aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 9)

Sooraj was talking with his Student.. Maya

Sooraj: haan Maya..all ok with ur Mom na? Don’t worry ..that teacher will never disturb u again..start ur day fresh on Monday..

Maya : thank u sir..not everyone will get teacher like u..

Sooraj: its all teachers duty..some misbehave with this profession..

Maya: once again thank u sir..

Sooraj: u come to Gandhi nagar..i will give u the notes..nd give that to me in school ..

Maya : ok sir

Sandhya went for shopping..

She saw sooraj there..

Sandhya: (thinks) same girl..again with him..kahi girl friend tho neih..lekin age difference bohut..chup..what’s ur problem with that? He was busy with her..chup chap apni kam kar..

After half n hour

After she came from shop..she searched for him..there is no Sooraj ya Maya..but there was a crowd ..she went there..

Someone: someone attacked them..

Sooraj helding that girl..she was full of blood..Sooraj too had some injuries..

Everyone was watching them..but sayin to call ambulance..

Sandhya was shocked but she acted in that moment..stopped one taxi..nd took them to hospital..

Sooraj put Maya in back seat..sandhya sit besides her..

Sooraj takes front seat..they went to hospital..

Girl admitted to ICU ..Sandhya finished all the formalities..Sooraj gave some medicines nd put bandage in injuries..

Doctor came there ..nd said that girl was out of danger..but memory will be back by tomorrow .

Sandhya went for Sooraj..

Sooraj tried to sit..when he saw her..

Sandhya keeps pillow behind him

Sooraj: how was she?

Sandhya: doctor said that she is alright..nd her memory will be back tomorrow..


Sandhya: don’t u inform her parents..or any trouble in that?

Sooraj: only Maa for her,.i informed her..she will be on the way?

Sandhya: tk..is that paining?

Sooraj: yes.,slightly..

Sandhya: ok u take some rest..

Sooraj: thank u sandhya..no one in that place ready to help us..

Sandhya: that’s ok ..but what happened.,i don’t think so that was accident..that was very small street..

Sooraj: yes..that’s was killing plan..that girl nd also me..

Sandhya: that’s too irritating..even in this generation someone is against love..

Sooraj: love?

Sandhya: haan..ur love?

Sooraj: mera?

Sandhya: u nd that girl?

Sooraj shocked..

To be continued..

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  1. Fenil

    Amazing chappy.
    Loved it caring Sandhya and Sooraj.
    I think he was just helping her out but some dangerous peoples are behind maya.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Farie

      Thank u☺ ur guessing was little bit correct?

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