aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 4)

They reached Sooraj house..
Sooraj slowly unlocks..

Sandhya went inside..someone watched them

Sandhya felt someone was watching them..she turned..but no one was there..

Sooraj: what?

Sandhya: it just..nothing

Sooraj:ok..u sleep in bed..i will sleep on sofa..

Sandhya:Dekiye Mr.Sooraj..i know am guest..but this is ur house..u can sleep on ur bed..i am ok with sofa..

Sooraj: neih neih..

Sandhya: otherwise..i am going..

Sooraj: tk..good night

Sandhya smiled ..nd went to sofa..

After sometimes..she can’t sleep..

Sandhya: Sooraj ji..did u slept?

Sooraj:neih..it will take some time..

Sandhya: muje bhi..so?


Sandhya:u know about me everything ..atleast tell me something about u..

Sooraj:me..its normal story..i don’t have adventures like..

Sandhya:tho..u are the first one ..Right?

Sooraj:hmmm..Maa, Papa, Two younger brother nd

Sandhya:nd one younger sister right?

Sooraj surprised..

Sandhya:don’t be like this..u said that ur story was usual..so guessed..


Sandhya:so u came for ur family..u need to handle ur family budget, brothers career, sister marriage..henna?


Sandhya:no..so what’s ur plan?

Sooraj: wo..wo..

Sandhya:kya wo wo..u forgot why u came here?

Sandhya smirked..

Sooraj: nothing like that..but ..

Sandhya:no problem..if u r not comfortable to say..i won’t compel..

Sooraj:neih neih..nothin..

Sandhya: i can understand..i am just a tresspasser..am not even ur friend..so ..its ok..am going to sleep..

Sooraj: tk..good night..

Sandhya slept..

Sooraj rewind some months ago

Sooraj first day in this city..

Sooraj called his Mom..

Sooraj: Maa this is too much..why u did this to me?

Mom:Arrey..what i did?

Sooraj:don’t act mom..i am happy with our school..but u sent me here for..

Mom:haan..i sent u there for my daughter-in-law..

Sooraj:Maa..how can u trust these kind of..

Mom:chup..do what i say?

Sooraj became silent..

Mom:kya? Why u not saying anything ?

Sooraj: u said to do what u say..fine am going to disconnect..

Mom:beta..u know that i will do what is good for u..

Sooraj:i know that..but

Mom : Sooraj..u know guru ji very well..he said that u will get job offer from that place..nd u get that..so my daughter-in-law will also be there.. till now everything was happened like what he said..so this ..

Sooraj:tk fine..bye

Mom :say that with smile .

Sooraj: No only bye..

He came back to present

Sooraj(thinks): how can i say this..she will definitely make fun of me nd my family..jo bhi ho..its My maa hope..i will never allow anyone make fun of my mom ..
Watever she going to leave tomorrow..its not necessary to say this..

He too slept by thinking this..


Sooraj wake up..he saw the sofa..Sandhya was not there..he searched..she was not there…

He found some slip in table..

He took that nd Read..


Sooraj ji thank u so much for this help..


To be continue…

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