aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 37)

After some days..

Things were trying to be normal like before in Sooraj’s house..

But nothing was working.

Only one thing get ok was Meenakshi Vikram marriage..

They accept their marriage nd also Meenakshi’s Family.

Everyone in Sooraj family behaved well with her..

Even Savitha was ok with her.

But there was not a happiness in their family like before..

Its becoz there is no happiness in Sooraj’s face.

He was the light of this family.

Sooraj don’t want his family to be like this..

Nd he too can’t be like before..he was trying his level best.

But he can’t.

Whenever Santhosh tried to convince him..the only reply from him …

Maa mae teek hoon..i am happy..don’t worry..

Lekin ..truth known by both of them..

Savitha can’t see his brother like this.

She loves him so much..she don’t want him to be like this.

One day Savitha came to him with crying

Savitha: Bhaiya..don’t be like this.i want my brother with that smiling face..

Sooraj smiled nd hugged her

Sooraj: Savi..don’t be like a child..am not sad..now i was ok..now don’t cry..smile..

Savitha: neih..u r not happy..i know u just smiling for me..i want ur real smile..i know how was my brother happy with his full heart.

Mohit joined her..

Mohit: haan bhaiya..u are very important person in our family..me , savi, vikram bhaiya were grown up by seeing u..we all know when u will be happy,.nd sad..pls bhaiya..we want u like before..agar…

Mohit struked..he stopped becoz he don’t know whether it was correct situation to say that..

Savitha: why did u stop?? Mae bolti hoon..bhaiya agar aap ko wo sandhya pasand hai..say it na..agar wo aap ka Khush hai..u marry her..i want u to be happy..i want my old bhaiya.

Everyone was shocked..Vikram, babasa, Santhosh Meenakshi ..even Mohit..kyunki he know about her very well..if she don’t like something..she never give a look..but this Savitha was completely different …he never knows this Savitha who can leave all her ego for her brother.

Sooraj saw her, smiled and said

Sooraj: Savi..i am ur old bhaiya..i didn’t change..now wipe ur tears..

While saying he wiped his tears nd went..

He can’t burst his tears..in front of his family..wo bhi his chotti behan ki samne..

He never want to hurt his Mother ..her words..

So he decided to sacrifice his..after Vikram nd Meenakshi marriage incident..he clearly saw what will happen if Babu nd Sandhya live together..

Next day

Sooraj: Maa..i should get back to work.

Santhosh was happy nd also became sad.

She was happy..that his Son said he was going to his work..

Nd sad becoz he should go to that place..where Sandhya was..

Sooraj: Maa..i know what u thinking..first i am going to resign my job from that school..nd continue here in our school..i don’t think so ..that astrologer words was true..nd u both choose ur bahu..i won’t say anything..i will marry whom u say..

Santhosh: lekin..Sooraj..

Sooraj: lekin wekin neih..bohut mushkil se iss decision leliya..nd this is final..

Everyone was shocked ..

He went by saying..

Santhosh saw the whole family in front of her..

Santhosh : deka ..sab..he is my son..i know what was in his heart. Nd he know what nd who will be correct for this.

Mohit: aap galat hai..

Savi : haan Maa..aap galat hai..

Vikram: what u think? Bhai happy with his decision? He doing this just becoz of u..ur happiness..for his family happiness ..agar wo khush neih hai..aap khush neih ho sakthi..agar aap khush neih hai..how we will be happy??? Isiliye he decided this..

Babasa: lekin wo khush neih hai..only his words were happy..he want u to see happy…
Think Santhosh what will be correct for ur son..

He did his duty..to fulfil his Mother’s wish..now its ur duty..what u going to do..Going to fulfil ur Son’s wish or ur ego..decide..

To be continue…

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