aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 35)

Sandhya walking with teary eyes..

She wants to turn nd see, Sooraj face..

But she doesn’t wants to mess the situation.

She was sitting in the bed..

Her mind flashes the scene whatever happens between Sooraj nd Sandhya.

She realised that she begun to love him..

But she can’t express that..coz she know her very well

She can’t control her at sometimes..

And becoz of her she don’t want to hurt Sooraj.

Next day morning

Sandhya packing her luggage

Meenakshi: ek bhar phir se soch lo

Sandhya: i have decided..i know if i felt something was not ok ..then i won’t do that..so pls let me to do what i want.

Then Meenakshi didn’t utter a word.

Sandhya reached bus stand.

The bus she booked came..

She was wondering that leaving Sooraj will be the toughest situation in her life..

Sandhya was saying to her again nd again

Sandhya ..listen you know him just for some months..don’t be so dramatic..if u leave from here..everything will be ok..

But no use..Sooraj was not going away from her mind.

Scene shifting to Sooraj House..

Sooraj’s Mom, Dad, Savitha, Mohit were wondering by seeing Sooraj with sad face..

No one knows the reason..why he was like that..if anyone asked him..he escaped with some answer..

But Vikram knows the reason..nd his love..

Vikram: bhai..just go na..go nd bring her to our house

Sooraj: Vikram ..tu samaj ku neih re..how could i do that..ok ..ya i am having feelings for her..but what about her..if she had the same..why was she leaving..she was not in love with me..just leave me alone ..i will be ok..

Santhosh heard this conversation..

She didn’t expect her son will fall in love with the girl..whom she thought not fit for bahu type..

Sooraj’s Dad was also there..he took her from there..

Santhosh i know that what u r thinking..u can’t stop anything that god has decided..

Nd trust me she will become a good bahu for u..

Now just allow ur son to go for her..

He need to confess his feelings..
What was in his mind..

Santhosh somehow convinced by his speech..

Now scene back to Vikram nd Sooraj.

Vikram: fine..just listen to me for last time..anyhow she will leave from u as soon as possible..after going to that place..so u both will not able to meet again..just say to her..that u having some feelings for..atleast let her know about this..so that u know clearly what was in her mind..pls bhai..don’t put an end..without knowing that.

Sooraj thinks that was right..he thought he will be better atleast he confesses his feelings to her..

He ran from there..without saying a word..

He didn’t saw anyone in that place..the only thing in his mind to say about his love..

Vikram was very happy atleast he convinced him to say his feelings..

Sooraj’s Mom nd Dad was happy by seeing him..he find their bahu..buy Santhosh with half mind..still her perception
Was like Sandhya can’t able to be a good bahu.

Savitha was in a state will she become her brother’s wife..

Mohit teases her..

Definitely sissy..Sandhya is our Bhabhi..

Bus stand.

Sandhya was sitting in the window seat..she remembers the scenes when she was came with Sooraj to this place..that was the happiest moment..nd this was the very toughest moment..

Sandhya mini voice became to on mode.

Enough Sandhya..don’t be sad anymore..i can’t be like this..i know this was tough..tho hum ko koe raasta neih na..don’t think about him..let’s be happy from now..think about ur abroad job..u always want that to happen na..to be independent..

But no use..her mind again goes to Sooraj..

She imagines that Sooraj was calling her name..like in movies..

Lekin Suddenly she realised that was not a dream..someone was calling her in real..

Nd that too Sooraj..

She ran from her seat..she went to the steps..

Sooraj came there..he held her hand..

He tried to say,,.struggled but nothing was coming..

Sandhya waiting for him to say,.

Suddenly Mohit came there nd said that their village representatives caught Meenakshi nd Vikram …They were speaking rubbish about Meenakshi nd vikram bhai..

Aap please come soon..

Sandhya: Mae bhi aathi hoon..

To be continue…

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  1. Fenil

    Superb chappy.fighting between mind and heart both Sandhya Sooraj ….u left me on cliffhanger.

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