Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika is dead

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Sahil cries holding Vaidika in his arms. They call for ambulance while continuously shouts for her to wake up. There was news on television about Vaidika getting bullet injury. She was saving Sahil Agarwal’s child. Bari Amma tells Bhoomi to see now how Vaidika’s name is still connected to Sahil. Bari Amma cursed Vaidika. Nani cries questioning if she doesn’t feel ashamed of cursing her daughter every time. Bhoomi shouts at both to shut up, her husband and son need her. She wants to leave now.
Sahil brings Vaidika to hospital, shouting for emergency and doctors. Maya had come with the children. Sadika asks Sahil if her mamma is fine. Sahil assures nothing will happen to her. Vaidika was in OT. Bhoomi reach hospital and runs to Ved. Bari Amma and Puneesh also reach hospital. Bhoomi

looks towards Sahil thankfully. A nurse comes take Sahil’s signatures on Vaidika’s file. She says their love is honestly a true one, it’s unlike the new generation love that ends in no time. The doctor comes out and tells Sahil Vaidika got a bullet in place which was difficult to treat. They have invited Dr. Krishna. Bari Amma smirks that Dr. Krishna would surely come but to take her life away.
Ved and Sadika pray for Vaidika’s life in a temple corner. Nani also prays for Vaidika. Aarya cries and apologizes Vaidika, she requests her not to leave.
Dr. Krishna looks towards Bari Amma and Puneesh while he comes to Vaidika. In the room, he thinks he didn’t let the real Dr. Krishna reach here and now this Vaidika will be dead.
Sahil also comes to the temple corner and prays that nothing should happen to Vaidika. He comes towards the room and had just opened the door when he spots the fake doctor plugging off Vaidika’s life support. He takes him by collar. The hospital staff reach there. Outside in the corridor, Sahil beats the fake doctor. Bari Amma tries to pull off Sahil. The fake doctor accepts to tell him the truth. He was about to take a name, Bari Amma signals him to keep shut. Soon there was an electric shut down, the doctor vanishes. Bari Amma smirks that surely Puneesh must be behind this, she convince Sahil that he must he sent by those terrorists.
A doctor comes out of OT and announces Vaidika is no more.
Everyone was taken aback, gloomy over Vaidika’s death. Sahil comes to the room and tries to wake Vaidika’s body up. Vaidika lay dead. Sahil backs up and cries badly recalling about each of his interactions with Vaidika.

PRECAP: Vaidika’s soul leave the corpse. Sahil was broken and mournes Vaidika.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The scene where sahil holds dead vedhika and cries was so touching.. atleast like in movies, when she was dying she could hv confessed that she loved him.. now it will be like risen from death..atleast now i hope that she is true to herself and sahil..without pretending..

  2. Waiting to watch the epi…
    Seems awesome.

  3. Nice episode.. once again Sahil did not disappoint. His acting is brilliant and almost seem real and I could feel his pain. So touching… vedika please accept his love🙏🏽. Not everyone get a second chance.

    Can’t wait for tonight episode

  4. guys i have a news for u …vedika after returning from hospitals ..tells everyone that sadika is deepak and gauri’s daughter and asked deepak about her child ..he said he heard that it was born dead…and vedika was telling everyone that it cant be possible i felt him inside me .. here is the link of OLV

  5. oh wow makino.. she speaks the truth then..I hope she does the same with sahil too..

  6. I think that it’s best I stop watching these YouTube videos, they rob me of my excitement and I don’t take the serial seriously and when I don’t think of something in a serious way, I lose interest because the element of surprise is gone… Just like BA, seeing her snooping and spying on the whole scene was so hilariously foolish that I don’t see her evilness at all. Well, don’t get me started on Puneesh😭😭😭…most turn off villian in a while for me… Otherwise, the episode was good and watching Sahil hug Vedika’s body caused my tears to spill, I only hope that when she comes back from her otherworldly journey, she accepts Sahil’s love and move forward with her relationship, however… We have Bhoomi to deal with, how will this marriage be dealt with, would Bhoomi give Sahil a divorce? I would love to see Vedika confessing to Sahil and maybe the whole family that she knows her son is alive because her son is Sahil’s son and not Yash, this ought to change the dynamics here and for Sahil to turn to BA for answers because Vedika who’s in front of him doesn’t sound like the Vedika who would abandon her son especially since she knew that Sahil was her son’s father.. I can imagine Sahil’s shock and overwhelming love that would come to the front. I do remember BA convincing Sahil that Vedika didn’t want her baby so how would Vedika convince Sahil that it isn’t true but BA is the mastermind behind the deed. Before that… Sahil has to get rid of his cold hatred towards Vedika, he’s right by being so but with Vedika’s brush with death ought to make him realize that he should hold on to her and forgive what has happened between them, he may not necessarily forget but he can work on his forgiveness AND I hope Vedika reciprocates his love, if she’s still giving him a hard time, maybe she’d be better off dead in my book.. Friends…. Do you all think that Sahil needs a haircut? I think he does, he’s looking like a ruffian. Maybe if Vedika accepts him in her life, he’ll change his appearance because the poor guy is so broken, doesn’t have the woman he loves by his side, he’s so sad, I don’t see him smile, the last time I saw him smile in the real way was when Vedika thought her sari was stuck on Sahil and she pleaded with him to let it go but it wasn’t him holding her back..so yes, definitely this smile has to come back.

    1. Hi Naz… I enjoy reading reading your comments and I like your thinking. Everying you said is very logic but we know writers will probably add some more twist and turns before they unite Sahil and Vedika. If ever this is to happen.

      I shed tears 2 when Sahil hold Vedika. It was so touching. Yes Sahil does need a hair cut and a shave too.

  7. Awesome epi…

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