahil quite spicy. Puneesh offers her to have some fun with him. Vaidika was about to slap Puneesh then decides she doesn’t want to waste her anger over Puneesh. She would surely send him to jail again. Puneesh says he would surely enjoy confronting them now.
Shruti discuss with Gauri in the hall and she can tell everyone about Karan now at least. She says Karan has brought Nidhi home, and she can’t bear living there anymore. She wants to break the marriage. Gauri convinces Shruti that marriages aren’t broken so easily, and Karan brought Nidhi home because she bears his child. Shruti doesn’t understand. Gauri goes behind her to stop Shruti but fell down. Everyone from the family run towards her.
Yash had returned home with a gift for Vaidika. Vaidika had left with Agarwal’s. Nani comes to Yash and explains that her daughter’s heart melts for everyone like this. She suggests Yash to take Vaidika out of station for a few days, this will bring their lives on track. Yash walks away without replying. Aarya heard all this and thinks she can never let Yash get close to her mama, Vaidika only belongs to Sahil.
Everyone from the family waited outside the room. Prachi comes out of the room crying. The doctor apologizes for not being able to save the child. Everyone was in a state of agony.

PRECAP: Nani brings Vaidika to a room where Yash was ready to leave for honeymoon. Vaidika clearly denies going anywhere. Nani gets emotional that Vaidika would see her dead face now. There, Deepak comes to the room drunk and harasses Gauri for not being able to protect his child. Anjana takes a knife to harm herself while Vaidika stops her and says nothing is painful for a child but to see his mother dead.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So cute of Aarya to be playing Cupid fa Sahil.. she’s really so sensible fa her age and doing whatever is in her capacity to bring together Sadhika.. and greedy Nani is playing Cupid fa Yash.. grrrrrr…
    Poor Gauri.. y did they have to kill the baby now? They cud hv done this to that b*t*h Nidhi instead.. problem solved..
    And how can vedhika even stand beside that lizard and give him replies.. he’s so disgusting.. his sly look and mouth.. yuck.. typical Lizzy..

  2. Yes,Arya is really cute but she is indirectly bringing out the beast in Yash….Her intention was to create a fight so that her mother would leave Yash and go back to Sahil…A young girl of 15 could n’t have imagined that Yash would stoop so low and get physical…but thankfully he stops the torture in between and leaves the room …..does he really have a conscience that did n’t allow him to become so mean or any other issue.Anyways some respite for Vedika …I want Yash to harass her , but getting physical is too much for any woman..And you are right Dolly,..this Puneeth really looks nauseating…Ofcourse Nani is no way less horrible ….can do anything to satisfy her greed …actually when I started counting the negative characters in Sahil’s life except for a few like Gauri ,majority have turned to be negative only…still beating all the odds,Sahil loved Vedika but she tied the knot with Yash….really disappointing…..because coming back won’t be that easy..

    1. You know what Lakshmi, I don’t condone violence in any degree or form towards women but in this fictional world, yes..Vedika needs to see some hell in this marriage, I couldn’t believe that she would have done the deed…but with a greedy materialistic mother like Nani, this was bound to happen and look at this now, Nani encouraging Yash to take Vedika on honeymoon, what the hell but let’s see Yash get more enraged, Vedika will see blue this time. Gauri remains the best other character in Sahil’s life, so sorry that she lost her baby and now Deepak will give her more trouble, after all, he tried all types of methods to conceive a son and even though it was a girl, let’s see what he does this time, I must admit that it was hilarious how he went about getting advice from people, reminded me of Amir Khan character in Dangal where everyone had a remedy to conceive a son but it just didn’t work…lol

  3. Muniya

    Aarya is trying her best to fix things…
    No words for disgusting Puneesh??…and Vedika’s mother is being too much now?
    And i don’t understand what’s the need to kill Gauri’s child??…what’s her fault…rather she’s the one showing constant support to Sahil…and now she’ll suffer…wish this would happen to witch Nidhi?
    Don’t know when we’ll see our darling Sahil back with his cheerful mood??
    One good thing…Yash stops himself from stooping low…and was tensed about the situation he created.
    But Vedika’s mother has started her drama now to convince Vedika…why is she being so materialistic??

    1. Muniya, I didn’t want you all to bash me but I’ve said this to myself many times…why can’t Nidhi lose her baby?? It’s not fair that this witch has to come to make trouble for Shruti’s marriage..never mind Karan, he need a good kick to the street…he could make more babies with Shruti, Nidhi is so wretched just like her greedy mother, her baby will inherit her genes and just like mother…her baby could be bad when he or she grows up. So yes, I agree with you on this issue…

  4. How sad about Gauri?. Dolly yes it should have been Nidhi, she is not fit to be a mother. Who use their child as an excuse to get what they want and be mean!!

    As for Yash he disgust me. Apart from anger he does not show any emotion. Nani so greedy.
    Hats off to Arya?. Vedika taught her well.

    Precap dais not look too good. Anjana is such a drama queen!!!

  5. Muniya. … it’s because she is greedy. All she like is big house and money. Never mind her daughter’s happiness. I agree it’s becoming too much now. At some point Yash will turn on her then she will run to her old house and Sahil.

  6. Aarya is a darling indeed!! No one could fit into a father’s role for her, only her Sahil papa…certainly not Yash and I’m so happy she took it upon herself to drive a wedge between Vedika and Yash…good girl. Ladies…looking at Sahil on the bed, so inert, my heart breaks..I immediately thought of the Sahil we dearly love ..remember their first meeting? Even I blushed at his penetrating playful eyes and adoring attraction to Vedika, how heart melting he looked ?????, his eyes which followed her in the jewelry store when she came to pawn the bracelets for her niece’s wedding, I could have fainted if I was in her position, his cajoling to sew outfits to make ends meet even close to the midnight hr and ohh gosh..his many escapades pinning her to the walls to whisper words of love and endearments….what a loving and supportive man he is..who deserves the best but now I have to see him lying there so helpless ????..I wish these writers could spare him some grief and give him some happiness because come he’ll or high water, he never shirks his duties…to either his wretched BA or to anyone else…..I wish he recovers soon, I can’t say it enough..

  7. I think when Sahil is out of coma, he will forget everyone else except vedhika.. the Agarwal’s will ask vedhika to act as his wife and make him alright..
    Imagine what will happen to Yash then …???

  8. Nina

    Today I have watched the good movie Dhanak with Hetal Gada as Pari. I actually watched and enjoyed this movie. A girl was showing the true acting skills through this movie. I like she as Arya too. I shall count on you, Arya.

  9. Muniya

    Wow…such a nice spoiler this time…Can’t wait to see Sahil awake…Love u dear Sahil.

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