aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 5)

Sooraj smiled

Suddenly some sound from hall.

House owner: Arrey Sooraj Aagayi..wo kahan?

Sooraj saw that one lady was fixing something in wall

Sooraj: who? And who is this? What she doing?

House owner: this is my wife..she fixing u nd ur wife pic..

Sooraj : kya?

Sooraj shocked ..to see that photo..

Sooraj: ye kya hai? Iska kya zaroorat hai?

House owner: yesterday my wife saw ur picture..she likes ur pair..thats why she came up with this idea..

Sooraj thank god for not fixing this yesterday..

Sooraj(thinks): but this photo..i got into a very big trap..

Lady:Arrey..call her na..


Lady:ur wife..

Sooraj: she was in my home town..

Lady:how is that possible..i saw u both entering house last night..i thought to speak with her today..does she gone in morning train..

Sooraj shocked.. make himself steady,nd said

Sooraj:no Aunty..she never came here..only i came yesterday..maybe u got some confusions..see there is no one in house..except me..

Lady: but i saw her

House owner: maybe u mistaken Shanti..i don’t think so he was lying..

She saw him,nd says..

Lady:Maybe..tk we leaving beta..but bring to this place atleast one time …

Sooraj: ji

They went

Sooraj went for his school..

His thought was only full of Sandhya..her smile, her boldness, her way of speaking..

Nd that photo..

Sooraj (thinks): why u thinking about her again nd again..she is nothing..Sooraj..nd the real is She gone for her life..now u should focus on why u came here?.. wait wait ..i came for my girl..what she is that girl?

Is that a coincidence or that was meant to be..

Like my old house owner suddenly came to me nd said that he won’t allow bachelors anymore eventhough i paid him correctly..

Then when i searched for another house..broker said that silly idea buy in that too Sandhya became my wife for photo..

is she was the girl am searching for..

But now she gone..what will happen next? How can i contact her? How can i ask her about this?

She came here for her own life, to be independent, career..

Look Sooraj don’t think too much..everything will happen at correct time..if she was the girl..god will show u way

Suddenly she got a call from unknown number..

He attended

Sooraj: Hello

Sandhya: haan ..Sooraj ji..this is Sandhya

To be continue…

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