aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 36)

Everyone was silent in the hall.

No one expect this will happen.

No one has guts to speak in this situation.


Santhosh staring Sandhya with her fire eyes..

That look ..everyone can understand

She going to blame Sandhya for whatever happened

For this kind of Marriage

Santhosh: If i knew this before..i won’t allow this to go this much..nd Sooraj u too with them..i know about this girl (Sandhya ) ..she was like that..but what about our Family respect..how can we face..

Vikram : Maa ..don’t blame Sandhya..we both loved each other..we didn’t say this to u ..its just becoz we have waited for Sooraj bhai ka Marriage..
Nd now if Sandhya didn’t do this …those people ..the world u scared..we scared ..will kill us by their words..

Savitha was silently murmurs to Mohit.

Savitha : deka..i said na..Sandhya was unfit for our family..

Mohit: can’t u hear..what vikram bhaiya saying..

Actually this was happened..after Sandhya nd Sooraj reaching the place..where village people surrounded Vikram nd Meenakshi.

Crowd: oye ladki..don’t u have any morals..don’t ur parents teach u anything about our culture..our village rules..

Sooraj: Dekiya ..wo dono ek doosre se pyar kar rahe hai..wo jaldi shaadi bhi karlenge..aap pls leave us na..

Crowd : arrry aise kaise Sooraj..atleast u know na..bhai hai tu iska..samjaav isse..kya galat hai kya sahi..aise shaadi ke pehle meeting a girl was publishable in this village..maybe u went for another place..so that we can’t change our rules na..

Sandhya : ji ..what u saying was correct..but they just didn’t did anything wrong..

Crowd: oye ladki..u don’t know nothing about our village nd our culture..we respect our culture..it was a sin when one girl meets one boy before marriage..but this Meenakshi was hugging him when i saw her..what kind of girl she was..she should be punished..

Meenakshi was crying by hearing those words .she went for vikram to inform Sandhya was leaving..

Both Vikram nd Meenakshi didn’t know this meeting will become worse..Then these crowd surrounded them,nd they cursing them like they did a Sin..

Mohit was walking by that side nd saw the whole scene..he was confused what to do..he went to Sooraj..as he know where he was..

So now back to the crowd scene..

Sandhya wiped Meenakshi tears..then turned to crowd..

Sandhya: yes as u all said i know nothing about this village..but i know something..i will say what i know..loving someone before Marriage was not a sin..love just happens..love don’t know ur Stupid rules..if u all having a problem with their love.,so i will correct it.

Sooraj u believe me?

Sooraj: kya?

Sandhya: am asking did u believe me? Am going to clear the dust which put by this respected people on ur family nd them..

Sooraj: what u going to do?

Sandhya: i asked u something..u believe me or not

Sooraj: yes..

After getting her answer..She turned to Vikram nd Meenakshi

Sandhya: Promise in front of everyone..loudly..u both will be together at any situations in ur life..

Vikram nd Meenakshi : haan..we will be together in every situations..

Sandhya: Promise..u will love each other till ur end.

Vikram nd Meenakshi :we will love each other till our end

Sandhya took the Sindoor from nearby temple..nd signalled Vikram to place it in Meenakshi’s forehead.

Everyone Shocked..even Sooraj

Vikram saw Sooraj’s face..

Sooraj: Sandhya teek hai..do thia Vikram ..So that no one can speak wrong about Meenakshi ..i know u both don’t want this to happen like this..but Vikram..Meenakshi is ur responsibility now..Becoz of u everyone saying rubbish about her..now place Sindoor on her forhead..i am saying na..do it..

Sandhya saw happily Sooraj..that he understood the situation.

No one in the crowd dare to open their mouth..but still someone said

How can u do this without their parents .

Sooraj: That’s our problem..for u all..they are Married now..just go nd do ur own buisness

Back to Sooraj house..

Santhosh: baba saa..now what u saying..becoz of her ..everything was collapsed..how can he get married before Sooraj..

Sooraj: Maa..Sandhya ki koe galti neih hai..aap kyu usse daant rahi ho??

Sandhya: dekiye..i just did this sake of Meenakshi .if i didn’t said to do this..They will do whatever they want with Meenakshi .just becoz she loved Vikram..nd ur Son too don’t want that to happen..he too loved her na..

Savitha: who are you..to interfere in our family ?

Sooraj : savi give respect to elders..

Santhosh: Savi teek kehrahi hai..ye koun..this our family..u..

Vikram: Maa stop it..i know ..we did wrong..i did wrong..we loved each other..just becoz of that i don’t want Meenakshi was cursed by everyone..so i married her..i too want to wait till my Bhai ka marriage..but my situation makes me to end up like this..isme Sandhya ki koe galti neih..stop blaming her..

Santhosh : so everyone taking her side ..right..then what i am to this family??

Dad: Santhosh .don’t try to blackmail with emotions..now think what to do next?

Mohit: haan Maa..

Sooraj: Maa..accept this Marriage..don’t punish Meenakshi..accept her as ur Bahu..

Santosh was not convinced by anyone..finally Sandhya speaks up

Sandhya: Dekiye..i know u don’t like me from the beginning…Sach me i don’t want to clash with u nd ur family..i know i was practical..carefree..i will do what i think..i am sorry if i did anything wrong to u nd ur family..nd now this Marriage i don’t think it was wrong..maybe this marriage happened without ur presence..but that was the correct timing..Sorry again..i won’t trouble u nd ur family again..i am leaving from this place now..nd soon from this country..

Everyone was silent..

Sandhya saw Sooraj for last..

She went..Sooraj eyes filled with tears..he didn’t control ..

To be continue…

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