Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash to find an old diary in Agarwal house

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Remaining Part: Ishq SubhanAllah- Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Maha Sangam

In Ishq SubhanAllah, Shahbaz comes to meet Miraj and requests Miraj for a favor. He discusses with Miraj that he wants something from Hamdan.
Kabeer comes to greet Ammi and asks how their function was. Everyone turn to see Rukhsar come there. Ammi sends Zeenat to shift all the gifts to Rukhsar’s room. Kabeer helps Zara in holding some of the boxes as she has done enough. Zara congratulates Rukhsar. After everyone has left, Rukhsar throws the chunri away.
In the kitchen, Zara sits on the kitchen cabinet while Kabeer was there. She says everything seems changed tonight, can’t they do something that turns everything beautiful. Kabeer says surely, they can surely pray before fast. Kabeer reminds

her to respect the fast as it prohibits being intimate as well. Zara was mischievous and drags Kabeer to their room where she blows water bubbles around him. She then asks him to read verse 187 of Surah Baqarah in Al Quran. Kabeer asks if she doesn’t know, then repeats; “it is allowed for men to go near their wives in the nights of Ramadan”.
In Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, a young boy was in a store room reading a diary when he hears his father calling Yash! What are you looking for? Yash calls his father not to leave them alone. Yash wakes up from the dream, he wonders where is that room now and thinks it was near the stairs. He thinks if he finds the diary and those albums, Bimla’s truth would open up. The truth of his mother will be enough to finish this family. He decides to break the wall right under the stairs. Deepak comes there and stops Yash. Bari Amma also comes there and sends everyone inside as she wants to speak to Yash alone. Yash stops at once. Bari Amma tells Yash he won’t find anything here, not the diary or the room. Yash asks if her memory is back. Bari Amma smiles that there is a difference between their memories. His memories have buried under the new building of her house. He will now suffer to look for his memories which is somewhere around. Yash tells Bari Amma he isn’t insensible or weak, he has seen her true face already but she doesn’t know about him now. He is stubborn and gets what he is after. He is here to destroy them and he will accomplish his mission. He will find the diary no matter he has to turn this building to ruins. Then he will push her and her family out of the house. The smile of her face will soon vanish, he will use Vaidika to use Sahil’s life as well.

PRECAP: In Ishq SubhanAllah, Rukhsar watches the old photos and says there was a time Kabeer didn’t go to school without her, she burns the photos. Zara asks Kabeer if he never felt something for Rukhsar since she was in his life for long. In Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se, Shruti says she doesn’t want to marry anyone and warns a suicide if they force her. Vaidika discuss with Sahil to convince his family that Shruti wants to marry someone who understands her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    So as we thought…Deepak tried to harm Nidhi.
    Precap is good also.
    But again this maha sangam and all…for the week!!!…Don’t like to watch mixed up serials.

  2. Sadhika moments as usual awwww ???
    This BA is a real crook.. how selfish she looks..
    Nidhi finally got a scare.. hope Deepak troubles her more..I’ll be so happy..
    And I really want Yash to find his diary.. I want justice for him..but also Sadhika together..

  3. I’m not so fond of these mahasangam episodes.. I want AAJS exclusive.. guys what about you??

  4. I don’t like Mahasangham either.

    As usual Nani entertains me ?. This Nidhi I am not sure how her brain works?. Overall episode was good. The trust that Sadika with each other is so sweet.

    I have a feeling BA husband will turn up at some point and reveal the truth. Just a thought. Anything is possible in these serial.

    1. Right pooja.. BA’s hubby is the only person who’s interlinked now. Hope he turns up and help Yash..

  5. Hello ladies…. Long time no chat…. I also don’t like mahasangam episodes, I don’t l diluted stuff, I prefer it straight. While I’m an ISA viewer, I don’t understand what’s the need to join the episodes, I just don’t, I prefer to see Sadika’s moments by itself and the same goes for Kabira… Ladies, won’t you all agree that when Vedika is in intimate moments with Sahil she looks utterly beautiful? As for Nidhi, she’s looking like an uptight witch and she is underestimating Deepak ,he’s a clown at times but when he wants something, he goes for it just like how he went out of his way to unite Sadika just to get Sahil out of the way… So Nidhi is playing with the wrong man. Try as I could I just can’t hate Yash, he’s been cheated by the old witch but I don’t appreciate her sins falling on an innocent love. I also agree that BA’s husband aka Yash’s father should make his presence known, from somewhere…we know how these writers could bring back the dead, if he is but I think he’s alive and kicking, that’s why she wears her sindoor and mangalsutra, and just put things to rest…

  6. Hey, BA is 6yrs older than her husband and she has a problem with Vedika, what a hypocrite!! It’s like the pot calling the kettle black in fine style..

  7. I posted two comments earlier this morning and I’m damn well pissed off that I’m not seeing it as yet…..they may show up but after the train has moved on…..but I’m waiting…

  8. Wow….just after I posted my last comment….I see it has appeared….THANKS

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