aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 7)

Early morning 5 am

Sooraj suddenly wake from a dream..

Sooraj : ye kaisa dream hai..how can this happen..how can i marry sandhya..wo bhi without my mom interest..sooraj don’t think much..this is just a dream..u spoke a little bit too much about sandhya with Akshay..
That’s why.,


Santhosh Babu: Sooraj say them..that u don know her..

Sooraj: neih Maa..she needs me..my help..

Sooraj saying police that he know her..he was her husband..

Nd then he woke..

After then he can’t sleep..

Scene shifted to Sandhya

Sandhya was going for office..

On the way he saw that photographer..

He recognised her..

Sandhya: arrey bro how are you?

Photographer: am fine sister..how are you?

Sandhya: fine..u live here or any work in this area?

Photographer: neih neih ji..came for my work..marriage function..

Sandhya: (smiled nd asked) real or like me nd Sooraj ji..

Photographer: i am really photographer madam..that’s just for him..He was so Calm..u know he don’t like this idea at all..Broker convinced him..he really don’t want to cheat anyone one..

Sandhya: i know..he was like True nd Straight forward..tk bhaiya..getting late..

Photographer went..

Sandhya went to Office..

Ankika: hey Sandhya..any good news..

Sandhya: kuch neih..

Anika: but ur face having big smile..

Sandhya: wo ..i was thinking about Sooraj

Anika: what ? U said nothing between u nd him..now what happened?

Sandhya: abhi bhi kuch neih hai..wo bazz…

Anika: Really?

Sandhya : whatever iam going..

Sandhya(thinks) : Sandhya focus..don’t allow any disturbance in ur mind..u need to focus on ur career..Independent..if so something happened b/w u nd him..u can’t survive with him..its a very huge family..just forget him..that incident nd all..

After some hour..

Sandhya was really tired nd bored..

She decided to take some break..went for canteen..ordered coffee..

Meanwhile she used facebook in her phone..

She saw some video like young man proposing young lady..

He was really so scared to say his love..there was a lovely background song..

Sandhya thinks..that what if someone proposed her like this..

Suddenly she was thinking like Sooraj proposing her..

Sandhya(thinks): madam..just stop ur dream..Arrey don’t talk to this too much..she distracting u

Nd she went for work..

On the way to her hostel..

She saw one girl hugging their parents..suddenly she remembers her parents..

Then she heard some voice behind her ..

Voice: come i will say to ur mom..that u r my responsibility

Girl: but Maa.

Sooraj: believe me..come..

She recognised that whose voice was that

To be continue..

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