aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 6)

Sooraj: sandhya..how did u find my number?

Sandhya: its so simple ji..ur id card was with me one full day

Sooraj: so why did u call me now?

Sandhya: how rude? Anyway..i need a favor from u

Sooraj: what?

Sandhya : will u sign a guardian signature in my hostel..i don’t know anyone in this place..

Sooraj thought about it..

Sandhya: u can also say no..if u r not ok..

Sooraj : neih neih ..i will come..msg me address

Sandhya: ok..i will send text msg..

She disconnected

Akshay: r u going anywhere?

Sooraj: yes..i need 1hr.

Akshay: kya bhai..any girl?

Sooraj:haan..(realised what he said)neih neih..wo actually..i said na..Sandhya ..she called..actually.,

Akshay:i understood..take ur time..i will manage..

Sooraj smiled nd went..

He reached there exactly in 15 minutes

Sandhya was in a yellow salwar..

She was arguing something with one lady

Sandhya: so u won’t agree? Fine wait..he will come

Sooraj: hi

Sandhya: hi ..Thank u …nd Sorry sooraj ji

Sooraj smiled and asked her

Sooraj : Sorry ? Nd Thank u?

Sandhya: Sorry for disturbing u..Thank u for helping me..

Sooraj: No problem..u checked about this hostel? Is this safe?

Sandhya : haan..my colleague staying in this place..she referred this..

Sooraj :tk..i will speak nd do the formalities..

Sooraj did all the formalities for her to join..

Sooraj was about to go..

Sandhya again thanked him

Sooraj reached school ..Akshay was waiting for him..

Akshay smiled when he saw Sooraj..Sooraj surely knows what was going in his mind..

Sandhya went for her room to place all her things..

Her colleague as well as friend now Anikha came to help her..

(Conversation b/w Akshay nd Sooraj l, Anikha nd Sandhya..
Separate conversations)

Anikha : so u settled here?

Sandhya: hmm..

Akshay: kya bhai? U missing someone?

Sooraj: i said about her to u in morning..how i met her..so u can’t ask like these..

Anikha: arrey,.love will come to anyone..especially strangers..like u both met..

Sandhya: love ..wo bhi sooraj ji se..

Akshay: haan kyun neih?

Sooraj: kyunki ..she us not my type

Anikha: could u pls explain that?

Sandhya £ Sooraj : fine..let me explain

Sandhya : i don’t like calm people..like i am not ok with them..

Sooraj : i can’t able to be with girl like Sandhya .she is very talkative ..

Sandhya: i want my life to be full of adventures ..not a typical life..

Sooraj: i want normal life..not any thrill..

Sandhya: most important..i don’t want to live in join family..

Sooraj: i don’t think so she will adjust in my big family..this is the most important..i want my would be wife to adjust my family nd me..

Akshay £ Anikha: that’s too difficult..

They are too different..lets see how they going to unite..

Afterall love has the power to unite anyone at anytime..

To be continue

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  2. Good episode…
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