aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 8)

Sandhya saw back..yes its Sooraj..he was speaking with one girl..

She thought to call him..then she saw Sooraj nd girl goin somewhere..

Sandhya: maybe some known girl..but he said that his family in native place ..who was this..His Girl friend?

She came to her room..

Sandhya: so tired..thank god tomorrow sunday..will free for full day..

Sandhya took her diary..it was her habit..she started writing

July 27, 2017

Dear Diary..

I was so happy..After my parents died..i am not sure ..i will be happy like this..my relatives ready to kill me for my properties..how cruel they are..but thank god..becoz of u nd my Maa papa ki blessings mein mae yahan pounch gayi..otherwise i don’t know what will happen..now i can color my life..

Aur my marriage..I am not sure about that..in my childhood,,we play that Rajkumar will come for every Rajkumari..but for me..

Will see that..tk bye..

Scene shifted to Sooraj..

Sooraj: Maa ..i am not saying lie..seriously i didn’t find any girl ..like for my marriage, ur daughter-in-law, ..till now no girls with that quality..but one ..

Maa: what one?

Sooraj: kuch neih..mae baad mein baath kartha hoon..

Maa: Arrey..go nd say..

Sooraj: kuch neih Maa..

Mom: neih kuch tho hai..u started something..fnish that

Sooraj: Wo..achha Maa..someone is coming bye..

Sooraj: uff!! Sooraj great escape..can’t u control u..what was the need to say about Sandhya..keep this in mind..Sandhya don’t set for ur family..she was different..Nd she can’t be ur girl..u know that right..nd u decided that u won’t think about her..just put an end to her..

Next Day
Morning 5 am

Sandhya was sitting on the terrace with coffee cup

Sandhya: so beautiful..Maa Papa..u seeing me na..i love this life..i am really happy..when u both in hospital..Dad u was so worry..leaving me alone..but ur daughter was strong enough to face this world..i won’t cheat anyone..live my life happily..nd i am sorry..i cheated someone..for my need..even that too for helping someone nd also me..I am sorry..i hope u Both Forgive me..

8.00 am

Sooraj came from Bathroom nd saw his room..He remembers his Maa words..

Mom: how could be like this beta..U very unique..i don’t think this was bachelor room

Sooraj: kyun? Then how was it?

Mom: see ur brothers room..it was so mess..but always keep ur room clean..nd i am sure ur wife will be so happy for this quality..

Sooraj: u always had one thing in ur mind ..marriage marriage..

Maa: aur neih tho kya..Afterall u r my elder son..

Sooraj: haan buss buss..don’t start ur story..

Sooraj came to real by hearing phone ring..

To be continue…

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